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What’s your least favorite mission in Hitman Season 1?

Hitman1 - What's your least favorite mission in Hitman Season 1?

Yesterday I asked our lovely community of agents what there favorite level in Hitman Season 1. Now let's look at the opposite side of the coin. I don't think this will be a surprise for most people, but my least favorite level in Season 1 is Colorado.

Let's start with the setting. A farm in the middle of the mountains. I can imagine anyone who lives on a farm wouldn't be to excited about this level. Usually when I think of Hitman levels I think beautiful European destinations, espionages in secret facilities. You know? Something cool! Something awesome! Not a farm! I that kind of based off anyone's opinion, but honestly go drive through any countryside and see how far you go without seeing a farm. See what I mean? There's nothing special about something that is considered ubiquitous.

Next is gameplay. To be very FAIR, this level does provide a good challenge. It can be very hard to sneak through with almost all the guards gathered in pairs of two. That is one positive thing I will say about this map. Does anybody reading this know why we needed four targets though? I know someone is just gonna say, "Oh, that's to make it harder." No, it just makes it longer. Harder and longer are not the same thing. Although when put them together you've get yourself some nice fresh morning wood. Anyway, speaking of the targets, my biggest complaint with them is that none seem to have any interesting personalities. That IMO is one of the things that makes a good target. The only acception I can think of is Sean Rose's OCD. Or maybe it's because I rushed it through SASO on my first playthrough.


Before I wrap up let me tell you the main reason I REALLY hate this map. So there's this water tower right. Before you start your mission you have the option to smuggle a sniper rifle up there. So me being the guy who loves sniping I thought why not have some fun. So I knock out the two guards on the roof of the building next to the water tower in case they heard or saw me. Then I hide their bodies, climb up, quickly kill my four targets, and put my rifle away. Then just as I'm about to go down I see 20 guards aiming their guns at me. Not shooting, just standing there at the ready as if they were waiting for me to make the first move. So I think to myself, "Ok, if I wait long enough maybe they'll go away. After waiting for an eternity, I finally give up and just pray that the game was just bugged. Nope! The minute I went down the ladder all the guards saw me and opened fire. This is the biggest fuck you I've ever received from a Hitman level ever. You give me this water tower that basically says, "You should totally use this to snipe your targets! It's fun!" Then when you do, the game says, "You feel in my trap! HAHAHAHAHA!" Either the developers sniffed too much coke one day, or their just plain sadistic.

What's your least favorite level in Hitman Season 1?

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