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A few underrated tips that you might not realize are affecting your gameplay

LeagueofLegends4 - A few underrated tips that you might not realize are affecting your gameplay

I see a lot of advice for newcomers and lower ranked players like "Stick to one champ, use the practice tool, look up builds" and while all of that is definitely useful, it lacks specificity and here are some underrated tips that you might not have realized affecting your gameplay (with examples):

  1. You're not clicking a lot.
    To describe it simply, the difference between clicking and not clicking a lot is comparable to the movement in the shape of a hexagon vs a circle. Fluid movement is one of the most crucial aspects of League of Legends and you always have to be on your feet clicking back and forth. Not only will this help you stay alert, it will also confuse your enemies about why you're moving so unpredictably and it makes it harder for them to land their skillshots. It influences your opponent's actions, not just yourself.

  2. You aren't aware of your enemies cooldowns/abilities.
    Tryndamere kills you using his R and because it's on cooldown you decide to 1v1 him again but to your surprise, his ultimate is back up. Blitzcrank misses his hook yet you are still playing defensive like a hook might pop out of nowhere, even though you have a 20 second window to capitalize. You need to bait spells and play with a cooldown advantage, it's not just about your items and level difference.

  3. I'M GOING IN – Imaqtpie.
    I notice in lower ranks that everyone loves to go all in and fight to the death like an army with no retreat. Going all in isn't always the best way to fight. When I play Kayle in lower ranks, everyone complains that I'm playing a noob right click champ and that there's no counterplay and if they get near me they'll die and be unable to kill me because of my R. In higher ranks I suffer because people actually know how to go in and out of a fight. I get engaged on, they bait my ult and then they back out. It's quite simple yet so effective because even if they didn't get a kill, I'm now squishy as hell with no protection so if a fight breaks out I'm going to be popped instantly.

  4. The bigger picture of teamfights.
    Lets say you're playing Malzahar and the enemy has a Braum. Your ADC is MF and she is more fed than the enemy ADC. You might think that the enemy ADC is a bigger threat than a support Braum, therefore it makes sense to prioritize ulting the ADC – Wrong. In doing so, you let Braum interrupt your MF's ult and put up a shield to completely negate your fed carry's damage, meanwhile if you ulted Braum, MF is way stronger than the enemy ADC anyway and would have been able to dish out way more damage without Braum being able to use his shield. This is just an example of the idea that teamfighting isn't always about disabling the opponents, but also enabling your allies. Another example is using your Malzahar Q silence to hit as many enemy players as possible, even if you could have used it to kill just one person because getting a kill is sometimes not worth putting your entire team at risk from dying to the enemies that you could have silenced. Put yourself in every champion's shoes and anticipate what they will try to do. If you are against a Wukong top, you know he is going to stealth and flash dash ult combo, so be prepared for it, don't rely on being reactive, planning is a huge part of winning teamfights.

  5. In theory, there is no rule that says you have to stay on your lane.
    I don't understand it when people are automatically going back to their lanes every time just because that's where they think they belong. If you're playing a high mobility high damage character against a tank, chances are you won't kill them, so just push your lane and roam to a lane where you can get easy kills. Not only does this make you stronger, but it will also give your teammates an edge. I see so many people in lower ranks with great scores but just lose because they don't know how to influence the map. If I have a lead you bet I'm going to go to the enemy jungle and kill the jungler or at least get him low enough to recall because if I cripple their jungler, my teammates become safer to do what they want. Yes we're all challengers and our teammates are holding us back, but we have the power to reduce that gap.

  6. Lane Presence.
    This includes tiny details that are related to my first point of clicking a lot and being unpredictable. If your opponent is farming freely you're doing something wrong. Keep your eye on your ally minions, whenever they're low, you can guess that the enemy is going to take it, and you can judge from their current position and their attack range where their exact location will be when they go for the last hit, and that's where you throw your skillshot because last hitting takes time and they'll be in a fixed position for a short while. Even simply walking towards your opponent when they go for a last hit can scare them enough to back off and miss a minion.

I'd be happy to answer any questions since i'm bored at work, might make a part two if people find this useful in any way.

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