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2020 Worlds Group Draw Simulations

LeagueofLegends1 - 2020 Worlds Group Draw Simulations

The World Championship Group Draw will be happening live on September 15th, 2020 at 8AM EST, 2PM CEST In this broadcast, both the play-in stage groups, and Main Stage groups will be drawn. Ahead of the group draw, I have done some simulations to show a visual representation of what groups can occur. The play-in stage is very different from last year due to Vietnamese teams not attending (read more in FAQ).
You can read last year's thread here, 2018's thread here, 2017's thread here, and 2016's thread here. Really fun to see people's opinions of teams before the tournament started.

First we will run down all 22 teams to qualify for worlds, and how they did it. Please note that Vietnamese teams will NOT participate in 2020 Worlds. Please see the FAQ section for more information

Pool 1-

  • LPL Summer champions Top Esports, 1st seed from China
  • LEC Summer champions G2 Esports, 1st seed from Europe
  • LCK Summer champions ⁠DAMWON Gaming, 1st seed from Korea
  • LCS Summer champions ⁠Team SoloMid, 1st seed from North America

Pool 2-

  • LPL Circuit Point Leaders JD Gaming, 2nd Seed from China
  • LPL Regional Winners Suning, 3rd seed from China
  • LEC Summer Runner-Up Fnatic, 2nd seed from Europe
  • LCK Circuit Point Leaders ⁠DRX, 2nd seed from Korea

Pool 3-

  • LEC Summer 3rd Place Rogue, 3rd seed from Europe
  • LCK Gauntlet winners Gen.G, 3rd seed from Korea
  • LCS Runners-Up FlyQuest, 2nd seed from North America
  • PCS Summer champions Machi Esports, 1st seed from PCS

Play-in Teams

  • LPL Regional Runner-Up LGD Gaming, 4th seed from China
  • LEC Summer 4th Place MAD Lions, 4th seed from Europe
  • LCS Summer 3rd Place Team Liquid, 3rd seed from North America
  • PCS Summer Runner-Up PSG Talon, 2nd seed from PCS
  • LCL Summer champions Unicorns Of Love, 1st seed from CIS
  • TCL Summer champions Papara SuperMassive, 1st seed from Turkey
  • CBLOL Split 2 champions INTZ, 1st seed from Brasil
  • LLA Clausura champions ⁠Rainbow7, 1st seed from Latin America
  • OPL Split 2 champions Legacy Esports, 1st seed from OCE
  • LJL Summer champions V3 Esports, 1st seed from Japan

What do these pools represent? They are the basis for how a group is constructed. Teams are grouped roughly by regional strength, except with Pool 1 which always consists of the champions of the top 4 MSI teams (China, Europe, Korea, North America). Each group consists of one team from each pool. Pool 4 will be brought down to 4 teams via the Play-in Stage. To learn more about the play-in stage, including why VCS is not attending, please read here. Also note, two teams from the same region cannot be drawn in the same group.


First off, we will simulate some play-in stage groups. To reiterate, the play-in stage is heavily changed this year due to Vietnamese teams not participating. The play-in stage group draw is actually quite big this year. Because the winners of each group outright qualify for the group stage, the play-in group draw is very important. Teams are placed into two Pools based on strength

Pool 1 consists of LGD GamingCN, MAD LionsEU, Team LiquidNA, and PSG TalonPCS

Pool 2 consists of Unicorns of LoveCIS, Papara SuperMassiveTR, INTZBR, Rainbow7LLA, Legacy EsportsOCE, and V3 EsportsJP

There will be two play-in groups. Each Group will consist of two teams from Pool 1, and three teams from Pool 2. The winner of each group outright qualifies for the group stage. The team who finishes last in each group is disqualified. The 3rd place finishers of each group will play the 4th place finisher of the same group in a Best of 5. The winner of this match will play the 2nd place finisher of the opposite group in a Best of 5 for a spot in the group stage.

Simulation 1

Group AGroup B
Team LiquidNAMAD LionsEU
Unicorns of LoveLCLINTZBR
V3 EsportsJPSuperMassiveTCL

Simulation 2

Group AGroup B
Team LiquidNALGD GamingCN
LegacyOCEUnicorns of LoveLCL

Simulation 3

Group AGroup B
PSG TalonPCSTeam LiquidNA
V3 EsportsJPUnicorns of LoveLCL

Simulation 4

Group AGroup B
Team LiquidNAPSG TalonPCS
Rainbow7LLAV3 EsportsJP
Unicorns of LoveLCLLegacyOCE

Simulation 5

Group AGroup B
Team LiquidNAPSG TalonPCS
SuperMassiveTCLV3 EsportsJP
Unicorns of LoveLCLINTZBR


Now for the main event, and probably why most of you clicked on this thread. To recap, we create a group by taking one team from Pool 1, two teams from Pool 2, and one team from Pool 3. The pool 3 teams are teams which advance from the play-in stage. Also, two teams from the same region cannot occupy the same group.

DISCLAIMER For this visual representation, I am going to assume the pool 4 teams are going to be the major region play-in teams. The main reason I am doing this is because it makes it very simple to plug-in another play-in team. For example, if you are a fan of INTZ, you can plug them into any of the 4 groups, and if you are a fan of Legacy you can do the same. This is because wildcard regions have only one team at Worlds, which avoids invalidating groups. If you are a fan of Liquid, MAD Lions, LGD, or PSG Talon, however, you would then have to worry about making sure the group works since no two regions can occupy the same group. In addition, I am sure many people are very interested where Team Liquid and MAD Lions land since this is a Western site.

Simulation 1

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
DAMWON GamingKR1Team SoloMidNA1Top EsportsCN1G2 EsportsEU1
SuningCN3FnaticEU2DRXKR2JD GamingCN2
Machi EsportsPCS1Gen.GKR3RogueEU3FlyQuestNA2
MAD LionsEU4LGD GamingCN4Team LiquidNA3PSG TalonPCS2

Simulation 2

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Team SoloMidNA1G2 EsportsEU1DAMWON GamingKR1Top EsportsCN1
JD GamingCN2SuningCN3FnaticEU2DRXKR2
RogueEU3Gen.GKR3FlyQuestNA2Machi EsportsPCS1
PSG TalonPCS2Team LiquidNA3LGD GamingCN4MAD LionsEU4

Simulation 3

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
DAMWON GamingKR1Top EsportsCN1Team SoloMidNA1G2 EsportsEU1
JD GamingCN2DRXKR2FnaticEU2SuningCN3
RogueEU3Machi EsportsPCS1Gen.GKR3FlyQuestNA2
Team LiquidNA3MAD LionsEU4LGD GamingCN4PSG TalonPCS2

Simulation 4

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Top EsportsCN1G2 EsportsEU1DAMWON GamingKR1Team SoloMidNA1
FnaticEU2DRXKR2SuningCN3JD GamingCN2
Gen.GKR3FlyQuestNA2Machi EsportsPCS1RogueEU3
Team LiquidNA3LGD GamingCN4MAD LionsEU4PSG TalonPCS2

Simulation 5

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
DAMWON GamingKR1Top EsportsCN1G2 EsportsEU1Team SoloMidNA1
SuningCN3DRXKR2JD GamingCN2FnaticEU2
Machi EsportsPCS1RogueEU3FlyQuestNA2Gen.GKR3
MAD LionsEU4Team LiquidNA3PSG TalonPCS2LGD GamingCN4

Simulation 6

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
DAMWON GamingKR1Top EsportsCN1Team SoloMidNA1G2 EsportsEU1
FnaticEU2DRXKR2SuningCN3JD GamingCN2
FlyQuestNA2Machi EsportsPCS1RogueEU3Gen.GKR3
LGD GamingCN4MAD LionsEU4PSG TalonPCS2Team LiquidNA3

Simulation 7

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
G2 EsportsEU1Team SoloMidNA1DAMWON GamingKR1Top EsportsCN1
DRXKR2SuningCN3JD GamingCN2FnaticEU2
FlyQuestNA2Gen.GKR3RogueEU3Machi EsportsPCS1
LGD GamingCN4MAD LionsEU4PSG TalonPCS2Team LiquidNA3

Simulation 8

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Team SoloMidNA1G2 EsportsEU1Top EsportsCN1DAMWON GamingKR1
JD GamingCN2SuningCN3DRXKR2FnaticEU2
RogueEU3Gen.GKR3Machi EsportsPCS1FlyQuestNA2
PSG TalonPCS2Team LiquidNA3MAD LionsEU4LGD GamingCN4

Simulation 9

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Top EsportsCN1Team SoloMidNA1G2 EsportsEU1DAMWON GamingKR1
DRXKR2FnaticEU2JD GamingCN2SuningCN3
FlyQuestNA2Gen.GKR3Machi EsportsPCS1RogueEU3
MAD LionsEU4LGD GamingCN4Team LiquidNA3PSG TalonPCS2

Simulation 10

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
DAMWON GamingKR1G2 EsportsEU1Top EsportsCN1Team SoloMidNA1
FnaticEU2JD GamingCN2DRXKR2SuningCN3
FlyQuestNA2Gen.GKR3Machi EsportsPCS1RogueEU3
LGD GamingCN4Team LiquidNA3MAD LionsEU4PSG TalonPCS2


When is the Group Draw Show?

  • September 15th, 8AM EST, 2PM CEST

How are Pool 1 teams determined for the Group Stage?

  • The top 4 regions at the last MSI were China, Europe, Korea, and North America.

Why do China and Europe have 4 seeds?

  • Last year LMS had 3 teams qualify, and SEA had 1 team qualify. This year the regions have combined, and been given 2 teams. This means two extra seeds were available, which were given to the two strongest regions based upon recent performance, China and Europe.

Why does Korea have all their teams directly placed into the group stage?

  • Originally, Korea was going to have their 3rd seed placed into play-ins, same as NA. However, VCS being unable to attend worlds left a group stage spot open. Riot decided that it would be most fair for the Korean 3rd seed to be given this spot.

Why do you assume which play-in teams will advance?

  • I have the major regions advancing from group stage because it makes for easier visualization. Since wildcard regions only have 1 team at worlds, they can be placed in any group. This isn't the case for the major region teams since since teams from the same region cannot be placed in the same group. So if you're a fan of a wildcard region and want to see which group they could get, you can replace any pool 4 team and insert your region's team.

Where is SKT???

  • Rip Faker

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