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Top 10 Hottest Hitman Targets

Hitman5 - Top 10 Hottest Hitman Targets

Number 15: Campbell Sturrock

This Gaelthicc bih was the star of Hitman Contracts' The Meat King's Party, where he's seen to be quite the party planner. Hosting a massive event for a bunch of ninjas, Campbell Sturrock is sure to bring life to any social gathering, ladies. He can also eat a whole chicken.

Number 9: Silvio Caruso

He's extremely rich and got severe mommy issues. Just like all perfect men.

Number A: Viktor Novikov

Viktor Novikov is a Russian oligarch turned head of Sanguine and Ringleader of Iago. Quite the resume.

Number 4: The Constant

I may be bending the rules a little for this list, but The Constant is just too iconic to be ignored. A sex symbol for the Hitman franchise, no one can resist that whispery voice and that round bald spot of his. I'd like to give him some maintenance, ifyouknowwhatimsaying.

Number 7: The Virus

This little beast from Sapienza's World of Tomorrow set our hearts aflutter back in 2016 with his unique wit and dashing look. Who can forgot such unforgettable lines like "…" and "AROONGA, AROONGA"

Number 911: Albert Fournier


This police inspector from the ultimate mission in Hitman Contracts is the very definition of S-E-C-K-S. Who can resist a man in uniform, even if he isn't wearing it.

Number 3: Yuki Suzuki

She's alright I guess. Good at yoga.

Number Too: The Maelstrom

Well, I assume he's pretty handsome but I've been playing Chasing a Ghost for two weeks and still can't find him. His name sounds pretty handsome though.

Number 4: Sierra Knox

The fiery racer from Florida, he's certainly not one to mess with, especially if you're a certain blackmailing flaming- oh it's a chick. Nevermind then.

Number 1: Frantz Fuchs

And who else could it be? Every since his debut in 2000 this Austrian hunk has been the posterman for Hitman's sex appeal. He graced our screens with his wrinkles, warts, and flabby grandadbod in Hitman's first and best shower scene. Take that Diana! Sure, he may have been part of the Hitler Youth prior to his trying to blow up the UN, but we can change a badboy like him right ladies?

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