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A cry for help from an LCL fan.

LeagueofLegends1 - A cry for help from an LCL fan.

This post will be probably ignored and forgotten the day it was written, but eh, worth a try.

It's pretty much a normality that things in wildcard regions are not looking great. You've probably read some posts like this one will be, but this one is about LCL, CIS league.

Reddit probably knows already about infamous Vaevictis Esports, and how they've stopped caring about being somewhat competitive and straight up started to just troll. Surely it was one split thing and they have finally sold their spot, right?

Wrong. Things go only downhill from here.

First, according to leaked inside information Vaevictis did find a buyer for their slot, the only problem that riot decided to prevent the transaction from happening. The reasoning, but rather the lack of it, is even more bizzare, when we also found out that Team Just has actually managed to sold their spot in league, to Unicorns Of Love. As you would probably guess, Vaevictis didn't had any tryouts and will 99% field the same roster of 4/5 female supports.

You may say: "Well, that's just one team, CIS still has 7 other teams!"

Well, there goes the second part. In next split M19 and Dragon Army is gonna be partnered with new organization – Future Perfect (oh the irony). It's basically an academy for high elo russian players from soloq that provides an opportunity to become a pro player for a price, of course. "What's wrong with that?" Well, "these high elo players" turned out to be at best diamond 2 euw, at worst, one of the accounts was in silver since season 3, and now magically is d3.


Here are opggs

Link 1
RZr r0yulIM - A cry for help from an LCL fan.
(Future Perfect ADC)

Link 2
KDAmCpkE2WU - A cry for help from an LCL fan.
(Future Perfect ADC)

For contrast

Link 3 (lft russian adc, with competitive experience, who refused to pay 50% of future salary)

Now, the price. As it turned out, those who go trough this "academy", sign a contract, upon which they are to garanteed to play basically the whole split. For that, they need to pay up to 55% of their income that riot gives to every pro player.

We know all of this beacuse the contracts were leaked, don't know if it's ok to post them here thou.

TL;DR you can basically just buy a pass to play in an official esports league.

Now, LCL is left with 5 semi-competitive teams. This number continues to decline ever since the triumph of Albus Nox Luna. I've been following esporst part of league ever since I heard about the Moscow 5, and it's just heartbreaking to see a downfall of this region.

Thank you for reading my tirade, I apologize for bad grammar in some parts.

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