League of Legends

10th Anniversary All-Caps Summary Hype Thread

LeagueofLegends3 - 10th Anniversary All-Caps Summary Hype Thread

If you missed the stream here's the gist fellow summoners!

  • 10 days of gifts from riot for all accounts made before today

  • Classic urf is back

  • Riot announces "Social impact" charity fund

    • Dawnbreaker karma incoming, all proceeds go to said fund
  • Arabic will be supported as a language in the client/game

  • "Rise of the elements" changes

    • Elemental rift system: killing dragons will now change the map globally, changing terrain, brushes, and other small buffs
    • Includes changes to the effects of elemental drake buffs
    • Elder drake gives a straight execute
  • Senna confirmed as a new champion, lucian you did it you madlad

    • She's got a railgun too sdhfshfajdfdjasfa
  • TFT changes?!

    • Seasonal sets: tft will now have rotations of champions and mechanics that will be rotated out
    • Skins will play a role in some of these changes
    • Rise of the elements changes (shares the same name) will include new changes and some of these goodies in three weeks
    • New little legends and arena skins, naturally
  • TFT mobile confirmed for ios and android

    • Early 2020 release
    • Complete with cross-platform play with the desktop version
  • New league game "Wild rift" coming to mobile/consoles

    • New game will be a dual-stick version of the game with a similar degree of mechanics
    • Game will be "Easier to learn" and have game lengths of 15-20 mins
    • Game will be separate from the desktop version of the game but will largely resemble the desktop version of the game
    • Gameplay trailer featured many champions and mirrored abilities
    • Not all champs will be available on release, and your progression/collections won't be shared
    • Fresh engine and fresh graphics that are have been made for the mobile/console edition
    • Will release by end of 2020
  • Competitive league will see more features like pro view and live augmented reality cinematics

  • Some sort of card game version of fantasy football, but for pro league players

  • "Ryze rework (6)" easter egg snuck in

  • More comics, lore, novels, board games, music & music videos, possibly anime confirmed as being on the way

  • Big shout outs to the music production between new tracks, legends never die, and piercing light

  • Fighting game, beat em up game, ccg game, overwatch-like shooter all teased briefly wtffffajfdsjfajkfjkfjkafjkdasjfkdsajf

    • Interviewed developers make it clear they're looking into more games in new genres
    • "Project a" confirmed as a new character-based tactical shooter, feat characters with their own abilities
      • Somewhere between cs:go and overwatch. Characters appear to be new ip; not league characters
      • Support for dedicated infrastructure and anti-cheat, they're going hard
      • More news in 2020
    • 2d fighting game akin to street fighter / tekken featured as well
    • "We're making a card game"
    • Card game will feature league champions
    • Game will feature some sort of levelling mechanic, support/terrain cards, possibly new champions and heroes unseen previously, and will draw from the different regions of league
    • Game will have emphasis on anticipating opponent's move and adapting to their strategy
    • Cards are unlocked via a freemium model but will allow you a degree of choice in how you receive cards, and will avoid randomized packs in general
    • Beta comes out early 2020, beta available on playrunterra.Com (suffering from hug of death)
  • League of legends animated series confirmed jkdfjdkafjkdafjkadjfkdsahfjdash

    • Seems to feature some sort of origin stories for champions, vi jinx and jhin in particular

Hypppppppppeeeeeeeeee this is the 10th anniversary shit I was waiting for, hell yeah Riot!

Edited to un-caps to be more readable – but my hype remains!

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