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95 Tips to Climb by a Korean Challenger

LeagueofLegends2 - 95 Tips to Climb by a Korean Challenger

Hey guys, I'm a Grandmasters player currently, and one of the most popular posts of all time on r/summonerschool is 95 tips to climb from a Korean Challenger. The post, by u/pieholic, is over a year old and is outdated and needed a little bit of editing – so I took a few hours to revamp the entire post as well as make it a YouTube video that's FULL of straight up information, as I do realize that most people don't have very long attention spans. So yes, I talk fast.

Here's the video:

For those of you who prefer a long read, I wrote down every tip in the video for you guys down here.

  1. When jungling, watch to see when enemy laners move away from their lane towards you – this lets you know not to counter jungle if they are getting there first + that there is a ward where you just moved.

  1. Instead of watching your character auto attack the jungle camp, look at your lanes instead to see what is gankable or about to get ganked.

  1. When counter jungling for the enemies jungle camps, but it is too risky to steal a camp because the enemy laners moved, use the time to drop a ward and leave ASAP. It makes it worth your time from the vision you gain.

  1. Ping more. A lot more. It not only communicates basic information but also keeps your teammates attentive to the game.

  1. When supporting and you get your wards off your support item, try to get vision around the map as well and not just in your lane. You can ward on your way to lane or when it is safe to roam.

  1. If you're jungling and bought less than 3 control wards at the end of a game, its a game he should lose. Buy control wards as a jungler, it's helpful for objective control and ganking.

  1. As a midlaner, try to get your support or jungler to ward a bush on the side of your lane for you and control ward the other side.

  1. Your teammates aren't as bad as you claim. They're at your rank.

  1. If you can't take insults without tilting, /mute all every game. This is League of Legends – it's toxic.

  1. Junglers that jump over walls aren't good because they look cool during parkour, they're good because they can escape after counter jungling.

  1. Don't play Lee Sin because he's OP in your opinion – ban him instead.

  1. If the enemy jungler is Graves, Lee Sin, Amumu etc, you can put a control ward in the bush right next to the wraiths. They don't go that way as they usually travel over a wall to get to the wraiths.

  1. If you see the enemy jungler, check if he has his red or blue buff. You can assume which camps he cleared or stole from the info.

  1. A chill Gold or Plat player is better to play with then a toxic and prone-to-tilt Diamond player.

  1. Don't be AFK for the first minute of the game.

  1. Invade if the enemy team has little to no CC.

  1. Diving turret is a gank too. Try to remember that's an option.

  1. Try not to let the enemy see you use Smite.

  1. If you're mid, and the enemy is a roaming style champ, put wards in their side of the lane, not just the side bushes.

  1. When mid, and its time for blue, don't go to blue in plain vision- slink back away from vision then go.

  1. If there is a lot of CS you need to clear before you go to get blue from your jungler, ask the jungler to wait for your clear. If there isn't that much CS, leave it and get blue. Your JG is also busy, and his time's worth a bit of your CS.

  1. When you're bot lane and low health, and the enemy jungler comes to dive, just please retreat to inner turret. Living is more beautiful than the 3 caster minions you are missing.

  1. Top/Mid/JG shouldn't go blue trinket- unless you are a champion that can steal dragon or baron like Xerath or Lux.

  1. Support's full build can include control wards.

  1. When gametime goes over 20 mins, stop saying you have don't have item slots for control ward. Sell that one potion. Control Wards are better than potions.

  1. Supports shouldn't always initiate team fight. Protect your adc. Your top and jungle can initiate for you.

  1. No matter what the case, getting solo killed is your fault- don't blame the jungle.

  1. If you die, give yourself feedback- you need it more than your teammates.

  1. A jungling "route" only exists when you average 4.0 cs per minute. 2-3 cs per minute means you just walk around with no plan in mind.

  1. If your teammate is fed, it doesn't mean you are fed. Don't play like it.

  1. If you lost 2-3 teamfights one-sidedly, stop pinging to group mid. Send the most nimble guy out to a side lane and have him splitpush.
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  1. As a splitpusher, you should die only when 3 or more come to get you. And die after placing wards, knowing 3 are coming to get you, and pinging your team that you will die. Don't yell at your team to get objectives after dying silently.

  1. Don't play Yasuo. Kappa.

  1. When you pick Teemo, typing "I'm not picking him to troll" can help your team's mentality.

  1. Its usually better to play less mechanically demanding characters. There's a lot of easy, fun and strong characters. In lower leagues, Soraka is probably better than trying to play Zed/Yasuo/Lee Sin/Syndra. Playing champs like Riven, Zed, and Yasuo is basically handicapping yourself in anything below Platinum.

  1. When ADC, think off the skills you can get hit by, and the skills you shouldn't get hit by. You shouldn't use Sivir's spell shield on Ezreal's Q to get hit by Malphite ult. Dodge what you need to dodge, get hit by only what you can take.

  1. When ADC, think of when and what you need to contribute to the teamfight. Look at who the team is focusing. Sometimes it's better to help your team with who they're focusing than fighting your own mini battles.

  1. Early game, when you get bottom tower first: Either aim to get dragon or roam into another lane for the next turret.

  1. When roaming to another lane as bot lane, make sure to get good vision and play around your jungler.

  1. Support after laning phase is basically a jungler with sightstone. Follow your Jungler around when your ADC doesn't need you.

  1. When supporting and all charges on your sightstone are used up, if there isn't anything going on, go back and recharge them.

  1. When support, other than the early game, you should always have one or two control wards in the inventory. If you have 60 gold after backing, don't buy potion, wait and buy control ward.

  1. ALWAYS look at the minimap before engaging on the enemy.

  1. When jungling, don't steal mid exp by standing at the inner wall of wraith pit. Let your mid know if you did so they aren't caught off guard by exp difference.

  1. When jungle, even if the mid sucks, unless he is purposely feeding/trolling, give him blue.

  1. When jungle, don't call your mid to get blue when he is trying to clear a big wave of cs. Get your other camps first.

  1. Top isn't determined by better jungle. The jungle's strength is determined based off of which top is a easier gank target.

If you are a good top laner, you should feel a gank even if the bushes aren't warded.

  1. When support adn your team is doing dragon but will have to fight afterwards, tank it until you are half HP. Don't start a teamfight when your jungler is low.

49.If the enemy has good wave clear, don't group mid.

  1. Leave one creep behind when counterjungling.

  1. If you can memorize counterjungled camp timings, take them again.

  1. The scuttlecrab runs away from the direction you are hitting it. If you are looking for a top gank after scuttle, hit it from below. Saves time.

  1. When Jungle, just because lane is pushed, doesn't mean its good to gank. In early game especially, if there are a bunch of minions piled up, its basically like a 2v2.

  1. If your laner is farming under tower, he can't help you with your gank.

  1. When Jungle, if an ally gets ganked and dies, don't be mad – be briefed on the spell situation. If the enemy used flash to kill, try ganking him next time. Even better if your ally kept flash.

  1. When jungle, drop whatever camp you're clearing and go help if you're needed.

  1. When ganking, wait until the laner you're ganking uses his skills and then surprise him.

  1. When using ZZ'rot, place it a minute before you go for an objective, on the opposite side of the map.

  1. When full build and you have a ton of extra gold, buy ZZ'Rot, place it and then sell it again to buy your full build back.

  1. Don't hit vision plants for no reason.

  1. If your jungler ganked a lane, and you don't see the other jungler there, he's looking at your lane.

  1. It's better for team morale to be low in CS rather than having deaths.

  1. Ping with the basic hidden ping so you can deny you're the one that called bad shots. Kappa.

  1. When jungle, the end of your route is the rift scuttler. Secure it, and go home.

  1. Don't kill the blastcone on your side jungle. Its a ganking route.

  1. If you have sufficient vision, its important to tempt the enemy jungler to gank your lane as well. Just don't die. Waste their time.

  1. Trading in lane doesn't mean you guys swing your swords at each other until the one who hit first wins. It means you hit twice for every one hit you take. If you see the enemy use a skill on cs, go in, use yours on him, then go out. If you prolong the fight, the enemy gets his skills back first.
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  1. Blue team's blue time is red team's dragon time. Red team's blue time is blue team's 3 man dive top time.

  1. When you're blue team bottom, control ward the tri-bush. You get more ganks if you do.

  1. In the simplest form of wave control – you can control lane flow based off the caster minion numbers.

  1. When top, if the enemy jungle seems to camp you, it means you seem easy to gank.

  1. Buy an Elixir before the game deciding team fight- 500 extra gold is useless when the nexus goes down. If you have item slots left over, buy even a ruby crystal.

People win and lose games because of 10 health- imagine that 150 extra health.

  1. After gank succeeds, if the enemy has more minions, you don't have to push lane.

  1. 1 jungle camp is better than a shitty gank effort

  1. Jungle is also a type of lane. Knowing the position of enemy jungle, level difference, and getting cs is the biggest priority. If you focus only on ganking and killing, you lose.

  1. When jungle, when your laner dies/gets a kill/survives gank, check the summoner spells used. Check your laner's with the tab key.

  1. When jungle, your routes should be planned each time you back. The game changes every minute – how do you expect to be at the right place if you always follow a set path?

  1. If your ward trinket often recharges both wards, you probably deserve wherever in Bronze/Silver you play.

  1. When jungle, people seem to be more chill with you pushing in their lanes after successful gank when you say it before you do. If you push without telling them, they will get upset.

  1. If you can't watch your map properly, focus on working on that before anything else.

  1. If you see the enemy jungle, ping him. If you didn't see him because you weren't looking at the minimap, go back to step 81.

  1. When jungle, if your top laner gets ganked, dies, then teleports back to lane, go help him survive the gank that's about to happen in the next minute or so. The enemy jungler is still in the area.

  1. When jungle, if you ganked top and killed him, but he tps back to lane, go gank him again. His jungle probably won't come to help if you're below platinum.

  1. When jungle, if you find it hard to counterjungle, ward enemy wraith, and enemy wolves.

  1. When jungle, if the enemy support is playing a squishy support with low mobility, you should probably gank them. You can spend an entire ten minutes in bot lane sometimes.

  1. Know how much your smite does.

  1. When jungle, walk up without using non-target cc such as Amumu bandage or Elise cocoon. The enemy will try to sidestep, and use flash as you get closer. Use it after enemy flashes.

  1. When Lee Sin – don't kick the Amumu/Malphite/Kennen into your team.

  1. When jungle. If you hear "Top no flash" "Mid no flash" "Bot no flash", but you don't gank in the next 5 minutes – you suck.

  1. When jungle, get control wards and try to solo the dragon early if you can. It's usually uncontested and unexpected.

  1. The mid with blue wins the lane. If you don't get your second blue within 2 mins, and you still don't give it to lane – you suck.

  1. When jungle, give blue to your mid laner ASAP, and when the enemy mid goes to get his, take your mid and roam with them.

  1. As a jungler, you need to know how to roam with your mid and support.

Thank you for your time, hope it was helpful.

I know some numbers are missing – long story. Sorry about that.

Best of luck on the Rift.

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