League of Legends

A comprehensive study for the community regarding toxicity

LeagueofLegends6 - A comprehensive study for the community regarding toxicity

Hello Reddit, I am a disgruntled player and college business major student/ league player who was masters last season but have entirely given up on Riot/League this season. I believe that Riot as a company has constantly made promises but failed to live up to the majority of them within the league community. They gave the community half-baked promises about toxicity, reforming the player base, the community as a whole and much more. Even streamers with insanely calm personalities like Voyboy are being disheartened about the state of the game. However, I still love this game. I want to see it succeed and go on for much longer. As a business major, I believe Riot has strayed from their original goal when creating they originally created the game. They have lost touch of the people and community who got them to the place they’re at. I hope this long post will help bring back some of the Riot that we know and love. All these changes should be able to help improve toxicity in a sense.

I love discussion, so please if you have any ideas or anything about how we could further improve this game please comment down below. With enough attention, we may be able to attract some riot members or more influential people within the community. I believe that we have the power to help change the game that we love.

I apologize for the extremely long post, but I’ll have a TL: DR at the end of the post. So, without further ado here we go.

I will be going over 2 parts of how Riot could improve the game and their company. The 2 parts are Out of Game Updates (Includes Client Side and such) and in-game (game side aspects/practice tool). People are looking towards Riot to solve this issue, but I believe that you must solve the issue yourself on occasion so what says we can’t help them out 😊. That is what I’m here to do.

—-Out of Game Updates (client-side, champion creation, etc.):—-

A.) Client Updates/Quality of Life Changes:

  1. Spend more money to fix the client while making it a higher priority within Riot/the community. There are many reasons to do this, but for Riot, it is to keep the faith of their community and to reinstall confidence within their word.
  2. One of the main things that is a staple of a good game is a good client. Dota’s client is lightyears ahead of Lol’s. However, Riot refuses to place the same priority into something so crucial towards keeping your player base. Imagine going to a restaurant and everything running slower than the competitor. Even if you do like the different food you are still going to be annoyed about how it all runs slower. Therefore, in my area, places like chic fila are busy all the time even during quarantine compared to something like KFC. Because the food is constantly good (a constantly good client experience), efficient in how fast it takes for me to get it (the client bootup, champ select, pick ban, and after game review is quick), effective in the sense that I come back due to the service (people know what they’re searching for and come back due to the good client). This doesn’t mean that people still won’t go other places (or games), but they would be more likely to switch over if Riot got their client in shape. You can see in a post that Riot did themselves (
    client cleanup progress setbacks discoveries - A comprehensive study for the community regarding toxicityhttps://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/dev/client-cleanup-progress-setbacks-discoveries/) that they didn’t even know Affinity, the thing that ran their client was broken. This was after their big client cleanup project. This shows a lack of dedication towards following their promises. Riot says that they are working on this issue, but how many people are truly dedicated to this issue. I believe that Riot could easily rectify this by making the coding team 2x as big by hiring externals or adding developers to their teams to help with the coding of the client. Furthermore, this is not a money issue, but a priority issue. This is a high priority of their player base/customers and should be treated as such but isn’t. This is a corporation that has the resources to be great. I believe the workers there want it to be great as well, but the corporate culture just isn’t as in touch with the community as they once were.

B.) Rewarding and Punishment system (honor system)

  1. As of current the rewarding and honor system is not properly incentivizing the current player base to stay away from toxicity. Consequently, the toxic people aren’t seeing enough punishments toward their actions or streamers' actions (streamers actions will be discussed below) while also not seeing enough rewards if they are acting in line with the rules.
  2. Rewarding– There need to be more rewards for being a rule-abiding/morale player such as increased blue essence gains for higher honor levels for example. Have the honor orbs be more than just an icon and blue essence such as skins or hextech chests. Furthermore, what if you got a skin every honor level that increased in rarity according to your honor level it would promote being a nontoxic individual. However, on the other hand, if you returned to your toxic ways, these skins would be disabled from the account. Smurfs should also have a much harder time obtaining these skins as to make farming them harder. Rehabilitation is the best option in my option when it comes to prison reforms and this can be applied to league toxicity as well. Truly rewarding the players is something that can motivate these individuals who were once toxic to be reformed. It can also further reinforce good behavior which is what we want in our community.
  3. Punishment– This part is going to be down below as I believe punishment is more an in-game factor than out of game.

C.) Teaching and establishing rules while also teaching the downfalls of toxicity

  1. Riot must teach its current and incoming player base how not to be toxic through a variety of efforts. However, I am going to use research-backed data to show how Riot could effectively teach these individuals from this article. https://www.nap.edu/read/9853/chapter/16.
  2. As you can see by this picture in the study
    https://www.nap.edu/openbook/0309070368/xhtml/images/p2000495fg249001.jpg the researchers found 4 good ways to help classroom practice. We can use league's rules in this context instead of classroom practice as the practicing of research and learning can be synonymous with league of legends in this case. This will be covered in sections D-G

D.) Educational Materials

  1. Riot surprisingly has a curriculum on coding that is called the URF academy (https://www.riotgames.com/en/urf-academy/the-curriculum). Their priorities lie in giving out coding advice over helping their player base learn rules and curb toxicity. Seeming positive towards the coding community but however not truly hearing what their player base is truly needing. This URF academy is a noble idea indeed, however I believe they could do the same type of educational material for toxicity and their rules. We need education materials to help current and more so new players to learn the rules of the game. Furthermore, we could have courses for toxic individuals and new/current players to realize why toxicity is destructive. This could lead towards a type of rehabilitation if the player is being too toxic (you could use quizzes as a part of a requirement to get back into ranked). These education materials will further enhance the community that Riot should want to attain.

E.) Pre-service and In-Service Education

  1. This is the implementation of the Education materials that Riot could make above. For example, before players go into their first real game (past the tutorial) they would need to go over a summarized version of the rules and a toxicity guide. They could answer a few questions and in turn be rewarded with a cheaper skin and some blue essence. When they enter ranked, Riot could make players have to go over all the rules and look over the toxicity manual in depth. There would be a more in-depth quiz and bigger rewards if you get more answers correct. This promotes paying attention towards the contents of the materials. That is the Pre-Service Education. The In-Service Education would be in response towards toxic individuals. Depending on the severity of the offense you would be chat restricted, be restricted to normal games for a certain period (5 games perhaps), and eventually if they are bad enough be fully chat restricted and forced to play bot games. Furthermore, you would have to go through a toxic education course if it is a serious enough offense and have decreased blue essence gain. If the offenses are bad you would be temporarily banned and then banned if it happens enough. This would give people the opportunity to reform while making it extremely irritating to be a toxic individual.

F.) Policy

  1. Clearly outlining the rule/toxicity policy can be crucial when learning a game. Making sure that the policy is the same for streamers and players is crucial. Leaving has been a huge problem as of late and I have a found a solution from a few people. In the reddit post below there is a comment by IgotUBro. He says that, “Riot could simply implement the CSGO leaver punishment with first leave being a 30 minute MM cooldown and with every other leave in the week the punishment ramps up. Not leaving a game after a week will reset it back to neutral state.” This would be a better option than our current leaverbuster system that Riot could test out in my opinion. Furthermore, Ale4444 commented that,” On the other hand, a player who has never afked in the past year or more gets absolutely fucked if they leave for barely 5 minutes. If you DC from a game because of a small internet issue, you will almost never be able to get back in time Due to slow, shitty client and will be flagged afk. You could then go on to play for 30 minutes, help your team win and carry the game, but no, you are already flagged and screwed. There is literally no incentive to reconnect once you’ve afked because you will be punished anyways. For a player who afks all the time, it’s whatever. For a player who never afks it’s incredibly annoying. For both, it makes the core problem for the rest of the players, having one player doing nothing, even worse.” Riot could easily add afk forgiveness in my eyes. AFK forgiveness would be to help the rule abiding players who reconnect after being flagged afk by the client. Riot could give 1 free afk per month if the teammate reconnects and contributes to help win the game. This means that if they won, they would gain LP, but if they lost they would still lose LP. It adds incentive to rejoin your team. Additionally, if you afk then you lose your free afk so it punishes afk further than just the cooldowns like CS:GO. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gp8u46/afking_needs_to_be_a_banable_offense_again_when_i/

G.) The Public (including the Media)

  1. This will be talked about further below in the ingame section, but currently riot is not addressing all the bad publicity that their ambassadors are creating for them.

H.) Being able to report during champion selection.

  1. This would be a great quality of life update when people are trolling in champ select or trying to take it hostage. We have all had a game where that has happened.

I.) Dodging Penalties

  1. As valkolec said in his reddit post sourced below,” Dodging is not a problem, the problem is THE REASON why people are dodging. People are not dodging for fun or just to ruin other players experience, people dodge games because they feel threatened by other players, people dodge games because they are being held hostage by other players, people dodge games because they got matched with streamers who FORCE them to give up role for their sake.” Currently it is -3 for the first dodge and -10 if repeated. It was much better when the system was bugged if I’m to be completely frank. You were able to dodge games where you had unwinnable team comps more often. I was able to dodge games more often and it gave me and my other collegiate teammates that I talked to better experiences in league overall. Giving more relaxed dodges gave the community more of an opportunity to have better quality games. This theory could be tested by increasing the number of dodges throughout these next few patches or even preseason. Afterwards Riot could ask players about the changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/fus7b0/dodging_games_is_not_a_problem/

J.) Make unlocked skins group together in champion select.

  1. Focusing on the quality of life for the players shows the interest that riot has in keeping them involved in the community. This would be something small but nice after once they get the client working.

K.) Be able to disenchant all champions/skin shards at once. Or most of them if you would like to.

L.) A wish list for the shop.

  1. this would be helpful for people who have a good amount of skins already. It would further promote investing within the game.

M.) Be able to see the full friends list during champ select

N.) Option in champ select to have a random skin

O.) Have the option to change the language

P.) Reload client option.

  1. Instead of having to close it and log back in again you can just reload the client and already be logged in. This could be in case you have a key fragment bugged or anything like that. This could also be a solution to the client leaking data problem.

Q.) Individual settings for each champion

  1. save settings (like hotkeys or smart cast) for one champion only, like you can save Item sets for one champion only (I got this idea from HotS)

R.) Mute (all) chat in Ranked only an option

  1. I like to chat in normal games

S.) Specific champion missing ping – when tabbed, click the ? to ping "x player is missing!" just like how you can ping portraits for who is alive/dead (Since this is more QoL I'll put it in this section)

T.) /ignore should mute everything – also in post-game lobby

U.) Make replays be able to go past patches

  1. This will promote riots internet community such as YouTube, streaming community, and the ability for content creators to make something special. Furthermore, it is great for players to review their replays as well.

V.) Have a champion model in the client:

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gqg27u/champion_model_in_client_concept_repost/

That is mostly all about my out of game aspect. Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas!


—-In-game (game-side aspects, mentality, practice tool):—-

A.) The sad state of solo queue (this goes with policy above): Hold streamers/ambassadors and high Elo accountable, furthermore protect them as well, and define toxicity:

  1. Throughout this section, I will be going over the state of solo Queue, how we can help fix the competitive integrity of the game, and set League as the beacon that all games should set their standards towards when it comes to toxicity and our community.
  2. Let's talk about ambassadors first. There is no reason that the “ambassadors” of league should not be held to the same standards as everyone else. There is an argument from some that they should be held to higher standards as to become beacons of light for the community, but in this argument, we’ll be focusing on just the same standards as the average player. I want to preface this by saying this is just for research and hope towards improvement, not to be taken attacking any of these individuals. However, allowing these ambassadors to int, hard troll, tanks accounts, and typing toxic messages gives precedence that Riot will allow these actions for not just the ambassadors, but the individuals who watch them as well. Seeing someone like Tyler 1 hard flame his team or IWD AFK without punishment shows the Riot is ok with these actions happening. I believe that people like Tyler 1 made a living from being a toxic yet entertaining personality, becoming reformed, but still nonetheless being extremely toxic at times himself as well. I even enjoy his content from time to time, but when he is extremely toxic that is what should be considered unacceptable to Riot and the community. You can even see stories on Reddit nowadays about Tyler 1 running it down and being toxic to his teammates. This is what is considered acceptable by Riot and Tyler’s actions. Riot ignores what he does however due to the sunk cost fallacy. Riot needs to set the ambassadors, streamers, and high Elo (at least d2+ which is around 5k according to op.gg) players clear guidelines and rules while having paid employees monitor them all to make sure they are abiding by those rules. I know it will cost money, but riot is a multibillion-dollar company with unbelievable growth opportunities. They should be looking towards the future instead of focusing on getting as much money as they can right now. Spending money to hire these employees to monitor high Elo players (d2 above at least), ambassadors, and the biggest streamers will set precedence towards the community that riot is willing to change for the better and punish toxic individuals. These employees paid by riot should be able to watch multiple games at once with possibly in-game reporting features in masters+. This would immediately flag an employee to look at the high Elo game. If High Elo players/ambassadors/big streamers do not abide by the rules, there needs to be serious punishments. You can see people like HotshotGG (http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rt8l0c) talk about this. Hiring these people to monitor these players will help bring back better game integrity, better competitiveness, and a higher level of gameplay from our peak level of players. Which will, in turn, you would see the effect on lower levels, the viewers of the streamers, and new players as well. The culture of a corporation and community stems from the top down.
  3. Regarding ambassadors of League being held to the same standards as everyone else. As the user TeamAquaGrunt explained, “some of the ambassadors of league are griefers who will run it down just as fast as the people who grief them. there was a post like 2 days ago about IWD leaving a game after missing smite and getting killed during a level 1 invade. T1 calls teammates dogshit and trash in in-game chat, spams to FF15 every other game, etc. ratirl openly admits to tanking his accounts mmr off stream so that he can go on massive winstreaks vs bronze players on stream every day. like half of twitch is just constant "unranked to challenger" streams where they play vs plat/low diamond and start over any time they lose.”
  4. I looked around for about 2 minutes to find this post on reddit about IWD ragequiting level 1 after a bad invade. How is this acceptable behavior that is sanctioned by Riot? People who watch him see him getting away with this behavior. This shows that Riot is ok with what he is doing. In turn it shows to his viewers this is acceptable behavior as well. Just imagine every game, If someone afk’d after 1 death or a stolen buff. How terrible the game state would be. This is what it is coming to. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gc02yh/iwd_ragequits_level_1_after_a_late_invade_on_his/
  5. You see that RAT IRL tanks 100’s of games in this post in preseason. As Chao_zu_kang said in his comment of the post, “The question is: how is Riot not forcing a ban on this guy who obviously cheated his MMR? That's the real issue. We got so many forum posts and I doubt that account didn't get reported in those 100 games they inted…Smurfing is fine, but this is not smurfing – it's ruining hundreds of games for other players. Imagine a working person being able to play a handful games a week and meeting this inting pile of trash boosting their account to MMR hell. Riot needs a dedicated Stream-Snipe team, so anyone who does this shit won't be able to stream on any of their accounts.” I mean you clearly see in this post that he has ruined 100’s of people games. Is this the type of content that you or a company like riot should condone or furthermore want? Inting 100’s of games to achieve a high number of wins against low Elo people because you tanked your account. This is what is considered acceptable by Riot. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/flurzu/how_is_ratirl_560_but_still_bronze_1/
  6. With a few more minutes of searches, you can find posts such as these as well to support what I’m saying. This is why we need these employees to keep our ambassadors morale and upstanding members of the community. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/giprmh/geranimo_flames_afks_and_bans_a_viewer_from/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ghszj2/spanish_streamer_selling_items_and_inting_on_riot/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/cnt2wl/tarzaned_runs_it_down_then_afks_ending_the_game/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gfccqo/riotgames_can_already_send_a_huge_message_against/

B.) ii. Punishment

  1. Riot must seriously address the rules of solo queue in the form of discipline towards actions that are plaguing the community.
  2. Riot already has a decent article about the disciplinary system (https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player). However, I believe that they do not address this system towards new players, individuals who are going into ranked, or toxic players. Understanding what is right and wrong is crucial for anyone to have a decent understanding of what is acceptable instead of figuring it out on your own. There should be goals towards learning the game that riot should promote for all players. Learning about punishments for toxic players should be one of them. Riot could even make this a fun process for players. For afking as I said above there should be exponential punishments according to your crime above compared to what we have currently. Currently, we have mostly just chat restrictions and bans. We need to further implement normal game restriction (make it so people must play norms instead of ranked) with chat restriction combined. If an individual is even more toxic or does something else that will break the rules, then they will be put down into bot games for a certain number of games. If they are too toxic then they will be temp banned, then permanently banned. This method to deal with toxicity makes it unbearable to be a toxic individual. It will push you to reform with the rewards that should be added to the game as well.
  3. Have guidelines for chat, clarify what is acceptable and what isn’t. Again, this should be within the education material that riot gives their players. This is a good portion of how I think Riot should approach their discipline within the game.

C.) Add voice comms to solo q so people can practice macro not just the mechanical aspect. This would also most likely reduce toxicity

  1. If we can do this in valorant, we should be able to do this in league as well. Not only does it differentiate people into voices that humanizes them (which reduces toxicity), but also it allows us to practice macro as well. This macro can be the difference between winning or losing the game. Just like valorant, you would be able to mute other people and report them as well. This could also be monitored by the riot employees in the highest of Elo's.

D.) The Practice Tool

  1. 20xx is a Melee-based way to learn Melee. This is basically a tutorial game for competitive melee. It took out the character models and replaced characters with hitboxes. Just show hitboxes in practice mode is great for practicing skillshots. (

    ). This could be adapted to league and would be an amazing add to help the competitive aspect of the game. Adding this would take work, but would show commitment towards the competitive scene.
  2. Make practice tool with friends available (make host have commands such as being able to give gold).
  3. Add “summon rift herald” and “summon baron nashor” options in practice tool.
  4. Add option to fast forward by more than 30 seconds in practice tool (sometimes you want to test out gathering storm). I know you can do 10 minutes, but increments would be incredibly nice as well.

E.) Slow down champ releases to focus on adapting the current champion lineup and focusing more on VGU’s.

  1. The new kits are so broken, overpowered, and highly rewarding for what little you have to do. Look Sett for example or Yuumi. Those are the epitome of season 10 champs. Riot needs to work on their old champs to fit in the meta while carefully crafting the new champions to not be incredibly broken. Looking at the fiddle rework it was great! Not broken, a good solo q pick, and you can make him work. I’m also excited for the volibear rework as well.
  2. Riot is starting to look at VGU’s but I believe with more priority they could increase the output of VGU’s as well. I mean look at comments about Udyr for example in the link below… Again, they should want to make the game the best they can be. They have the money to do it as well. It is just dependent on how much Riot really cares for their community. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gnfi17/the_fact_that_udyrs_atrocious_10_year_old_base/

F.) Make elder 10% execution so we can still have skill expression.

  1. This makes it possible for people to actually show skill expression to possibly outplay the enemies. I believe that if a team loses with 10% execution then it is most likely a misplay. In the clip you can see SKT 1 Closer outplay a qiyana. This kind of play would never be possible with elder. I believe elder is good, but a tad overpowered. (


G.) How Riot can help shape toxicity and griefing, a study by https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282197704_The_enjoyment_of_griefing_in_online_games.

  1. I will be going over how results from this study can help shape the toxicity within Riot's community according to this study.
  2. Game controls, perceived game skill and a social play context lead to satisfaction of autonomy, competence and relatedness needs respectively, thus leading to the highest enjoyment when all three needs are met. If we can meet all three of these needs with the methods described above, LoL players should hypothetically be happier than ever before. However further in the paper they go on to say that nonetheless, one very strong relationship was found between situational norms and deindividuating conditions. In conditions where deindividuating conditions of anonymity, immersion in groups and reductions in self-awareness were present, participants would behave according to the situational/group norms present more strictly. This means that we have to strictly hold the ambassadors, high Elo players, and streamers accountable. This would shift the norm from what it is now to something tolerable for the community. It was shown that the degree of affiliation one has with a group identity polarizes their opinions against out-group members with obvious extreme affiliations, facilitating an ‘us vs them’ mentality. Conversely, griefers who recognize their identity as a griefer would see themselves as the in-group. Thus, with their identities being very salient as a result of their behaviour, griefers would be polarized against other players and vice versa. If we can show these people understanding/compassion after they have been punished, while they’re trying to reform can make a huge difference. Griefers may come to achieve a sense of relatedness through their social identity as a griefer, rather than a more tangible bond with actual players. The persecution and isolation from the general gaming community may actually be enhancing a griefer’s identification as a griefer, giving them a sense of relatedness to other players who engage in the gameplay style they do. It was found that basically griefers had their enjoyment from lacking other players of enjoyment. This suggests that they place far more value in their ability to effectively grief other players and their ability to do so in a way of their choosing than the social component they are forfeiting by griefing. So we have to effectively punish the way that they grief. This is why I mentioned things such as in champ select reporting, redefining afk’ing, rewarding people who aren’t griefing, escalating punishments for griefers, and much more. All of this culminates to help solve this issue that is plaguing our community.

H.) Define Classes more appropriately:

  1. Riot has a misunderstanding when it comes to definitive class definitions in my opinion. I don’t think that structure for classes bad as it allows for development within that structure. If you have chaos then that’s all you’ll get in return. You can see that within the Bot lane ADC meta currently.
  2. In the reddit post below Vapora dark has a longer post about how ‘ADC issues” are “bot lane carry issues” which is a fascinating read from a master tier adc main. The TL:dr by LMB2001 was,” the problem with adcs is not the champs rather the fact that they go bot lane and they don't get enough exp and are constantly behind solo laners by 2-3 lvls and they rely on their support to do stuff during laning phase.” This misconception of the ADC class has starved the adc’s out of levels in a game while making it extremely frustrating for them to play. As Angry_train stated in that post which I believe is true, “Marksmen arent weak,the botlane carry position just doesn't have early agency because you are basically forced to play farming simulator while a lot of angry people try to kill you. Meanwhile a lot of marksmen in sololanes like Lucian,Tristana and Kalista can be extremely oppressive and have a lot of agency.” This is coming from a core fundamental misunderstanding by Riot. They are halfheartedly listening to the player base when we cry out for changes. This mentality can certainly be put towards other positions as well in my opinion. Down below you will see some reddit posts talking about the issue above.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gpog8q/its_a_common_misconception_that_the_frustrations/
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gqm1nx/can_someone_explain_to_me_why_we_are_buffing_adcs/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/gqm1nx/can_someone_explain_to_me_why_we_are_buffing_adcs/

I.) Is It Meta & ”alternative playstyles”

  1. What that era did was condone trolls to reference a riot sanctioned video to justify their actions. You see things like the YouTube link and Reddit posts below. I have personally been trolled by Nubrac. This kind of “alternative playstyle” negatively impacts people within the game which is technically considered griefing by Riot’s own standards. As BaraonDraek said in the Reddit post, “

It's not fun to get your XP soaked as someone who queued up because they want to play in a solo lane

It's also not fun to be left alone as someone who queued up because they wanted to play in a duo lane

This is exactly what Nubrac was doing, he also called it something along the lines of "secret op original strategy" saying that he was "changing the meta" when he was actually just tilting his own team.

It's not an extra support, you are actually handicapping your team by soaking XP and leaving the Support who queued up to be a support and support a carry botlane to play on their own.

I'm truly sorry for whoever gets to play with her on their team, it must be really frustrating as q Support to have to lane on your own botlane or as a Toplaner having to be behind in experience to the enemy laner.”

This type of specific “alternative playstyle” should be harshly condoned by Riot as to reincorporate game integrity. Furthermore, Riot should research other types of gameplay behavior that ruin the “trinity” of game enjoyment that we talked about above…

  1. https://youtu.be/Rhspc_XcfZ0?t=1641
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9x1jb4/preseason_2019_is_it_meta_league_of_legends/
  3. Well If you read all of this, I want to say thank you. I spent time and effort on trying to make this as comprehensive as possible for riot and the league community. In word this is a 13 page paper with over 5800 words. Again, All I want to see is the company to succeed. I hope nobody I used in these reddit posts took insult towards this. I simply want to help solve the issue that is within our community.

TL: DR There are two main parts of this post of how Riot could improve the game and their company. The 2 parts are Out of Game Updates and In Game Updates.

1. Client Side (Important Changes)

A.) Spend more money to fix the client while making it a higher priority within Riot. For Riot it is to keep the faith of their community, future community, and to reinstall confidence within their word.

B.) Revamping the Rewarding and Punishment system (honor system). The current punishment/rewards system currently isn’t doing the job that it should be. Revamping it would properly help the player base be less toxic.

C.) Teaching and establishing rules while also teaching the downfalls of toxicity. Riot must do this through 4 ways.

  1. 1. Educational Materials
  2. 2. Pre-service and In-Service Education
  3. 3. Policy
  4. 4. The Public (including the Media)

D.) Revamp dodging penalties

E.) Reload client option.

F.) Make replays be able to go past patches

2. In-Game (Important Changes)

A.) Hold streamers/ambassadors and high Elo accountable, furthermore protect them as well, and define toxicity.

B.) Punishment -Riot must seriously address the rules of solo queue in the form of discipline towards actions that are plaguing the community. This comes from teaching and escalation of punishments.

C.) The Practice Tool- Expand the practice mode to have friends and a 20xx melee based practice mode to promote a learning competitive atmosphere.

D.) Riot can help shape toxicity and griefing- By having escalating punishments, watching their ambassadors, high view count streamers, and dedicating resources to toxicity can help stem the problem.

E.) Define Classes more appropriately – This is coming from a core fundamental misunderstanding by Riot's own understanding of class design. They are halfheartedly listening to the player base when we cry out for changes.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

2020 will have something to satisfy classic and modern gamers alike. To be eligible for the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there should be good reason to expect its release in that year. Therefore, upcoming games with a mere announcement and no discernible release date will not be included.

Top 15 NEW Games of 2020 [FIRST HALF]

2020 has a ton to look forward to...in the video gaming world. Here are fifteen games we're looking forward to in the first half of 2020.

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