Hitman 2

Xbox players, I have finally done my contracts if you wish to play them

Hitman5 - Xbox players, I have finally done my contracts if you wish to play them

So last year when the game came out I said that I would do a series of contracts and people seemed interested in them. Well, I've finally done them. Sorry it took so long, but honestly once I reached Bangkok, I just couldn't be arsed. But they're all done now. My gamertag is Nathisking1990 if you need that to search for them. I'll list them in the order they're meant to be played.


No briefing.


Terrorist financier Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali is meeting Russian oligarch Viktor Novikov and ex-Mossad assassin Dalia Margolis to purchase a CIA NOC list from rogue case officer Sophus Fatale.


Mafia godfather Don Marco Abiatti is making a move into politics. The client wants him eliminated publicly and in such a way it looks like a rival family did it. Family lawyer Salvatore Bravuomo, hacker Roberto Mulo, hitman Renzo Forte and accountant Matteo Divide must also be eliminated.


Our client Sal Falcone has hired us to eliminate biologist Silvio Caruso as he believes he's manufacturing a bio-weapon. It turns out that the intelligence he provided us with is false and that he has hired us to kill an innocent man who was going to testify against him. He has also hired a three man kill team comprised of Dr Oscar Lafayette, Francesca de Santis and Roberto Vargas to eliminate you after you carry out your contract. The ICA has pulled the contract and wants us to deal with them.


Ruthless Chinese businessmen Kong Tuo-Kwang and Guang Tseng are making a push into Morocco for oil rights. They have made a deal with terrorist Nimr Arif Bahar to wage war against the current regime to severely weaken it. Bombmaker Ahmed Aziz and French-Moroccan recruiter Matthieu Mendola will be meeting him to finalise their plans.


Moroccan politician Shahin Abdul-Barr Maalouf and son Kai Abdul-Barr Maalouf are the masterminds behind the coup d'état Kong Tuo-Kwang was planning, with General Reza Zaydan leading the charge, whilst Swedish ambassador Erik Olander and consulate staffer Hilda Berg are looking to take advantage of the growing civil unrest and military presence to abscond with 100 million Euros in Swedish bearer bonds.


Our client has recently became aware of a recording that implicates Jordan Cross in the murder of Hannah Highmore and they want it recovered. Your targets are lawyer Ken Morgan and manager Dexy Barat, but their deaths must be staged in such a way it looks like Jordan was responsible in a drug fuelled blackout. Perhaps you could force a meeting between Mr Morgan and young Jordan. The client also wishes for you to frighten the young man by playing the recording before rendering him unconscious.


A domestic terrorist organisation is planning an attack on U.S. soil and our client has hired us to prevent it by eliminating the heads of the group. Your targets are leader Sean Rose, instructor Maya Parvati, field operative Lloyd Burgess and head of security Andre Washington.



Our client, the CEO of Ether Biotech, has discovered the Yakuza are running an illegal organ trafficking operation within their private hospital GAMA in Hokkaido, Japan. If the authorities found out it would destroy the client and the company. Your targets are lawyer Yuki Yamazaki, hospital director Akira Nakamura, head of surgery, head of surgery Katashi Ito, CFO of Ether Biotech Ray Miller and head of security Nokadota.


We have received intel that a rogue US military unit led by Colonel Ted Mendez are planning to assassinate Kronstadt Industries heiress Sierra Knox during the Global Innovations race. You must prevent this from happening. Your targets are Colonel Mendez, sniper Alex Moyer, spotter Dwain Neil, the COO of Kronstadt Industries Antoine Mack and Abdul Suleiman, twin brother of Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali. We believe this operation was planned by Suleiman as revenge for his brother's murder.


Our client, acting on behalf of Catalina Santiago, an undercover Colombian police officer, has hired us to eliminate her husband Rico Delgado, the self-appointed ''king of cocaine'' who took over the cartel after you killed his uncle Fernando some years earlier, in order to ensure her safety as it's believed her identity has been compromised. Additional targets include younger brother Hector Delgado, cousin Andrea Martinez, chemist Jorge Franco and infamous forger The Vanisher.


There is a power struggle within the Mumbai underworld that threatens to turn into a violent gang war. We've been hired to eliminate the heads of the most dangerous gang in the city. Public PR man Dawood Rangan, slumlord slaver Vanya Shah, chief enforcer The Kashmirian, the enigmatic Neha who is the power behind the throne and her right hand man Wazir Kale.

VYSSHAYA MERA NAKAZANIYA (look it up, it's a fitting title)

Senator Charles Blake III has received intel from a contact in the CIA that legendary former KGB spymaster Anatoli Voronin codenamed ''Janus'' who defected to the United States at the end of the Cold War is secretly a double agent for Russia. You must eliminate Janus, his CIA handler Nolan Cassidy, former KGB interrogation specialist Elizabeta Gulin aka ''Helen West'', and freelance assassins Richard and Susan Wilson who we believe have been hired to kill Senator Blake by Janus and / or the CIA.


Going off the intel you recovered during the Janus contract, we have reason to believe that before his defection from the KGB, he placed over sixty sleeper agents within the US. One such sleeper is CIA Director Arthur Edwards. Your targets are Director Edwards, his Russian handler Constantin, special assistant to the director Marek Sinclair and CIA intelligence analyst Dennis Bertrand. This will be a tough one, 47, but this may be our only chance to uncover just how far this conspiracy goes. You've gone up against worse odds before. Good luck.

Anyway that's all folks, sorry it's such a lengthy post. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.

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