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Why do I have to complete ‘No Evidence’ on Master when I already completed ‘Silent Assassin’?

Hitman3 - Why do I have to complete 'No Evidence' on Master when I already completed 'Silent Assassin'?

To start off with, I want to commend IO Interactive. With the latest patch fixing things like Sapienza's lighting and the color of the silverballers on the menu, things I never would imagine you would notice, let alone fix. The recent February Update made so many improvements, like inventory sorting and the way NPC's react to sniper fire, that I am honestly speechless. I haven't seen this level of transparency and dedication from a game developer in a very, very long time. I love the monthly roadmaps. Every single time new patch notes are released there's also some cute comment. I.e

"We’ve fixed a visual issue that would occur when Agent 47 would start a mission in a blend-in pose and hold the briefcase. He’s probably just happy that it’s back again and doesn’t want to let it go. Either way, the briefcase will now start next to 47, rather than in his hands."

Little stuff like that makes is icing on top to reading new patch notes. Rest assured, those things ARE noticed. At launch when I encountered a few AI inconsistencies, instead of getting frustrated I just said "that's definitely going to get fixed. I'll just come back to this section in a few weeks and I won't have an issue." Every. Single. Time. IOI proved me right. It's rare to say that I'm a fan of a developer, not just a game. When I heard that IOI was opening a new studio in Sweden, following Hitman 2's release, I got more excited than I have for most games in recent memory. IOI will definitely be receiving a job application from me once my schooling is finished.


With all that being said I've come across an interesting bug for the map Bangkok. For some reason the only two challenges I have left to complete on Master difficulty are 'Sniper Assassin' and 'No Evidence'. But, why would I have to complete 'No Evidence' when I've already completed 'Silent Assassin' on Master difficulty? It seems like there are a few bugs still with the challenges.

I don't use reddit often, let alone imgur, so I can only provide one screenshot. In the Classics tab, sorting by Uncompleted Challenges on Club 27, I have 5 challenges Uncompleted. Those are, in order: The Classics 2 , The Classics 1, The Classics, Sniper Assassin, and No Evidence, all Master difficulty.

I don't mind, to be honest. You want me to complete Sniper Assassin and No Evidence in one run? Fine, I'll do it with no saves.

1eatx9e857k21 - Why do I have to complete 'No Evidence' on Master when I already completed 'Silent Assassin'?


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