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What equipment do you ACTUALLY use from the load out screen? (AKA: we need a hideout)

Hitman3 - What equipment do you ACTUALLY use from the load out screen? (AKA: we need a hideout)

Maybe my PC is old and crappy and I don't have much patience, but I don't like waiting for a mission to load.

Considering the limited number of equipment slots you have, and the ridiculous amount of junk in 47's arsenal, I realized that I've never even tried 95% of the equipment I have, and I'm not likely to ever bother with it if I have to sit through a 30 or 45 second loading screen to try out every two new items.

What 47 needs is a Hideout like he had in Blood Money. Somewhere where his entire arsenal is laid out for him so that we can sit through ONE mission loading screen and then be able to try everything.

Anyway, off the top of my head, here's the (incredibly limited) set of items I actually use.

default loadout: ICA19, coins, lockpicks (or scrambler in Hokkaido). I use this for about 99% of my runs.

Pistols: ICA19. Sometimes the silverballer variant, because "silverballer". I've used the Custom 5mm a few times too.

SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles: I can honestly say never. Armed guards are plentiful.

Melee: fiber wire if I'm going for an achievement. Sometimes a concealable knife on 'kill everyone' runs. I've sometimes used the concealable baton, but only if I'm starting in a weird location and trying to do something pretty unusual.


sniper rifle: Sieger 300 Ghost. I used the Lancer once, and only because I had to kill two targets with one shot to unlock an achievement.

tools: besides the lockpick/scrambler, I can't really think of anything.

explosives: breaching charge, red duck, C4. I've experimented with flash bangs that I've picked up off guards, but I've never equipped anything besides those items. Proximity weapons sound like a terrible idea.

distractions: the phone seems to be heard from further away than a coin and it's never suspicious. I've tried Mixtape 47 and some of the others, but they're all inferior to the phone from what I can tell. Besides coins, the phone is the only distraction I bring with me.

Poisons: I've never used the sedative. I wouldn't want anything else to change in this category, though, because I use everything else, and this is the one category where I'm sometimes even glad for all the MKII double-ups.

gimmicks: sometimes, I'll bring a fish.

suits: I use corky the clown as a reminder not to change costume on SASO runs. I also enjoy doing 'kill everyone' runs as corky. Sometimes I use santa. I don't think I've ever cared about any of the other suits.

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