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A complete list of all the bugs in League of Legends, sorted by importance, with explanations, reproduction information and examples

LeagueofLegends9 - A complete list of all the bugs in League of Legends, sorted by importance, with explanations, reproduction information and examples

Hey guys! I’m the Mordekaiser bug catcher. I spent years practicing by honing my skills, analyzing the most seasoned and most al dente spaghetti that League has to offer, and now that Riot is about to take away from me the only thing I’m doing in life by reworking Mordekaiser, I spent months to finally achieve my true goal: listing all of the bugs in League of Legends. For each of them, I’ll develop on its impact on the game, explain how to reproduce it, and provide screenshots or videos of the bug.

Let’s dive into it!

1) Kha’Zix

Without a doubt the most impactful bug that can be found on League. It has on its own turned the tide of countless games, even all the way up to the competitive scene, and it’s appeared regularly ever since late 2012, six and a half years ago.

People affected by this bug have reported numerous consequences. Instantaneous death, appearance of an enemy champion out of nowhere, flying insects on the screen, sudden urge to complain on Reddit about how there’s too much damage in the game right now… A certain top laner, rumored to be on the new Bread Roster, even mentioned that bug stopping his backdoor attempt. You get the idea, though – this bug can take many forms and is an unseen threat to plenty of players.

Reproduction information

Before anything else, let’s dive into the reproduction information of this bug. I have analyzed it to provide you with the exact steps on how to get it to happen in your game, and the result is shown
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. These steps have a 100% chance of making the bug appear.

History of the bug

Now, here’s one interesting thing about this bug… It has been in the game ever since 2012, and Riot has tried to get rid of it many times, but it’s always found a way to come back in the game, evolving to overcome the squashes. Apparently, change is good for that bug.

It took different forms over the years, but I am nigh certain that it was always the same bug. Here is how it manifested itself.

  • End of 2012: First appearances of the bug, and we could definitely taste the fear of many players as a bouncy boi would get pentakills by jumping everywhere and throwing spikes in the air.

  • Early 2013: After the initial appaearances, the bug took an odd form. Spaghetti and broccoli must have not gone well together, and we got some Korean reports of a Kha’Zix staying immobile under his turret while being killed by the enemy mid laner.

  • 2014: The jumping cannon launcher was gone, but the bug was back and more resilient than ever. Unseen more often than not, and the bug wouldn’t take that much of a hit while invisible.

  • The bug then disappeared for a long time, but reappeared in 2017, being able to go from one base to the other one without being seen once. Some claim that the reason why it went unnoticed for two years was because that was the duration of his stealth, close to rivaling that of Morgana’s binding.

The terror caused by this bug during that year caused Riot to try and squash it one more time, but once again, it managed to come back into the game. It is currently not at its strongest point, but is sharpening its claws, in position for ambush.

What’s interesting with this bug is that different elos seem to know how to adapt to it differently. Just like how EU players from 2013 learned to play with server lag, how TSMA players learned to play with a chair as their support, and how NA players learned to ignore the pointless lanes that are the side lanes, low elo players learned how to handle that bug and how to turn its occurrences into advantages rather than disadvantages.


Let’s look at the win rate in every elo.


As we can see, the higher the rank, the more damaging this bug gets, and this is consistent. This can mean two things: either the higher elo players know how to abuse the bug better, or the higher elo players are too stubborn to play around the bug and adapt to it. But since all Reddit users are challenger (and thus all challengers use Reddit, due to size limits), and since all
leagueoflegends - A complete list of all the bugs in League of Legends, sorted by importance, with explanations, reproduction information and examples

r/leagueoflegends users are stubborn, it’d have to be the second option.

Luckily for you, I have mustered all my bug knowledge and understanding of the game to provide you with some ways to reduce the impact of this bug, should you end up being affected. There are several methods.

a) Reduce the effectiveness of the bug.

Reduce the effectiveness. Simple on paper, thankfully simple to execute as well. For those who don’t have it in mind, refer to
that table. Simply equip items that give you a favorable type – fire, fighting, flying, fairy, poison, ghost or steel. If you really struggle with the bug, don’t hesitate to pair up two of these types.

b) Use the tools provided by Riot Games™ to minimize any problem that’s happening to you.

If you’re a seasoned player, you should know that Riot Games always looks to make each of their characters fun to play as and against, and has thus always ensured that each situation offers its share of counterplay, as demonstrated by this outstanding move.

Here are a few strategies that you can adopt to neutralize the bug.
A) Pink wards the damage done.
B) Try using Cleanse.
C) Slow it enough to reduce its movement speed by 5.
D) Win the game.

Hopefully, one of these four strategies can help you reduce the damage caused by this bug.

c) Prevent the bug from happening.

That option is probably the trickiest, but outstanding modern problems require illegal moves beyond science. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do this (done in a custom game with tool assist since I’m not confident enough to pull that off in a real game yet):

And that, was a list of all the bugs on League of Legends! I hope this can help the devs squashing them once and for all, and that I managed to give you enough tools to play around it. It would be about time something were done about it, since it’s been around for so many years. I understand that Riot hasn’t really been able to put that many resources onto it because of how much investment they’ve put on fixing Mordekaiser’s bugs, but Kha’Zix should definitely leap to a higher priority.

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