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A LOT of the Wild Rift changes to the core gameplay system would do wonders for freshening up normal League of Legends.

LeagueofLegends12 - A LOT of the Wild Rift changes to the core gameplay system would do wonders for freshening up normal League of Legends.

Wild Rift has a lot of changes to champions and the map, and to Smite, that I feel would have a natural place in League of Legends on PC.

Tl;dr: TF and Shyvana should get updated to match their Wild Rift iterations, with whatever necessary power budget adjustments are necessary to keep them in line. Jungle Camps like Brambleback and Blue Sentinel could use a similar late game iteration like in Wild Rift, and expand on the drakes like they have been in Wild Rift.

Shyvana– Shyvana now gains bonus effects based on which dragon she has killed, giving her more scaling with each drake she takes. Infernal grants True Damage on procs of her Flame Breath's bonus damage, and Mountain grants a Slow on her Twin Bite. While she doesn't need these exact changes added specifically, giving Shyvana more than just stats when she kills a Dragon is a great way to help her scale harder with Dragons. It also sharpens the enemy's gameplan against Shyvana. Keep her from drakes, you keep her from empowering her abilities. It goes without saying, however, that she doesn't need both stats and upgraded abilities when she kills a drake.


Twisted Fate– Twisted Fate gains a burst of Attack Speed when he casts Stacked Deck. Rather than giving TF passive AS and a three hit passive, they could give TF the three hit passive, then make the AS a straight active, similar to Tristana's Rapid Fire.

Smite: Smite granting its Chilling or Challenging forms once you've hit a certain breakpoint makes a LOT of sense. Then, rather than having to purchase a jungle item to unlock the different smites, one could theoretically rework the jungle items into their respective enchantments, and eliminate/repurpose Stalker's Blade and Skirmisher's Sabre entirely.

The Jungle Itself: Wild Rift's jungle includes late game evolutions to Brambleback and Blue Sentinel, sharpening their power to match the later stages of the game. In addition, Elder Drakes on Wild Rift are also elemental. While we have 0 clue what this means in terms of their power, Elder Drakes matching the Elemental Rift we have on PC LOL thematically makes sense, and feels like it's a logical step forward. If the Infernal Drake wins out, it makes sense that the Elder Dragon is also Infernal.

Overall, there's a lot of stuff so far that I've seen in Wild Rift that I really like, and while some of it doesn't have a place in PC LoL (like the boot enchantments, the Sweet Fruit rune, etc.), there's a lot of it that feels like it should've been in the PC version well before it made it to mobile.

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