Hitman 2

Whittleton Creek Easy SA/SO Guide

Hitman4 - Whittleton Creek Easy SA/SO Guide

This is my guide on how to get an easy SA/SO on Whittleton Creek. Your loadout should have lethal pills, a lockpick, and the magnesium pouch smuggled into the park. Start at the default location. Know that in this run timing is EVERYTHING, so follow this guide closely and it will work.

When you first start in immediately run to the park to get your magnesium pouch. Then turn around and run straight, heading straight towards the muffin stand area. Head past it and continue down the road until you reach Janus’s house. Go to the garage button and pick the lock (if a guard sees you do this, run away into the street and circle back to the open garage). Once you get into the garage immediately close the door and go into the house. Subdue the guard in the kitchen, pick up his gun, and hide his body in the garage freezer. Next, pour the tea into the cup and poison it with the pills. Now to get a clue and delete the evidence.

Once you’ve filled the tea cup with poison, go down to the basement. The guard should be around the corner. Wait till he walks away and run straight behind the desk. Shoot the evidence and grab the photo, then run back up the basement stairs and jump out of the kitchen window. You should be able to have done all of this before Janus gets up from the couch downstairs and walks into his kitchen. If not, restart.


Once you jump out the window go out the gate and turn left. Timing is extremely important here. Go to the construction site and jump over one of the small barriers, making sure to avoid the workers in the bushes. Hug the fence, and once you are aligned with the shed in Batty’s backyard jump the fence and hop through the window into his shed. Grab the lawsuit docs, then grab the shovel. Leave the shed through the door and head straight towards the bushes by the creek ahead of you. Look for the digging site then dig and grab the cigar box. IMPORTANT: If you haven’t done all this in less than 4 minutes and 20 seconds you should probably restart, as killing Cassidy is all about timing. If you’ve done this in the time span then that’s great, now to kill our final target.

You’ve already gotten the clues. Now run back into Batty’s yard and out the gate closest to Cassidy’s house. If you’ve timed it right he should be walking towards his garage with a guard behind him. Save your game now. Once both of them enter the garage, crouch behind the car. Then stand up, aim the magnesium pouch at the guard and throw it, then immediately run to Cassidy and subdue/snap neck. This part could screw up your SA as when you throw the pouch one of the bodies could be seen, it’s really iffy. A couple of times it didn’t give me SA and others it did. No need to hide the bodies, just make sure to close the garage and then run to the bridge exit in the park.

My best time with this run is 5 minutes 20 seconds. On master, this is good for 23rd worldwide, 32 out of 60k on professional, and even though I screwed up looking for clues on casual I got around 60 out of 30k. If you can master this method you’ll easily get SA/SO.

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