Hitman 2

The Unsilent Assassin’s Guide: ICA19 Silverballer

Hitman2 - The Unsilent Assassin’s Guide: ICA19 Silverballer

So you wanna be a real pro Hitman player huh? Then look no further than this literal straight upgrade that you can get as soon as Paris! (Or Mumbai if you want the signature Mk II banana sticker on the side). That’s right agents and handlers; were talking about every SASO gamer’s wet dream: The Silverballer.

Now, fans of other, harder to use weapons (such as the Striker or the OG HWK 21) might argue that this gun is a crutch that out-classes almost every other firearm in the game in almost any situation (they’re kinda onto something), but that just means they need get good. You’re a professional goddamnit; you don’t have time to mess about with loud guns or guns with a very specific use, so you get the best of everything in this one simple, beautiful package!

Silverballer is silenced, so she won’t kill your “Pro SASO” run by existing. If you are willing to get your hands a bit dirtier, she can also take out guards and pesky civilians without causing too much commotion (but where’s the fun in doing your job properly like a normal assassin?).

The real draw of Silverballer is her “Steady Aim” perk. I am of the opinion (feel free to discuss below) that this perk is completely overpowered. Steady Aim gives 47 almost perfect aim when aiming the gun. In many cases, this actually makes Silverballer better than some sniper rifles. Take Paris for example. If you are on the 3rd story balcony, you don’t need a sniper to hit anyone below you. A simple headshot with Silverballer will do them in: quick, clean, and no suitcase smuggling shenanigans required. If you want to give in to the ways of the Unsilent Assassin, you could probably eliminate most of the non-targets in the whole mission this way without even being spotted.


The description for Silverballer says that she has a “low rate of fire, with high damage”. Let’s start dissecting this statement, shall we? As for the “low rate of fire”, it just makes me laugh. Silverballer with fire as fast as you will ever need her to. I have never been in a situation with her and thought “hmm yes I wish I was killing these non-targets even faster!”. As for damage, you are in for a real treat. A headshot from most ranges is an instant kill (very useful thanks to accuracy), 2-3 shots to the body from mid-long range will also kill if you don’t have time to aim for the head, and, if you want to embarrass the micro-shlong guards, ~2 shots directly to the crotch also kills at medium range.

Silverballer has an ammo capacity of 7 bullets (which is fine, considering how much damage they do). And she takes the same ammo that the average Bartoli guard uses, so you shouldn’t run out.

If I were to be pinned down with a bunch of guards headed my way, I wouldn’t rather have Silverballer than any other gun to get me out alive (yes, including SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and, as much as it pains me to say, possibly my beloved Striker). She’s silent to help avoid escalating the fight and drawing too much attention, she kills quickly and efficiently from a variety of ranges, can be taken literally everywhere, and will likely never run out of ammo thanks to the frequency of Bartoli guards. And then I wonder why everyone loves her?

In conclusion, I would summarize Silverballer like this; she’s the nice girl who sat in the back of your high school class. Relatively quiet, always gets her work done well and on time, popular, and, when push comes to shove, by god she can shove.

40/7 best gun. But for the love of all that is holy; please try out some of the other guns for once. IOI put a lot of effort into them for you lot to use them so rarely, and I’m sure you could find some new and fun way to use even the most useless of them (looking at you, Concept 5 and Rude Ruby).

Thanks for your time.

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