Hitman 2

We Need More Gimmicky Maps and Story Missions

Hitman4 - We Need More Gimmicky Maps and Story Missions

So this is gonna be a really long post but here's the TL;DR which'll hopefully interest you in reading the rest of it.

TL;DR, HOOK Most of the maps follow the same formula for the most part just with different variables like how you use disguises to slowly get to higher security areas and give you more control over your target but, the locations themselves don't usually serve gameplay purposes. The best example of a location serving a gameplay purpose is Miami where you can fiddle with the race and make things happen with it, this cannot happen in any other setting other than a racing event. The worst example is Marrakesh, where the rioting crowd serves no gameplay purpose. So I propose more maps where the location is integral to your play and give a bunch of ideas for assassinations.

THE EXAMPLES I've been thinking and I'm starting to notice how similar all of the Hitman maps really are. With some that stand out exceptionally and with just three that stand out to me as totally unique, they all have the same variables. Mostly guarded targets you get closer to using disguises and taking control of events that are happening and that's the formula for most of the maps. And the three that stand out to me are Berlin, Miami, and Romania. Romania doesn't stand out in the way I want though, it's because it's a linear mission to conclude the story. However, Berlin (Apex Predator) deviates from that formula with it's gimmick. You're thrown into an environment with 10 targets, only 5 of which you need to eliminate and if you start default, they aren't marked on your map, forcing you to carefully make your way through trying to identify ICA agents. And Miami because the setting matters, you can fiddle with the race and make certain things happen. These things cannot happen in any other setting.

THE BAD EXAMPLE So to make what I mean more clear, I want to give the best example of a map not using it's setting, Marrakesh. Now the setting, the crowd outside the embassy and the plot to incite the riot. That has no bearing on your assassinations. The angry citizens do nothing and serve no gameplay purpose.
Now what I was thinking was this: your objective is to prevent Zaydan and Strandberg's plot from coming to fruition, so you first take out Zaydan so he cannot perform the coup and then incite the riot, killing Strandberg and leaving no one left to take power. However like I already said, the location itself does.

Now you get my point, hopefully, now I wanna give some examples and present possible ideas for those maps so you really get what I'm trying to say.

Airport – A target is going to board a regular passenger airline, it's time sensitive. You can board the plane with him or take him out beforehand which is more difficult considering how crowded it is and your lack of options. Boarding the plane with him makes it so that becomes like the new map, just the plane where you take him out somehow. If you're particularly grim, you could even decide to crash it.
Maybe disguise as a pilot and isolate the target.
Perhaps serve him poisoned food.
Perhaps cause some kind of accident that affects only him for the most part.
Find a way to cause the plane to return to the airport, bringing you back to the original part of the map.
Depressurize the plane and prevent the masks from coming down, knocking the passengers out and allowing you to kill the target unnoticed.
Just on the plane alone, there are so many things you could do. Or maybe since they're originally boarding a passenger airliner, not only could you somehow get them on a private jet where it's easy to isolate and take them out, crash the plane even. That's one of my favorite ideas.
Give us a 2nd target that we take out at the airport, perhaps someone that was accompanying the other but isn't going to board with them. So they could act as a more traditional target and considering airport security, you may not have many options for items to bring in. Initially at least.

Prison – Much like Dartmoor, it is for the most part restricted except for the areas outside the premises. A target(s) could be prisoner(s) and I don't know why you wouldn't make the warden one of them. Perhaps the target(s) are powerful people in prison or someone with information. Maybe one prisoner is a powerful entity but the other is just someone with information, making a distinction between the two. The challenge for taking out the one in power is well.. his power and the security he has. The challenge for the other one could have more to do with just taking control of the prison system but the trade off for less security is how you're gonna get an accident kill with him. Then we have the warden which acts as more of a traditional target who could have a meeting with one of the others, giving you an opportunity.
And the gimmick of this map'd be the prison obviously and the way it plays into gameplay would be making your way through the strict regime and taking advantage of it too. Perhaps in a mission story, you could incite gang violence and have a target killed by someone else. Perhaps you could even do proxy kills for all the targets, truly hiding any foul play indicated by 3 key individuals dying within minutes of each other.
Take advantage of the schedules, manipulate the schedules. So many things you could do that are unique to a prison setting.
So much space for mission stories considering the setting. Room for shady operations in a corrupt prison with corrupt targets and corrupt guards. It's personally my favorite idea.


Concert Hall – Much like Miami, what you do to the main event may influence one of the targets. Perhaps he is a director at the concert hall, maybe the conductor, a performer in the orchestra, or even a solo performer. And again, while the director could function more as the traditional target you get to through meticulously sliding your way to him with disguises, the other one's actions could be heavily influenced by what happens to performances. And there are so many ideas I won't be able to go over all of them but here are a few off the top of my head:
Manipulate your target to get into the right position on stage so you could drop a light on him.
Maybe give a character a history of mental health problems and screw up the performance and make it so that he lashes out at the target and kills him.
Cancel the performance somehow and this'll put the target into a loop that he'd otherwise not start.
Maybe he has a solo performance and he's competing with another musician so you disguise yourself as him and much like the runway in Paris and the drums from Bangkok, you give a virtuosic piano performance and wow the audience, then you could get isolated with the target as a result.
Make a challenge where you need to kill the target on stage with a sniper rifle during at a certain point in the music being played, epic.
And my absolute favorite idea, incorporation of Ave Maria. Perhaps it'd be one of the performances, maybe a solo performance by your target.
Make it so that your target has both a solo performance and acts a soloist during an orchestra.
And a slew of even more specific and creative ways this could go. It's incredible.

Mr. President – Imagine going all out and putting you up against the highest profile target you could have, a world leader Or at least, a presidential candidate. It would be a challenge like no other to get close to them using disguises, this man's security has such a dense volume of enforcers seeing your dealing with elite security, making navigation difficult, even with a disguise.
Take advantage of mission stories, maybe you can meet with the president, but it still won't be in private. Maybe there will be no point where he really will be totally alone so you'd have to find a way to get his closest bodyguards out of the way first. Maybe you disguise yourself as someone he has a meeting with and then when the meeting starts, excuse yourself and poison the vents or throw a chloroform flask at them.
Maybe he's about to give a speech, so you sabotage the stage and have him die in a spectacular accident.
Disguise yourself as security and take a sniper to one of the various potential vantage points you may have that are already guarded. And maybe not all of these vantage points will just work, you'd need to trigger events that'll draw them out. And then multiple vantage points could see the same spot but some see less than others, making some less practical but also harder to get to. Maybe one where you can take him out while he's on stage, the least odds of missing the shot there but it's also the most guarded building and after the shot's made, all the guards become enforcers so you have to plot your escape route and also make sure you secure your sniping nest before taking the shot.
Maybe have another assassin like Mumbai, you could frame him for the assassination.

Outro So those 4 are the only ideas I've come up with. I know they're done with the franchise for now and we won't see a return for a while but I still spent the past hour on this on the off chance that it'll get noticed by the community and hopefully people working at IOI so my input could be taken into consideration. God, I just hope this actually gets noticed lmao, I spent a while typing this down. If you read the whole thing, I really appreciate that. Thank you

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