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Tips, Tricks and Advice for incoming new players

Hitman1 - Tips, Tricks and Advice for incoming new players

We're bound to be inundated with many posts asking the same questions we've discussed for years now on this sub… which is totally fine, by the way, as it means NEW people are getting interested in Hitman which is only good news for fans of Hitman… but I wanted to try to create a single resource within easy reach for these new players, a post that can be linked to (if not stickied) that will clear up some of the idiosyncrasies of the game as well as provide a few tips on how to use the game's mechanics in your favor.

Please reply with your own, or any corrections for errors I may have made.

These are in no particular order.

Sniper Assassin Rules

  1. Targets must be killed by a Sniper Bullet to count. Shooting a fire trap or dropping an object onto them with the Sniper Rifle doesn't count. Exceptions: Erich Soders in Hokkaido may be killed via any method, as he is not counted toward Sniper Assassin… and Sierra Knox in Miami may be killed by shooting her race car with the sniper rifle (you don't have to hit her body inside the car).
  2. You have two goals – Kill all applicable targets with the Sniper Rifle, and don't get caught trespassing or committing a crime. Erase any camera footage if you're recorded by security cameras. Other than that, bodies can be found all the livelong day and it won't hurt your Sniper Assassin challenge.
  3. Crimes CAN be Witnessed – As long as you aren't seen. What this means, is that when a Civilian NPC sees a Target NPC get shot, that is a CRIME. They have just witnessed a CRIME. However, they may not have seen the perpetrator of the crime – meaning, you can shoot your targets in broad daylight with 1,000 eyes staring at them, and you'll be notified that a Crime has been Witnessed, BUT as long as you're not being Hunted and haven't been Compromised, nobody knows it was you who took the shot and your Sniper Assassin Challenge remains intact.
  4. Eventually Guards will pinpoint the origin of the shot, and if you're hanging around when they show up, they'll suspect you as the killer. Shooting your target, then immediately dropping the Rifle and moving away from it before guards show up to connect you to the crime remains a valid tactic.

Silent Assassin Rules

  1. Very simply, Silent Assassin requires kills to either be accidental or for bodies to not be discovered.
  2. Accident Kills on Targets do not void SA Rating nor do Bodies Found as the result of an Accident Kill.
  3. Non-Targets killed by Accidents DO void your SA Rating.
  4. Poison Kills are not technically the same as Accident Kills and are not counted as Accidents, but in effect, they're pretty much the same thing. Poisoning a Target does not void SA, even if their body is found. Unless you're caught putting poison in their food, which is a crime unless you're dressed as a Cook/Chef/Bartender, etc. The Lethal Poison Syringe is incredibly useful for this reason – if you can quietly inject your Target with Lethal Poison, you can simply turn around and leave the area before their body is discovered for a quick and clean Poison Kill that does not affect your SA rating. Sedative Poison can result in an accidental kill if you inject the target when they're standing over deep water, causing them to drown when they fall.
  5. If you are spotted by a Target, your SA rating is VOID. BUT, if you kill them quickly enough, your SA rating will be RESTORED. If you wait too long they'll call out for help which will permanently void your SA rating, but if you kill them quickly enough you can prevent them from calling for help, and the knowledge of your identity dies with them – and your SA rating will be RESTORED.
  6. Related to Point #3 of the Sniper Assassin Rules, non-lethal shots count as Crimes, but do not void Silent Assassin unless you're caught and connected to the crime. In other words, you can stand on one side of the map and put a bullet in the leg of an NPC on the other side of the map. It'll knock them down, people will witness the crime, but the target doesn't die, and you aren't caught, so your SA rating is intact.
  7. Related to the above, here's an example of how to use this to your advantage: There is a Contract in Sapienza where one of the targets is a Fisherman standing at the end of a dock. If you shoot him in the leg from a distance (A Crime which doesn't affect your SA rating unless you're caught), and he falls into the water and drowns, this is an ACCIDENT kill, more specifically a DROWNING accident kill. This is most effective with guns that have a major knock-back effect, such as just about any Sniper Rifle or the Striker/El Matador. A quick and easy drowning accident kill but only possible if your target happens to be standing near water. Another example: If your Target wanders into the hot springs in Hokkaido, shoot them in the leg or knock them out with a melee object, and they will drown for an accidental drowning kill.

Suit Only Rules

  1. Suit Only means you must start the mission wearing one of 47's suits (not a disguise), and that you must not change out of it at all throughout the entire mission. You can wear ANY of 47's suits, even the goofy costumes like the Flamingo. Just not the disguises that come with specific starting locations.
  2. Some Challenges require the DEFAULT starting suit (unless this has been patched). This means that whatever suit is the original suit for the mission, is the one you need to complete the challenge with. Not the reward version that has gloves, but the original, default suit.

Accidents vs Murders- Touched upon in the Silent Assassin Rules section, but here's elaboration.

  1. Accidents are kills that have the appearance of total chance. A light fixture falling, a propane tank exploding, a drowning, electrocution, etc. Poison kills are not technically accidents, as I stated before, but you might as well consider them one and the same.
  2. In some cases, the game has a bit of a broad definition of what an accident actually is; having your face forcefully shoved into a toilet bowl counts as a drowning accident, having your head slammed onto an ink pen eyeball-first is an accident, etc. If it's a Prompt/Contextual Kill, it's almost definitely counted as an accident by the game as long as you don't get caught.
  3. A Target need not be conscious to die from an accident. You can knock a Target out, then drag them into a puddle and then supply electricity to the puddle for an Accidental Electrocution Kill… or knock them out and explode a Propane Tank next to them for an Accidental Explosion Kill… Or simply knock them out over knee-deep water for an instantaneous Drowning Kill. Throw a Brick at someone standing in deep-ish water, and as long as you're not seen throwing the item, it's a free Accidental Drowning kill.
  4. Falling Kills require activating the "DUMP (Eliminate)" prompt at a railing or ledge. You cannot simply drag a body to a ledge and fenagle them until they fall off; they will not die from the fall, no matter how big, unless they land in a kill zone like water (which will count as a drowning kill, not a fall kill). Similarly, shooting a Target in the leg and causing them to fall from a high place will NOT result in their death, unless they land in a kill zone like water – which, again, will be counted as a Drowning death, not a Falling death. There isn't actually fall damage in the game, the Fall Kills are ONLY activated when using the "DUMP" prompt (and they're counted before the animation even completes).
  5. Killing a Target and then dumping or destroying their body does NOT override the kill method – in other words, if you shoot a Target dead and then put them through a wood chipper, it is a MURDER. If you knock the Target out and then put them through the chipper, it is an ACCIDENT. Again, the game tracks how the target died, NOT what ultimately happens to their body. On that note, dumping/destroying dead bodies does not count toward related challenges; you can't grind a dead body in a Wood Chipper to complete the challenge in Colorado, they bodies must be alive. Dumping/destroying a dead body is only effective as a way to hide the body.
  6. The Electrocuting Phone is a free accidental kill. Get your target to pick up the phone, then call it. It electrocutes them and they die. No matter how many people see it happen, it's an accident and you really can't get caught because pressing the remote trigger is not a crime.
  7. The Exploding Phone, however, is NOT an accidental kill. On that note…


  1. Propane Tanks, Cars, and other world-props that can explode when damaged will always result in an accidental kill if the target is close enough.
  2. There is not an explosive device that will cause a direct accidental explosion kill. In order to use an explosive device for an accidental explosion kill, you need the device to cause something else to explode, and that explosion has to be the one that kills the Target. For instance, you cannot accidentally kill a Target with a Breaching Charge… buuuuut, if you attach the Breaching Charge to a car and detonate it when the Target is near the car, the resulting car explosion will kill the target, and that will count as an accidental explosion kill.
  3. Explosive Devices can be hidden and detonated in Briefcases… but NPC's will collect abandoned Briefcases. This could be used to your advantage if your target happens to be near where the Briefcase is taken, but otherwise its only use is to conceal the explosive long enough for you to throw it next to your target (not a crime) and detonate without getting caught. It won't be an accident unless you chain the explosive and kill them with a collateral explosion (as mentioned above), but it's a bit safer than just openly throwing a bomb at your target if you're just trying to complete a challenge.

Unique Target Rules- Some targets have different rules than the others.

  1. Erich Soders- It doesn't matter how you kill Erich Soders, his death doesn't count for or against your SA rating because he is not considered a real NPC – he's more of an object. Shoot him, blow him up, destroy his donor heart, whatever you do will not affect your SA rating (as long as you aren't caught), AND he is not counted toward the Sniper Assassin rating, either. His death via any method will be attributed to natural causes or equipment failure.
  2. Sierra Knox- If Sierra Knox is in her car, any method of killing her counts as an accident. Shoot her car with any gun, detonate a bomb on the race track (good luck with that), sabotage her car- whatever you do, it's an accidental kill. Simply shooting her car with the Sniper Rifle, anywhere on the car, counts as a Sniper kill.
  3. Owen Cage- Owen Cage cannot compromise you no matter what you're wearing. Stand in front of him in your suit and he doesn't react.
  4. The Maelstrom- Wazir Kale is in disguise until you either identify him, OR signal him for a meeting. You can absolutely kill him before positively identifying him and it will count.
  5. The Infected- In the Patient Zero mission, any infected NPC becomes a target. Normally, killing an NPC who has compromised you will destroy the knowledge they carry (if they haven't shared it with anyone else yet), but you'll lose your SA rating for having killed a Non-Target. In Patient Zero, if you were to wait around and allow EVERY NPC to become infected, you could go on a killing spree in front of everyone, and when the last NPC is killed, your SA rating will be restored. You would have to remove the HAZMAT suits of several NPC's in order to infect them and convert them to targets, but it is possible for this mission to effectively be a Silent Assassin Kill Everyone run.

Ratings Explanations

  1. Never Spotted- What constitutes being Spotted can be a bit confusing to understand. It's basically an intermediate between being totally incognito, and having your cover totally blown. In essence, you've been seen committing a crime but the person who caught you hasn't yet escalated the situation to a full blown panic. Being Spotted is usually accompanied by being Compromised, but not always. For instance, if you're caught trespassing, you'll be Spotted, but not Compromised because it's not a full fledged crime – the Guard will escort you away and if you follow directions, you're not Compromised, but you've been Spotted doing something you shouldn't. If an NPC becomes suspicious of you for some reason, and you manage to subdue them before they go into panic mode and run for the Guards, you'll be Spotted but not Compromised. It doesn't really make much difference in the end because being Spotted voids your SA rating, but preventing yourself from being Compromised and having that information shared with other NPC's means your disguise is still useable, so this is important when doing certain challenges or things where Silent Assassin isn't in contest.
  2. Never Compromised- Compromised means you've been caught red-handed. Or, to be more specific, someone matching your description – including clothes – is now known to be a hostile actor. You can escape being Compromised in a number of ways. Kill the Person who Compromised you before they tell anyone else, knock them out AND hide them in a container (so they can't be woken up), or change into a new disguise. If a disguise is Compromised, it will stay that way until the end of the mission, and if you ever change back into it you'll re-enter a Compromised state. Note that killing a Target who Compromised you before they tell anyone will also restore your SA Rating, and won't count against the "Never Compromised" score, however silencing non-Targets who have Compromised you WILL still count against the "Never Compromised" score.
  3. No Bodies Found- As it sounds – no killed bodies are discovered by ANY NPC. Note that this does not count for accident kills – even though the screen will say "BODY FOUND" when someone discovers a body killed by an accident, that notification is just to inform you that the body was discovered, NOT that your score has been impacted. Successful Accidental Target kills don't count against your score in any way, even if the body is found.
  4. No Recordings- Either avoid being recorded by security cameras, or destroy the recordings at some point before you finish the mission.
  5. Non-Target Kill Penalty- Very simple, any NPC killed who isn't a Target counts against your overall score and voice your SA rating. This includes non-targets killed in accidents, for example, dropping the Light Rig in Paris will kill a bunch of non-targets and count against this score.

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