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What makes a good HITMAN level/game?

Hitman1 - What makes a good HITMAN level/game?

So, recently I just listened to a Patreon-exclusive Podcast featuring Nerd3, Mattophobia, and Many A True Nerd. And they talked about how a lot of the levels in recent Hitman games aren't as good as the original. That they require you multiple playthroughs to complete and that is something that is a negative about the newer HITMAN levels as well as games.
Now, I may be biased here, since the original Hitman games I've played are only Contracts and Blood Money. I also need to point out that I adore Absolution, but acknowledge it's not a good Hitman game.
With that said, I wholeheartedly disagree that replaying a level multiple times makes a game to be terrible or bad.

To me, what makes a good Hitman level, or a good Hitman game is the ability to approach your target with multiple different routes or opportunities. With more routes and opportunities being opened up if you have the right disguise on-hand. Of course, those opportunities might end up being easier to do because they are locked behind restricted areas. The ability to fool everyone else despite the most ridiculous of circumstances. It's why I think realism will never work in a game like this. It simply ruins the fun of it.

Now, I know how controversial the Story Missions are to Purist Hitman fans, who doesn't like the handholding nature of it. Except let me give a counterargument.
You're not forced to use these Story Missions to commit to an assassination. In fact, I usually ignore them most of the time if I have finished them once.
They are only there simply to show you fun opportunities you can do when you explore the map for the first time. And they show off the hilarity and ridiculousness of the world of Hitman. It's harmless, and obviously for newer players.
A lot of Hitman 2's Best Opportunities are purely stuff you find out accidentally or stuff that doesn't have a clear trigger or marker.

For example, breaking all the cameras in Whittleton Creek will set off an event where both Janus and Nolan Cassidy meet up together. And this is where I think the REAL opportunities of this game shines. The challenges.
Because you wouldn't break every camera in both houses, normally you would just delete and disable the Security System with a single silenced shot. Hell, you can do it easily with the Security System under Janus' house that is laughably unguarded.

The only reason you would do this is to finish a challenge that requires you to break all the cameras, which, like I said before, will trigger an event where both targets meet up. And this is where you realize that you can finish Unreasonable Scope without Killing Everyone. This event is what this challenge is referring to.


I am someone who is a completionist, so having opportunities like these locked behind challenges where most players would not dare do because it seems too tedious is just great for me.
I love this kind of tedium, this kind of challenge. It's why I have been loving Hitman 2 so much. It always gives me a feeling of completion.

Of course, that doesn't apply to everyone and I am getting side-tracked here.

Let me just list my favourite maps from Hitman 1/2 with top being my favourite, and bottom being my least favourite. You'll probably think I am insane for liking or disliking some of these maps:
1. New York
2. Colorado
3. Isle of Sgail
4. Hokkaido
5. Whittleton Creek
6. Mumbai
7. Miami
8. Santa Fortuna
9. Bangkok
10. Haven Island
11. Hawke's Bay
12. Marrakesh
13. Sapienza
14. Paris

Now, let me just make this clear. None of these maps are terrible, all of them are brilliant in their own way. But most especially New York.
Here is the thing that I think makes a good Hitman map:
It makes you feel like a badass for sneaking inside and fooling everyone. Or sneaking inside and killing your target without anyone noticing.
And that feeling feels completely gimped in maps like Sapienza, Paris, or Marrakesh where you are allowed pretty much the majority of the map. And your targets walk into places where you are allowed to walk into, or are easy to eliminate even without disguises.
I really, REALLY don't like the overly public levels in Hitman. It's why I wasn't a big fan of Haven Island, but why I am a big massive fan of Colorado.
I know a lot of people praise Sapienza or even Haven Island as being one of the best maps in the recent games, but I just don't understand why. It's very easy, monotonous, and just… Boring to play through. It's not a maze like Mumbai, where you need to always be on your guard or else an Enforcer spots you even while you are in your Suit.
It's not a completely hostile environment like Colorado, where you need to hone your skills as a silent assassin or juggle disguises to be at the right place at the right time, trying to kill 4 targets without being seen.
It's not like New York, where you are constantly frisked everywhere you go even as an employee, where the whole building is heavily guarded so you have a constant feeling of being watched while you try to LITERALLY rob and heist the vault.

The best Hitman levels are ones where you are required to infiltrate a literal fortress, and get out unscathed and unseen.
And that is what I hope to see more of in Hitman 3.

Huge Public levels aren't that great, Hitman as a game is better with closed off, restricted levels. At least in my opinion.

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