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What kinds of maps / themes would you like to see in future Hitman releases?

Hitman4 - What kinds of maps / themes would you like to see in future Hitman releases?

*Authors note* – I have not played Hitman 2 yet so if some of these themes have been explored, forgive their inclusion.

So it seems like it's been a bit since the last big discussion about ideas for new levels, and with the amount of growth the subreddit has encountered in the last couple years, I'd like to pose the question again. I understand many of these are not practical with regards to development time and the amount of work required to model, texture, and animate the ideas but I think it is a fun way for the community to express some of its creativity.

Here's a couple previous threads on the topic.

Thread 1, the inspiration for the post.

Thread 2.

Previous recommendations include:

  • Zoo – A large metropolitan zoo would have a lot of opportunities, however many of them related to animals which would need additional development time for assets; textures, animations, etc. and for which reason I think would be impractical.

  • Cruise Ship – Think of a modern take on "Death on the Mississippi". With almost 13 years after the release of Blood Money, a level taking place on a touring Cruise Ship with all its amenities and opportunities means the possibilities are endless.

  • Airport – A popular response, a modern airport has a lot of great elements you could expect to see in a Hitman level. The return of metal detectors, lots of opportunities for tampering with flights and other electronics (escalators, stair trucks, jetway bridges (the tunnel connecting the airport to the plane))

  • Televised Talent Show/Competition – A competition in the style of "America's Got Talent" or something similar. The whole shebang with performers, judges, an audience, and cameras makes me think of it as somewhat of a retelling of "Curtains Down". Opportunities with performers such as magicians (sawing an audience member in half), or sword swallowers and knife throwers, etc.

  • Sports Stadium – My favorite entry is a level during some sporting event, whether it be a basketball, soccer, or football game, I think the atmosphere would be incredible. You could have multiple opportunities with maybe a target being one of the players. You could catch them warming up in the smaller warmup arena, or wait till they get to the locker room, or even try to snipe them during a big moment in the actual game. Shades of Miami – The Finish Line.

  • Cargo/Freight Harbor – Somewhat explored in "Deadly Cargo" in Contracts, but maybe a port with stacks of cargo containers and cranes, on a sunny day.

  • Museum – Hints of this in Paris, but a true museum (something like the Natural History Museum) would be a blast. Think "Night at the Museum", with dinosaur skeletons and displays of American/wherever history.

  • Convention – Any of the larger conventions come to mind; Comic Con, Sci-Fi conventions, Technology conventions, etc. With booths and maybe costumes depending on the type of convention it is.

  • Prison – A couple of opportunities here, either 47 breaks into a prison, or he starts in one, presumably to kill one of the inmates, or maybe the warden. Lots of paths here, prison gangs, riots, trigger-happy guards could all make an appearance.

  • Mall – Your average mall with many boutiques and places to go. The movie theater, clothing shops, departments stores, fast food plazas, annoying salespeople in the walkways asking if you need a new cell-phone plan, etc.

  • Skyscraper – A skyscraper with maybe a penthouse on top, split up into a few floors for practicality. Maybe 47 gets to start out in a cubicle as an office drone selling insurance over the phone, but definitely some familiar themes here that could be explored.

  • Amusement/Theme Park – Rollercoasters, water rides, haunted houses, mascots, parades, animatronics and more. Some examples that come to mind are Six Flags, Seaworld, Busch Gardens.

  • Train – A mission taking place on a train seems like it would fit more into a linear game instead of Hitman's sandbox format, but if it was possible to go on top of the train, and maybe the train has a few stops (3 or so) that it visits in a loop then I could see some potential there.

  • Submarine – Turns out, modern submarines can get pretty huge. We had a little taste in "The Bjarkhov Bomb" in Contracts but a proper submarine could be an interesting idea to explore. However, the lack of variety in one could be a detriment to replayability.

  • Nuclear Power Plant – Borrowing some elements from Sapienza, a big nuclear power plant with steam turbines and uranium rods cooling in pools and whatever else they have in power plants, could be an interesting part of some map.

  • Construction Site – I think one of the most likely candidates is a big verticalish construction site, perhaps for a skycraper or something, with included scaffolding, concrete mixers, cranes, hanging metal beams, and all the hazardous equipment you would expect to see around a construction site.

  • Large Military Base – A huge proper military base complete with airfields, shooting ranges, tanks and the like could be a cool place to kill some high-ranking general with some military hardware shenanigans.

  • Plane – A huge passenger airplane like the Airbus A380 could be a unique place for a contract, though I do see some issues arising similar to the train idea, mostly lack of variety and the smaller size of the level.

  • Beach Resort – The beach (if you can call it that) in Sapienza was hardly visited by myself and I assume many others. I think a proper beach (like Brazil or California-like) with an attached resort could be a gnarly location for some cool kills.

  • Golf Course/Country Club – With the Hitman atmosphere embracing a more high society/technological theme, a golf course with an attached country club is just where you would expect to find one of his targets, mingling with the rich in the club before playing a round of golf in the vast golf course.

  • Circus/Carnival – I feel what differentiates the circus from a theme park is mostly the feel. The circus/carnival level would take place at night time with a more 'local' feel. You'd have circus performers, predatory carnival games, cheaply maintained carnival rides just waiting to break down…

Honorable Mentions – University Campus, International Space Station, (Kennedy) Space Center

And a quick poll just to see which of these are your favorites – https://www.strawpoll.me/17036361

So with that out of the way, I'd like to ask you what unique ideas you have had for a Hitman level? You could include targets, kill opportunities, costumes, weapons, and whatever else helps you to describe the level.

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