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Why are disguise and weapon requirements for contracts completely “optional”?

Hitman1 - Why are disguise and weapon requirements for contracts completely "optional"?

I just did the featured Isle of Sgail contract and realized that I could simply start at the chapel and snipe both targets within 10 seconds and then go for the exit.

Not being required to use the shotgun/AR allows me to completely cheese the contract with zero effort. I have no incentive to actually go for a high score, since the new "X featured contracts completed" challenges only require that they be completed, not SA rank.

And no, don't tell me "you can choose to obey the suggested weapon/disguise if you want", IMO it completely ruins the contracts mode . I can guarantee you that thousands of people are going to just snipe these guys to get it over with. There is no score requirement other than if you want to show off having a large e-peen on the leaderboards.


I have a cool contract of my own that I made, and the few people that played it had low scores and obviously made no effort to obtain the unusual weapon that I "required". They probably just shot my target with a pistol and then went for the exit, spending a total of 30 seconds on my contract.

There are already other draconian rules you can specify (e.g. no knockouts) that make you instantly fail the mission – why are those instant fails, but weapon/disguise aren't? Also, since you can already allow any weapon/disguise to be used, because of this the two options are basically (1) "use anything" and (2) "use anything, but X weapon/disguise is recommended if you want maximum leaderboard e-peen". I don't see why we don't have an option to specify a hard requirement for certain disguises/weapons.

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