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A comprehensive list of /r/RyzeMain’s ideal change(s) for Ryze in light of Riot giving up on him.

LeagueofLegends4 - A comprehensive list of /r/RyzeMain's ideal change(s) for Ryze in light of Riot giving up on him.


I went on RyzeMains on a quest to figure out what Riot could do to Ryze without breaking him. Of course this is subjective as I learned with quite a few gate keepers insisting Ryze is fine despite his negative win rate in Solo Q since his rework, a negative win rate at MSI, and a negative win rate at Worlds 2018. A few were apt to mention his presence was among the highest, but again, he's had a negative win rate on every measurable scale for the better part of a year.

If you've been remotely active the last few weeks you'll also be privy to the fact Akali has fallen below Ryze in win rate while still having incredibly high "presence" on every measurable scale. Despite this a lot of well known Akali mains have

. As much as I wish I could say the same for Ryze I don't think even Ryze mains want his second iteration back. Many of us have seemingly given up on any possible changes and/or have deluded ourselves into believing a 44% win rate is normal and indicates a sleeper op pick. Add to it Riot has been all to transparent with their list of dead champions which includes Ryze as he's already taken too much development time. I'm here in the hopes of fixing that.

Currently Ryze operates in and around an area where he is most apt to get cough. His combat abilities range(s) are right between most ad's attack ranges, and well withing the gasp of A LOT of dangerous cc. When compared to other mid mages he has some of the lowest range as well as 3 self roots and an ult that forces you within an area no bigger than a 5 stack Cho'Gath. To compensate Riot has given him a shield/speed boost passive on q; but again I'll emphasis his short range and .5+ second self root combo. Due to those 2 factors I believe he's been particularly bad in Solo Q outside of 1v1.

His biggest and most obvious reason for success competitively is his Ultimate. The possible rotation outplays when on coms with people you've practiced it with specifically are bar none. Due to these factors I'm going to suggest mainly ways to alleviate these problems, or work around them without just making him a 500 range cc bot again. All of these changes are directly from Ryze mains, or are influenced by them.


Note: I do not expect all of these changes to be implemented at once. Merely compiling a list of ideas from people that actually play Ryze and are passionate enough to frequent a community forum about him. Implementing more than one of these changes at the same time is not advised.


His R – Realm Warp:

Due to several of the other changes I'm going to suggest I'll start here as this could compensate for many of them. Many people (including Riot) agree his R is problematic. While receiving several comments wanting his R to change, no one actually suggested how; so here I go…

My proposal is when activated, the self root on his w and e are removed, and his cast speeds/missile speeds on all his abilities are slightly faster (while his q self root remains the same).

If you're sadistic enough to learn Ryze's combos you'll know he feels incredibly fluid, my goal with this ult is to emphasis that even more. His last 2 ultimate iterations were combat spells, so why not reintroduce that to his kit while removing the biggest problem he has when balancing him. If you'll recall earlier I pointed out his incredibly short ranges when compared to other mages, removing most of his self roots would ideally compensate for this and allow him to slip in and out of fights like I imagine Riot had envisioned. He'd still self root on Q as to not make him too slippery, and again almost all his combo is well within the gasps of most life-ending cc.

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His Q – Overload:

There were only 2 suggested changes for his Q, one of which was already tested by Riot but I'll re-list it for clarity sake.

1) Increase his q missile speed

Similar to my ultimate rework idea, his q is almost exclusively where his damage comes from. Having it be a skill shot was something I'm sure everyone wanted before his first rework and was rightfully kept for his second. Increasing his q missile speed would allow for faster, more consistent trades and punishes in and outside of lane phase.

2) True damage on empower Q


This is something Riot was testing on the PBE. I can't speak to the intended purpose of this change but I'm guessing it has something to do with the tank meta at the time of the post. Frankly I think Ryze is fine into tanks due to his q passive and low cool downs but that's neither here nor there.


His W – Rune Prison:

Most people seem to agree this spell should sit as is but there was one suggested change.

1) Make W a skill shot

If implemented, this would make his w a skill shot that prioritizes champions like Fiora Q or Ezreal W. If cast on an unmarked target it slows in an area; but if it's cast on a marked target/targets it roots in that given area. I should also mention this is suggested as compensation for the 8.18 nerf to his w making the empowered root 1.5 seconds instead of 2.


His E – Spell Flux:

Personally I feel this spell is the absolute key to making Ryze more successful in Solo Q but at the risk of making him extremely volatile in competitive. If you read though my whole post you'll notice all my suggestions are to his e. At risk of playing favorites I'll list only one of my suggestions, being my favorite of them all.

1) Allow his allies to operate as an anchor point for his e

One of my biggest problems with Ryze is how inconsistent spreading his e in a team fight is. This change is intended to allow his e to bounce off of allies similar to how re-casting e on the same target works. To be clear there is no buff to allies when Flux bounces off them, and you can't cast e directly on them for a faster spread. They merely act as an vector to already stacked e's.

2) Increase e's spread radius on champions

Similar to what I just mentioned, this would make spreading Flux in a team fight more reliable and less of a gimmick. If extended to an overall buff I believe it would improve his wave clear drastically. I'd say he's middle of the pack in that regard currently.

3) Increase e inital speed buff

I'm unsure as to what this is exactly asking for but I believe it's in a similar vane to the last 2 points. Spreading e inside a team fight is incredibly unreliable.

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4) Less mana at higher ranks

The most popular build path is to put 3 points into Q early and max e after. At rank 5 (level 10) you e costs 100 mana per cast. When you spend the majority of lane phase and some of mid game casting e 3-4 times per minion wave when you're looking to shove it really starts to add up. Most mages spend 150-250 mana per wave but Ryze can expect to spend upwards of 400 mana. Before you have Seraph's embrace (~20-23 minutes into the game) this is extremely costly. Reducing the cost past rank 3 would alleviate some of this stress and has ultimately no effect late game as mana is almost never a problem past 2-3 items.


Honorable mention:

1) Bring back the Realm Warp + Zhonya's hourglass interaction

While for me this change was neither here nor there; A LOT of other Ryze mains want it back. So in favor of the people I will include it.



The initial jump to want to make this post was due in part by hearing Riot had given up on our favorite blue boy. Similar to Akali's True Stealth I feel Riot has unknowingly pigeonholed themselves into keeping his ult, making balancing him for competitive and Solo Q rightfully difficult. I wanted to give them a new take on what Ryze mains think and hopefully make them realize he isn't a lost cause just yet. I really enjoy this iteration of Ryze and I don't want to see him changed so drastically yet again. If Riot does indeed rethink their stance on Ryze I hope they can keep his current fluid play pattern. With a few minor changes I think he could be both more balanced and fun to play at all elos; not just relegated for extremely high levels of professional play.

I spent a bit of time on this but due to my dyslexia I'm sure there are still plenty of spelling errors so forgive me, any unexplained edits are due to that. Thanks for reading if you made it this far 🙂

Edit 1: Complete coincidence another post starting with "A Comprehensive" made it to the front page today.

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