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2019 World’s Champion Pool Breakdown for Every Team *Update*

LeagueofLegends10 - 2019 World's Champion Pool Breakdown for Every Team *Update*

Within the last week, I posted a breakdown of all the Play-in Teams and an analysis of their Summer 2019 Champion selections. I got some great feedback and with those changes, I included every team in the tournament.

To understand the sheets all you have to know is that in the Ban For & Against headers that the Red Dash means the Champion was banned over 50% of the time, while a Green Dash means the Champion was banned over 25% of the time. A blank space means they were banned less than 25% of the time.

Second, each position is sorted from the most selected champion from top to bottom while also being representative of the entire position for the said team in their respective 2019 Summer Split. (side-note: would love for people to chime in and call out player pocket picks that weren't selected in the 2019 Summer Split, will be valuable information to know). What's been added is that there is a percentage being showed for top 2/3 and top 4/6 for each position showing the frequency in which those Champions were selected. I thought this would be a great measurement to show not only the width of the Champion pool but the depth.

Third, a blue dashed box around a Champion on a Team's page indicates that that Champion has been picked by multiple positions during the 2019 Summer Split and therefore can be counted as a possible Flex Pick during the Picks and Bans. With the rise of G2 hyper flexibility and the critique that some teams going into the tournament don't have enough flexibility made this something I wanted to note.

Lastly, I included three extra data points (slides) to help make sense of the drafts. Those are the top ten Picked & Banned Champions from the 2019 EU Masters Finals that were just played on patch 9.17, a summary of Phreak Show's World Patch Review (position by position), and lastly Vedius' Champions to Look Out For.


Please feel free to chime in and voice questions or concerns. I am very hype for this 2019 Worlds and expect the draft to be a huge differentiator between teams, especially in the Group Stage(s).

Play-In Group A (https://imgur.com/gallery/QExVeSw)

Play-In Group B (https://imgur.com/gallery/TtKSZ87)

Play-In Group C (https://imgur.com/gallery/2snBQUa)

Play-In Group D (https://imgur.com/gallery/2QpCV2o)

Main Event Group A (https://imgur.com/gallery/kKql20c)

Main Event Group B (https://imgur.com/gallery/XBUpGJ5)

Main Event Group C (https://imgur.com/gallery/JNUWeZY)

Main Event Group D (https://imgur.com/gallery/Gm2itoF)

Extra Data Points (https://imgur.com/gallery/gSl4bCw)

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