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Hitman3 - Theory for H3

I've been mulling over the available information for H3, and I think some of it reflects the same kind of motivation as in Absolution, but done right. It's been clear that IOI wants to make 47 more brooding and take things more personal and closer to him. They mentioned that H3 is more dark and brooding, and after virtually every game in the series has always been 'personal' to some extent for 47.

  • Codename 47 was about our favorite bald assassin escaping the facility he was created in
  • Silent Assassin was about him coming to terms with who he was and was always meant to be, and the kidnapping of Father Vittorio was personal to 47
  • In Contracts, 47 got shot. That's personal, and he relives his "greatest hits"
  • Blood Money there was an attempt at a hostile takeover of the ICA, which can be considered personal to some extent, not to mention the actual assassination attempt on him.
  • I won't mention Absolution. We know it's personal and I don't think we need to speak more about it.

In the World of Assassination trilogy they've built up, not only an ambitious world, but it is possibly the most personal journey 47 has undergone yet.

So here's the theory:

Lucas Grey has always been a double agent. The Constant used 47 by proxy of Lucas Grey to seize control of Providence. Notice how calm he always is, and one quote keeps coming back to me: "Dig a trench, Director. And make it a deep one."


He says this with such a calm demeanor in his voice. The Constant has never once been afraid because he has always held all the cards. This also makes further sense if you consider the very nature of 47. He blends in. He changes clothes and camouflages himself as part of the environment he is in. It would only make sense that Lucas Grey is exactly like that, but a step above. Blending in to the point where he is close to 47 and can use him like a hired gun to do his bidding.

My take on Hitman 3: It's going to be about eliminating what remains of Providence required for the Constant to take control of the organization, and along the way (most likely by the very end), 47 and/or Diana figure out that they're being played. We must kill Lucas Grey and we must kill the Constant.

Does Diana die? Part of me wants to say 'Yes'. I think most if not all of our previous targets through the previous two installments are part of the Providence network. They aren't necessarily in the know, and they aren't the people who call the shots, but they were possibly all intertwined with Providence. We see a hint to this in Colorado with the red-string wall of previous assassinations.

But I find it hard to believe Diana would be killed off but might be convinced to switch sides so she can return for a future installment. I would like you all to re-watch the H3 Announcement trailer and listen to every word the Constant says with this in mind, and I think you'll find it makes sense.

"It was always gonna end like this"

"All your hard work only sped up the process"

"You find yourself alone"

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