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A Mordekaiser Ultimate Interaction Bonanza

LeagueofLegends6 - A Mordekaiser Ultimate Interaction Bonanza

Here's a list of a bunch of silly shit that I thought of, regarding Mordekaiser's ultimate. Not sure if any of these are confirmed or not by now, Fluff post for funny things.

Can Fiora parry death realm?

Are the walls of death realm considered walls for Talon/Camille, can Talon yeet out of death realm?

if karthus dies in the death realm, does he stay in the death realm?

what if Tahm eats some one, and then Morde ults him. Where does Tahm's devoured target go?

What if kled hits E1 onto Mordekaiser, then Morde death realms someone else, where does E2 go?

Does the Ram from Ornn's Ult travel between realms, if Ornn hasn't bonked it before he gets Death Realm'd?

What if Rek'sai ults morde, then Morde ults someone else. Does rek sai go to the death realm?Does Yi follow Morde, if morde ults someone else, into the death realm?

If Mordekaiser ults a target who Yuumi is attatched to. What happens?If yuumi follows her target, what happens if the target dies?What happens, if Yuumi travels into the death realm, and detatches from her Target?If Mordekaiser kills the primary target, but Yuumi is still detatched in the death realm, can he potentially steal both Yuumi and the main target's souls?

What if Kayn ults a mordekaiser, and stays inside them, whilst Mordekaiser ults another target on Kayn's team?If Kayn stays, Can Mordekaiser devour both Kayn and the other target's souls?

Where does Gangplank's Cannon Barrage go? Does it travel into the Death Realm if he gets ulted by Mordekaiser?

If Mordekaiser ults teemo, what happens to his shrooms in the main world? Can they be stepped on? Can he plant new shrooms, and will they go back to the main world?

Can Mordekaiser interact with Bard Tunnels whilst in the Death Realm?

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What happens if Kalista ults her oathsworn, but before her oathsworn jumps, Mordekaiser ults Kalista? What happens if shes in the death realm, does her ult become disabled?

What happens if Mordekaiser ults a Neeko or Wukong clone? Does it end when the clone dies? Does Mordekaiser then get to steal the clone's stats?


if Shen is casting his ultimate, and he gets Death Realmed, Does his teleport fail?

if Skarner has a target on Mordekaiser's team grabbed, and Mordekaiser ults Skarner, what occurs?

Can Ekko, if he's fast enough, Use his ultimate to leave the Death Realm?

If Poppy uses her ultimate at full charge whilst in Mordekaiser's Death Realm, where does Morde go?

If Taric bastions an allied Mordekaiser, and then Mordekaiser ults an enemy. Can Taric still use his spells, will they come off of Mordekaiser?

What if Sion dies during Death Realm. Where does his passive appear?

Can skarner still benefit or capture his spires whilst in Death Realm?

If mordekaiser ults someone, whilst he is currently being tethered by a Karma W, Aatrox W or Morgana Ultimate, where do the tethers go?

And finally. If Nunu or Sion is currently mid-W or mid-ultimate, what happens if they get Death Realmed?

Here's some new ones!
Does Soraka's Ultimate still affect her allies if she is Death Realmed, or does it affect an ally whom is Death Realmed?

See above, but with Karthus ultimate.

Can Warwick Blood-hunt targets who have been death realmed?

Can Taliyah surf on the Death Realm's barrier?

Can Vayne and Poppy slam Mordekaiser against his Realm's walls?

What if Pantheon is channeling his ultimate, and gets hit by Mordekaiser's ultimate? Does he still mandrop halfway accross the map whilst death realmed?

Can Rek'sai use her tunnels that were made on the physical world, in the Death Realm?

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Where do Xayah's physical world feathers go? Where do her death realm feathers go if she escapes?

If Lee Sin Q hits an enemy mordekaiser, and the enemy mordekaiser ults another one of Lee Sin's allies, where does Lee go with his Q? Can he even reactivate it?

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