Hitman 2

What re-skins do you hope for of the existing (H2) maps?

Hitman5 - What re-skins do you hope for of the existing (H2) maps?

Don't think it's had a thread yet… what do you envisage they may do for the upcoming (DLC) reskins of H2 maps? What would you like to see for Miami, Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek, Mumbai, Isle of Sgail and/or potentially Hawke's Bay?

Now with Hawke's Bay we all know we'd be up for a daytime beach party re-skin, with event security, and great if they added a basement where some objective might be.

Whittleton Creek we've heard a lot of Halloween/Christmas reskin requests, but what about something non-seasonal?

Isle of Sgail could be interesting, perhaps set during the daytime and the castle's being hired out by someone, or it's used by a Royal Family with a Prince that has a target on his back for embarrassing the crown?


Santa Fortuna and Mumbai I can't really see any 'concept' reskins… Santa Fortuna's a village and no re-skin will really change that… perhaps for some reason there's a yearly festival there that keeps the streets packed and populated? And Mumbai… nothing's coming to mind, it's already packed and overwhelming… maybe instead it's night time and there's a curfew for some reason, or they simply change the weather and put a target in a lesser-used area of the city.

And Miami… Dunno, hard to reskin a race-track, it's always going to be a racetrack. Maybe they can focus more on the foreshore and Kronsdadt building in some way? New Years Eve on the Miami foreshore? Dunno, tell us your ideas!

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