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Whittleton Creek Master SASO/Sniper in one run – Easy Method, Text Guide

Hitman3 - Whittleton Creek Master SASO/Sniper in one run - Easy Method, Text Guide

As always, please know that my guides are meant for ease, not skill. If you just want to get it done and don’t care about bragging rights, that’s how I do my guides. Yes, there are other ways of doing things and it’s possible that I’ve overlooked a simple shortcut – constructive comments are welcome, snarky/toxic/arrogant criticism is not.

This guide uses 5 easy distractions and just a little bit of sneaking. Janus is a very easy kill, and Cassidy ain’t bad either.

SASO/Sniper Assassin Equipment: Silenced Sniper Rifle in Briefcase (put in item slot), coins (optional).

Start in the default location. Run on down the street until you reach the house with the party going on, and go into the backyard. Janus’ house is directly behind this one. When you reach the fence between this house and Janus’, turn left and go just around the corner, and hop over it so that you land in the bushes on the other side.

As long as you weren’t slow, there should be a guard just on the other side of the shed. Move forward and grab the baseball off the ground, then climb through the window into the shed and take the wrench.

Move behind the wall to the left side of the shed door, open it, then throw an item into the far corner of the shed, luring in the nearby guard. When he comes in, wait for the door to close and throw an item at his head. We’re doing this only to get him out of the way- if you don’t take him out, he wastes a lot of time. You don’t have to hide his body; just collect your items and climb back out.

Make sure the other guard in the backyard isn’t looking in your direction, and move front the shed to the side of the house. Keep moving along the house until you reach an open window, just before a security camera.

Look inside and observe the guard in the kitchen. At some point, he walks over to the window you’re next to. As long as he’s not nearby, climb in and quickly go through the door in front of you, into the garage. Leave the door open and throw an item into the corner by the generator (don’t bother switching on the generator, waste of time).

Go around the stairs and hide until the guard comes in, then throw an item at him and knock him out. You can leave his body here. Collect your items.

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Very soon, Janus should be in the living room on a phone call and Gunther, his bodyguard, will conveniently have his back to you. Behind Gunther is the bathroom door. Creep across and open the door, then move back into the kitchen and throw an item as far into the bathroom as you can.

When Gunther goes inside, throw a second item at his head and knock him out. Run across and go into the bathroom. Collect your items.

In a moment, Janus will walk past into the kitchen. Knock him out. (Note: you may be able to just shoot him where he sits- I haven’t tested to find out if his body will ever be discovered.)


Go into the basement and wait for the guard to turn his back. Knock him out. Shoot the Evidence on the other side of the room to disable the cameras. Turn around and grab the picture frame from the corner.

Go back upstairs and grab Janus. Drag him into the basement and shoot him with your sniper.

Leave the house the same way you entered, over the fence into the BBQ house’s back yard.

Move across the street to Nolan Cassidy’s driveway. Wait for Nolan to step into the grass near his driveway and make a phone call. Save your game.

When Nolan finishes his phone call, he’s going to walk into the garage. Bump into his guard repeatedly to delay him, then go behind the nearby SUV and throw an item on the ground. Run partway to the garage and throw a second item just beyond the SUV. This should delay the guard long enough for this next part:

Now run into the garage and hit Cassidy with your briefcase, then quickly run up the stairs and activate the switch to close the garage door.

Moving quickly, retrieve your rifle and shoot Cassidy, then drag him and put him in the nearby crate.

Now, I’ve heard that Cassidy’s guard can open the garage door- but in the 5 times I tested this, he didn’t. He went back inside through the front door.

Either way, you’re only trespassing, so as long as Cassidy’s body is hidden and you have the gun put away in the briefcase, it doesn’t matter if the guard catches you because he’ll just escort you away and it won’t hurt your rating.* But, if he goes to the front door of the house, you have plenty of time to open the garage door and leave.

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(*Correction… your SASO rank will be intact but your Sniper Assassin will be failed.)

Right beside Cassidy’s house is a fence with warning signs on it for the Exterminator. Hop over the fence (distract the Exterminator if needed) and move forward. Observe the area for Mr. Batty. If he’s inside his shed, perfect- sneak around the back side of the shed and throw a briefcase in through the window to knock him out. Or, just wait for him to leave.

Either way, get into the shed and take the lawsuit documents and the shovel.

Now move along the creek toward the covered bridge. In this area is a spot you can dig. Your controller will vibrate briefly when you’re nearby it, but the general area is between two birdhouses. It will be marked with an interact prompt.

When you find it, dig the spot and collect the Cigar Box.

That’s your third piece of evidence and now you’re free to leave. Either sneak past the lawn dude and the guard between you and the covered bridge, or go back around and jump back over the fence. Either way works.

Easy peasy.

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