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2019 All-Star Event Idea

LeagueofLegends8 - 2019 All-Star Event Idea

Bracket-style tournament with 5 teams.

Team 1:

TeamOnlyMid – TOM

Top- Faker

Jungle- Perkz

Mid- Rookie

Bot- Caps

Support- Jensen

Team 2:

TeamTopDogs – TTD

Top- Wunder

Jungle- Impact

Mid- Theshy

Bot- Khan

Support- Zeros

Team 3:

Gankbangers – GB

Top- Xmithie

Jungle- Ning

Mid- Clid

Bot- Meliodas

Support- Jankos

Team 4:

Team EasierThanMid – TETM

Top- Teddy

Jungle- Betty

Mid- Jackeylove

Bot- Doublelift

Support- Rekkles

Team 5:

TeamSupportMains – TSM

Top- Mikyx

Jungle- Baolan

Mid- Corejj

Bot- Mata

Support- Palette

The bracket:

Right side:

TSM vs GB (Winner advances to face off against TOM for the Finals spot)

vs TOM (Winner advances to Finals)

Left side:

TTD vs TETM (Winner advances to Finals)

Team that wins the whole thing gets their role crowned as the best role until the next tournament. Each team has the hopes and dreams of everyone who mains their role at their backs.

C'mon guys lets make this happen. Thank you for listening to my Tedx Talk.

Edit: Just to address a couple of things people have pointed out in here since I don't want to have to reply to every message.

a.) The reason why I put Perkz in TOM is because I got this idea from his roleswap in G2 and them essentially having 2 midlaners, so it just felt kinda disingenuous to not include him, and the reason why he is in jungle is because of him saying Jungle is easier than mid a few years ago.


b.) Yes, I am aware that these players all mostly come from major regions. That's the point. There are only 5 teams with 5 players each. Don't you guys think that putting minor regions into all of them means that the teams that don't have one will outclass every one else? Besides, every team except TOM has a minor region.

c.) Yes I am aware these teams are from MSI. Again, that's the point. To have the best players of each role of the best teams of the best regions duke it out.

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d.) While, I do think that there is some merit to the people saying the tournament will be dominated by the solo lane teams, I don't think that it'll be that one-sided. These players are all still top-tier players who have played the other roles before (you don't get to be a highly-ranked professional player without having a small amount of versatility) this is honestly better explained by u/Corpiz and u/the_propaganda_panda in the comments thread below.

e.) Their roles are obviously not set in stone, there will likely be small changes to the rosters but what is important here is the concept and idea of the event.

f.) And finally, everyone should keep in mind that this is JUST AN IDEA 4fun from some stranger in Reddit. Relax people.

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