Hitman 2

Why does everyone hate on Colorado?

Hitman2 - Why does everyone hate on Colorado?

I'm genuinely puzzled why so many comments in this sub seem to speak about Colorado so negatively, so I thought I'd start a thread to find out why.


Once again, ICA has been compromised. They really need to work on their hiring interviews or something, because this shit is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, 47's been sent off on a wild goose chase to kill some people Diana thinks are a waste of time.

Ezra Berg is a creepy weirdo who's torturing some dude with hallucinogens, and Parvatti is a former terrorist and a belligerent asshole with a voice like nails on a blackboard, so I don't think anyone's going to feel bad about burning either of them alive in an oil drum (or lawnmower) fuel leak or whatever, so that's OK.

Neither the mental health patient or the beautiful ex-MI5 operator spend any time mustache twirling and cackling evilly about about stealing money from poor people, and perverting the course of justice, though, so maybe people were just uncomfortable with the story assignment?


I tend to want my Hitman locations to be places that are exotic and interesting, so USA is a bit humdrum for me, but since this is a terrorist "militia" training camp, I think it's fine.

After all, the country doesn't particularly matter when almost all the NPCs in Hitman speak with american accents anyway, so it's the setting that actually makes the map interesting, and so this is fine. We've had a couple of 'military' locations already with Zaidan's FOB and the mock-up airbase in the training mission, so it doesn't feel out of place.


On the other hand, maybe people are sick of military camps?


The map has a fair amount of variety (orchard, junkyard, house, garage, demolitions, field kitchen, slurry pond, etc) and feels spacious and with lots of movement options and ways to get from point to point.

The mission starting location is pretty bad, but there are plenty of walking coathangers off on their own for you to pick up a disguise easily enough, and once you've unlocked some of the other starting locations, getting around in most disguises is actually very easy, and there are a ton of freestyle kill options dotted all over the place too.

The security system is one of the trickier ones to erase (only Bangkok is worse), but there aren't a lot of cameras and most of them are easy to spot and to avoid (unlike Bangkok).

This map is very hard to SASO, so I'll acknowledge some frustration with the map could come from that.


Colorado is the only map in the series with four targets, and each of them have very long and complex loops.

This will result in a lot of time being spent in the map as you're learning your way around, which will probably lead to a lot of compromises, but every new map has a learning curve, and I personally found that I mastered Colorado a lot faster than I got the hang of Miami or Sapienza, which are two fan favorites.

Thinking back, almost every map in the game has two targets. The training missions only have one, and Mumbai and Santa Fortuna – two locations with mixed reviews – are the only maps to have three.

Are there just too many targets?

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