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A brief cheat sheet to all alternate universes.

LeagueofLegends13 - A brief cheat sheet to all alternate universes.



Arcade World is a virtual retro-gaming-themed world under siege by an army of bosses.

  • Veigar was a mini-boss who ripped into Arcade World's code to summon an army of bosses to his side.
  • Brand, Malzahar, Ziggs, and Blitzcrank are bosses in Veigar's army.
  • Ezreal, Sona, Miss Fortune, Riven, and Ahri are real-world gamers forcibly transported into Arcade World by Veigar.
  • Hecarim and Corki are hero characters from within Arcade World.


An ancient godlike entity descends every millennium to select his chosen warriors. They are called Arclight.

  • Vel'Koz is the ancient entity.
  • Vayne and Varus are Arclight.
  • Aatrox and Syndra are justicars, leaders of the Arclight.
  • Yorick is an ancient king who abandoned his kingdom to become Arclight. He returned one day to find only ruins and was driven mad.
  • Brand was the first Arclight. He is now dead, though his body remains animated by the light.


Dystopian future where an army of robots with living brains seek to extinguish or convert all life.

  • Viktor is their creator and leader.
  • Skarner is an early prototype, possessed of an extreme rage not seen in later models.
  • Cho'Gath is the gold standard of Battlecast shock troopers, implementing nanites that reinforce its frame.
  • Kog'Maw units are built for long-range artillery, based on the now-extinct Kog'Maw organism.
  • Vel'Koz units are airborne data collectors based on the now-extinct Vel'Koz organism.
  • Xerath units are machines which house a human soul, rather than just a brain.
  • Urgot units are juggernauts used to crush particularly stubborn pockets of resistance.
  • Caitlyn is a resistance sniper who has gunned down hundreds of Battlecast.
  • Illaoi is the resistance leader, having underwent a failed conversion that left her with the ability to control machines.

Blood Moon

On the night of the Blood Moon, an ancient cult uses the moon's power to merge themselves with demonic spirits.

  • Zilean is the figurehead of the Blood Moon cult.
  • Twisted Fate is their true leader.
  • Sivir, Elise, and Akali are priestesses.
  • Yasuo is the ceremonial executioner.
  • Shen is a bodyguard to important persons.
  • Diana is a cultist who carries lost secrets that even demons don't know.
  • Pyke, Evelynn, Kennen, Talon, Thresh, and Kalista are demons summoned on the night of the Blood Moon.
  • Aatrox is the progenitor of all demons: the world-ending creature birthed directly from the Blood Moon.

Crime City

1920s New York-style criminal underworld.

  • Graves is the leader of the notorious Graves crime family. Alliance with Twitch.
  • Twitch is the leader of a crime syndicate of literal rat-men. Alliance with Graves.
  • Miss Fortune is a former hired gun who leads a criminal cartel. Destabilized the Graves/Twitch alliance.
  • Braum, nicknamed "Bank Vault," is Miss Fortune's bodyguard.
  • Lee Sin is a former pit fighter who sells his services as a "problem solver" to criminal kingpins.
  • Jinx is an unhinged hitwoman known as "La Principessa."
  • Gragas is a criminal defense attorney with a penchant for bribing law enforcement.

Death Sworn

At the behest of Death itself, the souls of fallen warriors return to the plane of the living to claim even more souls for the Underworld. They are Death Sworn.

  • Viktor was hanged for preaching his vision of a world where the living knelt before the dead. He returned as Death Sworn.
  • Katarina and Zed were skilled assassins who became Death Sworn willingly.
  • Wukong was a martial arts student claimed by the Underworld.
  • Hecarim subjugates spirits who refuse to take their place among the Death Sworn.
  • Twisted Fate offers an alternative to meeting with Death. If they can beat him in a game, they win a life of luxury. If they lose, he adds them to his deck of doomed souls.
  • Soraka was an avatar of compassion and mercy before Twisted Fate tricked the lords of the living into trading her to the Underworld.

Dragon World

On two separate occasions, dragons ravaged the world. We're in the middle of the second one.

  • Mordekaiser was the leader of the first wave of dragons.
  • Zyra is the leader of the second wave of dragons.
  • Pantheon is the last of the first wave of dragonslayers.
  • Xin Zhao, Vayne, Braum, and Jarvan IV are part of the second wave of dragonslayers.
  • Swain was corrupted and enthralled by the dragons he sought to destroy.
  • Heimerdinger, Tristana, and Lulu are dragon trainers attempting to make friends of the dragons.


Long ago, dark gods were slain by an order of monastic knights who wielded the power of the moon and sun. Now those gods are trying to return.

  • Lissandra and Camille are Coven witches in service of the dead gods' resurrection.
  • Leona has risen against the Coven, wielding the magic of the knights of old.
  • LeBlanc is a sylvan who repelled the Coven from the Elderwood.
  • Hecarim, Bard, and Soraka are ancient fae of the Elderwood.
  • Taric is the leader of the Knights of the Emerald Chapel, once-human elves who guard the forest.
  • Kha'Zix and Elise are Death Blossoms, primeval hunters who lure the unsuspecting with their beauty.

Event Horizon

Space is not only home to great cosmic beings who forge stars, but the servants of Dark Star, a supermassive black hole that will swallow all of reality if enabled.

  • Ashe is queen of the cosmos. She and her court create and nurture stars.
  • Master Yi, Kassadin, Xin Zhao, and Lulu are members of Ashe's royal court.
  • Xayah and Rakan are cosmic beings locked in an endless waltz across the stars.
  • Cho'Gath, Thresh, Jarvan IV, Kha'Zix, Orianna, and Varus serve the Dark Star.

Guardian of the Sands

Long ago, a jealous young emperor invoked a profane summoning rite and created a monster. Powerful guardians now stand watch over the tomb of this ancient horror.

  • Fiddlesticks is the ancient horror.
  • Xerath, Rammus, Skarner, and Kha'Zix are the guardians.
  • Pyke is just Pyke, but in the desert this time.


In the hextech renaissance, scientists build artificial lifeforms capable of free will.

  • Annie is a scientific prodigy, even among hextech's greatest intellectuals.
  • Malzahar is a messenger of the future he claims to have foreseen: a second hextech renaissance.
  • Janna is a scientist whose long exposure to hextech materials famously granted her power over wind.
  • Poppy is an expert engineer whose ultimate goal is to create an artificial soul.
  • Anivia was the first truly sentient hextech being.
  • Alistar was created to guard hextech secrets and oppose abusers of the science.
  • Galio is a massive golem donated to the city to promote hextech marketability.
  • Renekton, Sion, and Singed are twisted amalgamations of metal and flesh born of scientific hubris.
  • Kog'Maw constructs are sold as pets to wealthy families.

High Noon

The wild west can be hot as Hell.

  • Lucian made a deal with the devil to save his lover's soul. He was double-crossed. Now he hunts the devil for revenge.
  • Thresh is the devil.
  • Urgot was a dying railroad baron named Jeremiah James who traded his soul for a metal body.
  • Jhin and Miss Fortune are mercenaries. Jhin is seemingly a machine.
  • Yasuo is an exile and a vigilante.
  • Twisted Fate is a card shark and a conman.
  • Caitlyn is the lone sheriff in a town called Progress.
  • Alistar integrated into human society and works as muscle for hire.
  • Cassiopeia was the enforcer for a band of outlaws before seizing control of her group.
  • Fiddlesticks is a wandering monster, killing those he crosses.
  • Skarner is one of many carnivorous scorpions lurking the prairie.
  • Kog'Maw critters are a pest among frontier settlers.


Pyromancer cultists of the Shadowfire Temple summoned the Ashen Lord hoping to control him. Instead, he unleashed his infernal legions upon the world.

  • Aurelion Sol is the Ashen Lord.
  • Kindred are the pyromancers' gods, called upon to fight the infernals.
  • Nasus, Amumu, Diana, Xerath, Renekton, Alistar, Wukong, Warwick, Mordekaiser, Rammus, and Akali are infernals.
  • Zyra and Maokai are forest creatures corrupted by the infernals.
  • Ahri is a Shadowfire pyromancer who abandoned her quiet life an took up arms after a faction of extremists summoned the infernals.
  • Malphite is one of many obsidian creatures freed from underground after the Ashen Lord's arrival toppled mountains. They fight the infernals.

Immortal Journey

Mortals test their strength before the gods, and venture out on journeys to become immortal.

  • Lee Sin and Jax were once mortals who acquired artifacts that transformed them into gods.
  • Irelia is a demigoddess who challenged and defeated a dragon king in a duel. His power is sealed within her blades.
  • Talon was the dragon king. He became human when Irelia stole his power.
  • Master Yi is a martial arts student in search of a fabled jade sword that grants immortality.
  • Janna is the guardian of the jade sword.
  • Fiora once loved Master Yi, but now aims to protect the jade sword from him.


Lancers are ancient, mechanized sentinels called from the earth in times of dire need. Their origins are unknown, as they are seemingly older than recorded history.

  • Wukong is a Lancer.
  • Hecarim is a Lancer only summoned as a desperate last resort, as the damage it causes can be extraordinary.
  • Blitzcrank was summoned by a bolt of white lightning. It serves as a protector of the people.
  • Blitzcrank, alternatively, was corrupted by a bolt of black lightning. Its rampage is merciless and ceaseless.

Lost Empire

The city-states of the Great Desert have been lost to time, but their ruins—and the ancient pharaohs who once ruled them—remain.

  • Nidalee was worshiped as a god-queen before her city fell. She sought to conquer and rule anew.
  • Nasus eternally wanders the Great Desert in search of his once-green kingdom.
  • Amumu was a young pharaoh who now haunts the halls of his ancient tomb.


When colossal kaiju attack from the sea, humanity (and yordles) deployed equally powerful mecha units to stop them.

  • Crabgot (Urgot) is a seemingly unstoppable kaiju.
  • Kha'Zix (K-ZX) was the first mecha deployed. Its smaller size makes it ideal for urban environments.
  • Malphite (M-2) is a walking fortress capable of turning into a planetary drill. The ultimate defensive option.
  • Aatrox (ATRX-1) was developed in response to "gliding" kaiju with the capability of limited flight.
  • Rengar (RNGR-7) is the second stealth-based unit designed for urban combat.
  • Aurelion Sol (ASOL-13) is a massive mothership carrying tens of thousands of personnel and other vehicles.
  • Sion (0-SION) is the ultimate ground-based unit. There are lingering concerns it could go rogue.


A golden essence called ora is the lifeblood of all civilization. So, there are space pirates.

  • Yasuo is the founder and captain of a crew of space pirates aboard the Morning Star.
  • Jinx worked as a mining explosives technician before getting herself fired with a massive explosion. Now she's the pilot and weapons expert of the Morning Star.
  • Malphite was the pit boss on the same mining operation as Jinx. Now he works on the Morning Star.
  • Ziggs was a prestigious ora mining engineer who lost everything in Jinx's explosion. Now he hunts ora on his own.
  • Sona was a member of the Templar Order who joined the Morning Star to evade disaster.
  • Kayn is an Ordinal of the Demaxian Empire seeking to recapture Sona and learn her secrets. Rhaast is his sentient alien scythe which secretly serves the Dark Star.

Omega Squad

Omega Squad was an elite task force sent to end the war. Now only one of them remains.

  • Tristana was their commander.
  • Veigar was the heavy artillery specialist.
  • Fizz was the saboteur, skilled in underwater combat.
  • Twitch was the deranged squad "medic."
  • Teemo was the scout and is now the last one standing.

Omen of the Dark

A once-mighty city was handed over to darkness after its queen was seduced by promises of power and immortality.

  • Lissandra was the queen. She was reborn the Blade Queen, an ageless monster.
  • Nocturne was the shadow in Lissandra's dreams promising endless power. He was released into the waking world when she took his offer.
  • Singed was a doctor who served the queen by inducing vivid dreams while she slept. When Nocturne appeared, Singed helped to hasten her corruption.
  • Kayle was the head of the city's inquisitors. She turned on her sisters when the city fell.
  • Yorick is an undertaker cursed to shoulder every dark secret the city has buried.
  • Warwick was a man who once swore his loyalty to the Blade Queen. She gifted him a shard of moonlight which eventually pierced his heart, turning him into a monster.


PROJECT is an organization working for the advancement of cybernetically augmented humans, with little heed to human cost. The G/NETIC human rebellion is working to take them down. Meanwhile, a directive called Program has secretly corrupted the world's AIs.

  • Ashe is the leader of G/NETIC.
  • Ekko, Fiora, Lucian, Leona, and Yasuo are members of G/NETIC.
  • Master Yi was one of PROJECT's first concepts before he was freed by G/NETIC.
  • Zed is a leader in PROJECT's counter-espionage unit.
  • Katarina defected from PROJECT to G/NETIC and then back to PROJECT.
  • Jhin went from being a black market hacker to a notorious mercenary after a botched augmentation surgery.
  • Vayne was a member of PROJECT's counter-espionage unit until PROJECT betrayed her. Now she's a vigilante.
  • Vi is a detective working to keep order on the streets.
  • Lissandra was a security bot who rose above her programming to become the creator and leader of Program.
  • Camille is a robotic Program assassin weaponized against G/NETIC.
  • LeBlanc is marketed as a diplomat-software avatar. In reality, she is an infiltrator for Program.
  • Nami is an aquatic search and rescue med-bot corrupted by Program.
  • iBlitzcrank units are household assistants corrupted by Program.


Time travelers discover a far-flung dystopian future controlled by time police called the Remembrancers.

  • Ezreal is a fugitive and explorer responsible for countless paradoxes.
  • Caitlyn is a chrono-law enforcer for the Remembrancers.
  • Riven is a zealous worshiper of temporal purity bent on destroying those who meddle with time.
  • Twisted Fate is a swindler who pulls off grand heists across various timelines.
  • Shen is a warlord who hopes to build an unstoppable army using warriors from across spacetime.
  • Fiddlesticks and Graves are Praetorians, a horde of faceless robots bent on eradicating all life throughout spacetime.


Riftquest is a tabletop RPG. The player characters seem to be played by their main-universe counterparts, though the implications of this are universe-breaking.

  • Braum Lionheart is a gallant knight.
  • Jayce Brighthammer is a noble paladin possessing inexplicable technological mastery.
  • Karthus Lightsbane is a dark sorcerer and aspiring lich. The party is convinced he'll betray them.
  • Sejuani Dawnchaser is a lion rider. She's on her fourth dire lion this campaign.
  • Gragas Caskbreaker is a pious, sun-worshiping cleric.
  • Ryze Whitebeard is a wizard. Essentially Ryze's self-insert.
  • Varus Swiftbolt is an archer cursed by an ancient, evil monster.
  • Ezreal goes by Jarro Lightfeather, a handsome elf rogue-paladin.
  • Bard is a bard.
  • Nunu and Willump are mercenaries.
  • Garen is a wandering warrior created as an NPC by Braum, later adopted as a PC by Garen.
  • Veigar Greybeard is a helpful wizard the party meets early in their adventure. He is secretly the antagonist.

Star Guardian

Some chosen few are selected by the First Star to receive the power of Starlight and become magical defenders of the universe. It's Sailor Moon, okay?

  • Ahri is the effortlessly popular captain of a team of Star Guardians which includes Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, and Jinx.
  • Miss Fortune is Ahri's second in command with a habit of rushing into battle.
  • Ezreal is a born explorer known to wander off. Crushing on Lux.
  • Soraka is a powerful healer with unprecedented command over Starlight.
  • Syndra is a Star Guardian from an earlier era. Despite Ahri's trust, she frequently attracts her team's suspicion.
  • Lux is the optimistic, fresh-faced captain of a relatively new team of Star Guardians including Janna, Lulu, Poppy, and Jinx. Crushing on Ezreal.
  • Janna is the oldest member of her team and serves as a mentor.
  • Lulu is the youngest member of her team, possessing a unique and puzzling relationship with Starlight.
  • Poppy is a fierce and dutiful Star Guardian.
  • Jinx is an impulsive and sometimes cynical Star Guardian who loves explosions. Lux is her childhood friend.

Steel Valkyries

The galaxy has been scarred by a thousand-year civil war between the Royal Space Military and the Confederate Alliance. Now that it's over, criminals and mercenaries have filled the power vacuum, piloting dangerous exo-suits.

  • Gangplank was an admiral in the RSM who singlehandedly ended the war. He defected and formed an interplanetary criminal network called the Dreadnova Corps.
  • Darius was a Confederate general left devoid of purpose after the war. He joined Dreadnova.
  • Miss Fortune is a legendary bounty hunter piloting the deadliest exo-suit in the galaxy. She is seeking revenge against her would-be murderers.
  • Kai'Sa was a lieutenant in the RSM and the first sanctioned pilot of an experimental exo-suit. She fled with the technology, becoming a mercenary.
  • Kayle is a justicar of the RSM tasked with maintaining the fragile peace, but years of conflict have radicalized her. She now acts as her own judge, jury, and executioner.
  • Morgana is one of the last half-aliens in the galaxy. She has surgically embedded her exo-suit's lost, forbidden technology beneath her skin, hoping to hide it from Kayle, her sister.

Super Galaxy

The Super Galaxy Defense Force is an elite, if eccentric, squadron tasked with defending the galaxy.

  • Rumble founded Super Galaxy.
  • Annie, Gnar, and Nidalee are cadets in the Super Galaxy academy.
  • Fizz, Kindred, and Shyvana are members of the Super Galaxy team.
  • Elise was once a promising cadet. Now, she seeks to conquer the galaxy as the Spider Queen.
  • Vi is part of another defense force called Neon Strike.


Post-apocalyptic, irradiated desert wastelands littered with motorcycles and scrap. It's Mad Max, okay?

  • Vladimir is the leader of the Vandal gang. Radiation gave him control over blood.
  • Brand, Twitch, and Gragas are Vandals.
  • Miss Fortune is a mercenary hoping to bring down the Vandals.
  • Trundle is the self-proclaimed king of the wastelands.
  • Rumble is a feared wasteland baron.
  • Warwick is a mutated hyena and an opportunistic wasteland rider.
  • Jax is a wandering warrior feared by roving gangs.


Order and chaos have been at war since the dawn of creation.

  • Riven and Yasuo are the perfect embodiments of order and chaos, respectively. They are as old as the universe itself.
  • Garen and Darius are the last descendants of Riven and Yasuo, respectively. As god-kings, they continue their ancestors' eternal war.

Wardens vs. Marauders

In an age long past, there existed two opposing factions: the Protectorate with its unforgiving system of laws, and the Magelords with their brutal warmongering. The Rune War eventually doomed both, but their traditions are still upheld in the Wardens and the Marauders.

  • Jax, Karma, Nautilus, and Sivir are Wardens, last remnants of the Protectorate.
  • Alistar, Olaf, Ashe, and Warwick are Marauders, last remnants of the Magelords.

Warring Kingdoms

Legends speak of an era where empires rose and fell, and heroes were born. (Admittedly, the lore here is pretty vague.)

  • Azir is an ageless ruler who departed his mountain palace to put an end to the conflict.
  • Garen and Vi are two of Azir's most trusted soldiers.
  • Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Riven, Nidalee, and Talon are legendary warriors.
  • Tryndamere is a grand general of the Warring Kingdoms.
  • Katarina left behind her life as princess of her clan to hunt down the greatest heroes of the Warring Kingdoms.

Winter Wonder

The Poro King gleefully rules over the Winterlands in protection of Snowdown festivities.

  • Neeko is a mysterious winter sprite who helped the Poro King stop Twitch alongside Soraka, Yi, and Mundo.
  • Twitch was a hateful creature bent on usurping the Poro King before he was befriended by Neeko and crew.
  • Prince Mundo was once a handsome man before he was cursed by Twitch.
  • Master Yi is a snowman brought to life by the Poro King.
  • Soraka is a duchess in the court of the Poro King.
  • Poppy is the Poro King's right hand and loyal shield.
  • Karma and Lulu are powerful winter sorceresses.
  • Irelia is an ice sprite who aspires to serve in the Poro King's court.
  • Annie is a Winterlands prodigy, born with both innate magic and a spirit guardian, Tibbers.
  • Sejuani was raised in the wilderness by poros.
  • Orianna is a magical clockwork girl who once lived in a snowglobe. She now serves in the Poro King's court.
  • Sivir is just Sivir, but colder.


An ancient prophecy speaks of the day when the moon will smother the sun, and four titans will rise to usher in the end of the world.

  • Karma is the goddess of the sun, fated to fall.
  • Hecarim, Nasus, Trundle, and Nautilus are the four titans.

Zombies vs. Slayers

Zombie apocalypse. You know what's up.

  • Brand was a military scientist responsible for the development of a powerful virus. When his funding got cut, he tested the mutagen on himself, becoming patient zero.
  • Jinx and Pantheon worked together as auto mechanics before the apocalypse. They're much happier as zombie slayers.
  • Nunu and Willump are a walking time bomb packed with enough mutagen to infect every survivor five times over.
  • Ryze was obsessed with finding a cure, and came tantalizingly close before succumbing to the virus himself.



  • Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vladimir are students.
  • Ryze is a professor of runic sigils.
  • Fiora is the headmistress.

Arctic Ops

  • Swain is the Grand General of High Command.
  • Varus, Caitlyn, and Volibear are soldiers.
  • Gragas is a mysterious, questionably-human test subject from High Command's secretive R&D labs.
  • Kennen is a ninja. High Command does not want the public to know there is a ninja among their ranks.

Culinary Masters

  • Morgana, Pantheon, Leona, Akali, Tahm Kench, and Olaf are chefs on a cooking show called Culinary Masters.
  • Sivir and Birdio (Galio) are fast food deliverers with a heated rivalry.


  • Nocturne, Rek'Sai, and Cassiopeia are Eternum, ruthless beings of organic metal from a plane beyond time.


  • Akali, Caitlyn, Nidalee, Rengar, and Master Yi are headhunters: wielders of alien weaponry that make them the perfect predators.


  • Ahri and Evelynn are the lead vocalists of a K-pop band called K/DA.
  • Kai'Sa is the lead dancer.
  • Akali is the rapper.

Sugar Rush

  • Ivern is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. He secretly cannibalizes his people.
  • Lulu is a candy witch whose enchantments grant great power, but at great cost.
  • Fiddlesticks is an eldritch candy horror stalking the darkest corners of the Winterlands.
  • Poppy is a local legend in the Candy Kingdom. No one can forget her face.

Toy Box

  • Gnar and Nunu are youthful toy owners.
  • Pug'Maw (Kog'Maw) is a nine month old purebred pug with a habit of eating toys.
  • Willump, Alistar, Renekton, and Kennen are toys.
  • Poppy and Gangplank are enemies at war: toy soldiers versus dolls and stuffed animals.
  • Orianna is a scary toy that nobody wants to play with.


  • Karthus is the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band called Pentakill.
  • Kayle is the backup vocalist.
  • Olaf is the drummer.
  • Mordekaiser is the lead guitarist.
  • Yorick is the bassist.
  • Sona is the keyboard player.

Woad Tribe

  • Quinn and Ashe are scouts, routinely picking off wayward outsiders they come across.
  • Darius is king of the Woad tribe. For a tribesman to be named king, they must remove the head of a hydra. Darius removed all nine.


A) Though they are officially designated separate universes, the following universes contain references to one another, which implies that they take place in the same world.

  • Pulsefire + Everything (While not exactly the same universe, it must be stated that Pulsefire time travelers have access to all other universes, officially combining all LoL AUs into a single multiverse.)
  • Event Horizon + Odyssey (Odyssey Kayn's Rhaast is a servant of the Dark Star.)
  • K/DA + Pentakill (Evelynn claims to take inspiration from Karthus. DJ Sona exists here as well, despite also being a member of Pentakill. Multiple talents!)
  • Star Guardian + Culinary Masters (Pajama Guardian Soraka brought cinnamon rolls from Pantheon's Pastries to the slumber party. However, according to Pulsefire Ezreal, the show Culinary Masters exists in more than 50 universes.)
  • Winter Wonder + Sugar Rush (Dark Candy Fiddlesticks seems to exist in both. Possibly a mistake.)

B) I've chosen to omit a number of universes/sets due to the fact that they are extremely self-explanatory, or could hardly be called universes at all. (Example: Pool Party. It's a pool party. You get it.) I also opted not to include universes containing two or fewer skins, such as Thunder Lord. Additionally, a lack of official clarification has left the boundaries of some universes unclear, such as Lunar Revel and Bilgewater. To avoid speculation, I have omitted these as well. If you disagree with any of these omissions, I'd love to hear why.

C) While skins are officially listed by universe within the game client (you can find them under Collection > Skins > Set > Universe), the page is in desperate need of love and has not incorporated newly released skins in some time. (Riot pls hire me to fix that page.) I did a lot of digging for this post, so please let me know if I missed anything, and I will update as necessary.

Hope you enjoy.

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