Hitman 2

Took a Few Days, but I did it, criticisms?

Hitman2 - Took a Few Days, but I did it, criticisms?

Sizeable Security


47, I see you are ready for your next mission. You have multiple targets, a brother, and a sister.

These targets are some of the most important figures in the assassination world. Jack Dean is your first target, he is the owner and founder of multi-billion dollar security company Leverage, but his appearance to the surface world is, much different to the other world, a two-faced criminal, loved and hated. He has been in the business for 13 years, but in that time, he has built up a huge private security firm and used it for some business that people who employed him would never know about. He had been using his employees to form a private military, attempting to take down world politicians, but not leaving a trace behind.

His sister, Carolina Dean, is the head of the security forces for Leverage, she is also the head assassin for the business on the underground. She has been in the business since her brother started the business, but she quickly proved that she could handle the stress, as he had when he was working up the chain in a separate business. Carolina and her brother were recently caught up in a scandal, they had been saying they were qualified for the position, but they weren’t. The ICA decided to look into them and realized that with every political issue, there was always at least 5 employees and Carolina or Jack within a 5-mile radius of the event. Leverage has many locations that they operate from, but they mainly operate in Brighton, England. In their main office, they have many training rooms, offices, and corporate areas. The only complication is, of course, the massive security detail.

47, you are to infiltrate the headquarters and take down the targets, but it is very important that you don’t get spotted, as the security team for the HQ is extremely well trained and the best of the best that the company employs. They will shoot anyone they don’t recognize on sight, so stay keen. Good luck.

Level Design

Very large, modern blue and white building, the first floor is the basic offices, and in the center of the very large floor, is the meeting room. Jack can be found here throughout much of the level, as he and his fellow corporates must meet to figure out the future of their business after the scandal. On the first basement, there are training rooms, very large and open, designed for virtual reality sessions. On the bottom floor, there is the armory, if you're looking for a weapon in this place, go there. Multiple of every gun in the game, however, you must disable the security system to retrieve the weapons.


Mission Stories

The Meeting: Terry Gartner is one of Jack’s associates, in fact, he is the head marketer. Jack has only ever actually met him two times in 6 years. This could be your chance to take down the businessman as the meeting is one-on-one with each colleague, just you and him 47.

Important Figure: Like usual, when Carolina is working on a new target, she usually confers with her main assassin, Damien Green. Damien and you share a striking resemblance. She may notice you, but if you play the part and know the lines, she’ll think small of it. Watch him, and learn from him. Take her and that damned company down.

The Sales: Carolina is set to meet with an individual in charge of exhibiting a new weapon that could change the scene forever, she has never met the person, but he will be being escorted around the place by guards. Everywhere. If you can manage to take his clothes, you could very well "accidentally" rig the weapon.

Outfits and Areas Allowed

Regular Outfit (47 suits): Allowed outside of the complex, only to the front though, sides of the building are trespassing, inside is a hostile area.

Outer Guard: The lowest ranking guard in the complex, is only allowed outside of the building, but anywhere around, inside 1st floor is trespassing, basement 1 and 2 are hostile.

Rookie: Allowed around the 1st floor and outside.

Elite Guard: Allowed on 1st floor and basement 1.

Carolina’s Bodyguards: Allowed in all areas of the map.

Terry Gartner: Only allowed on the first floor (and only while being escorted by guards.)

Salesman: Allowed to be escorted to the 1st basement, and then has free roam on that floor, the first floor is trespassing (if not escorted), the bottom floor is hostile.

Damien Green: Allowed in all areas of the map.

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