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Why Guards Should be Able to Detain Agent 47

Hitman1 - Why Guards Should be Able to Detain Agent 47

THE ISSUE: Right now, there is a huge logical discrepancy between AI escorting you off the premises for Trespassing, and the AI shooting you. The game tries to fakeout this discrepancy by having the AI attempt to arrest you, but gives you no option but to fight back.

THE SOLUTION: So the thought is, if deemed appropriate by the AI, once you caught, you will be handcuffed, and led to a holding room somewhere in the main building. Alternatively, if the AI calculates that the holding room is too far away, you will be knocked out with a stroke of a rifle butt and awake in the room. Then from here, you can escape through any number of Hitman-esque methods the developers decide to include. This would be easily retconned to a lot of old maps too, by having them take 47 to the security room.


THE BENEFITS. First off, it just makes sense in terms of the world. Secondly, it will reduce the instances of AI deciding to shoot you in the head for throwing a coin too many times, or for standing within line of sight of a firearm on the ground. Third, the implications of this new mechanical system in play could be huge. You could intentionally be arrested to reach a different part of the map. You could trick the AI into arresting someone else if you were able to frame them to look like the offender. When dressed as a guard, you could arrest lower level disguises (this would have to be balanced by any other guard, becoming suspicious if you're seen). And finally, it will make the choice to "fake arrest" much more meaningful, because, it's actually a choice, not a mandatory animation.

THE INSPIRATION: the last mission of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, called Kokubo Sosho. In this mission, Fisher can be shot with non-lethals, and will be taken to an interrogation room, where he can pick the lock of his handcuffs to escape.

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