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Unable to get load Hitman 1 & 2 levels into Hitman 3 on Blu-Ray (PS5)

Hitman5 - Unable to get load Hitman 1 & 2 levels into Hitman 3 on Blu-Ray (PS5)

Hey all,

I didn't really know where to put this, but I can't seem to find any answers regarding this specifically on the PS5, so here's the issue:

I bought the Hitman: The Complete Season Game of the Year Edition brand new on PS4 around the time it released (with the Serajevo 6 content). I received Hitman 2 on PS4 before release (I review games) and did the contracts mission bumping off Sean Bean. My PS4 is on the blink and through some incredible luck I managed to get a PS5 disk edition at normal RRP. So, I just bought myself Hitman 3 for PS4 (knowing full well it has a free PS5 upgrade) in the hopes that unlocking the levels from Hitman 1 and 2 would work seamlessly, considering I now own all games on PS4 Blu-Ray, only I've installed all three games on my PS5, yet Hitman 3 doesn't register I own Hitman 2 and Hitman 2 doesn't register I own Hitman 1.

Using the IOI Carryover page, it only lists my Hitman 2 data from 2018 and because it's a one time thing, I'm worried if I progress with that, it'll only carry over my Hitman 2 levels and not my Hitman 1 levels as well, meaning I'd have to buy Hitman 1 again for the levels to unlock, which I don't want to do for obvious reasons.

I don't even think I'd need all 3 games installed at once, but have done so regardless and made sure they're all fully up to date, yet even with all three games fully updated, the PS Store doesn't update with the knowledge they're all installed and owned by me. In fact, I can't even download the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pack because it says I need to own and have installed Hitman 2….even though it is in fact installed, just on disk. Surely I shouldn't need to buy it again digitally?

I was trying to follow this guide, but it didn't work for me: https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/hitman-3-how-to-import-all-levels-and-locations-from-hitman-1-and-hitman-2-on-ps5-ps4

Is this because I need to install all games on PS4 instead of PS5 and go through the process on there and then when I have a new save, upload that save to the cloud and then re-download it on PS5 with the free PS5 upgrade?



Should this all be possible on PS5? I think the latter, but I'm completely lost.

I'm not worried about my saves because where my PS4 is on the way out, it wiped a ridiculous amount of my saves and wasn't uploading them frequently enough to the Cloud, that I had to effectively start almost everything from scratch. I lost my Hitman 1, Hitman 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Dark Souls 3 (Soul level 1 run), Bloodborne, Final Fantasy Type-0, Yakuza 0, AC: Odyssey and all sorts. So yea, not bothered about my saves anymore as I'll just start again, but I had hoped to play through the entire Hitman story on my PS5 with all of Hitman 3's features.

I feel a step-by-step guide (specifically for disk owners, as it seems more straightforward with digital purchases) for people transitioning over from PS4 to PS5 would be very helpful. Sadly, I really don't know where I'm going wrong here, so any help would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Checking the PSN Store on PS4, you can't even download the Legacy Hitman 1 Upgrade Pack for Hitman 2 anymore. It says "not available for purchase" and when I click it, it says you cannot download this because you do not own Hitman 2. So that's out…unless I try installing Hitman 2 on my PS4 and trying again. What a nightmare.

I have a horrible feeling you'll need to do it all on PS4, then repeat the process again on PS5. For example – I'm wondering if you need to install the disk versions of Hitman 1 and 2 on PS4 with all version updates, where hopefully the PSN store will then let you download the update packs (GOTY/Legacy etc) for the original games, at which point you then install Hitman 3 on your PS5 (making your first save). It could then be here where you need to use the Carryover (provided the PS5 version of Hitman 3 will register you owning Hitman 1 and 2 on PS4), at which point you then may need to download the Hitman 3 GOTY Pass for Hitman 1 and 2….and then finally it might let you access all content for all games in Hitman 3. That's a lot of wasted time and effort if it doesn't work though.

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