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A New Champion Design, let me know what you think :)

LeagueofLegends12 - A New Champion Design, let me know what you think :)

I'm currently taking courses in game designing and our teacher happens to be a huge LoL fan. She gave us an assignment, where we had to come up with a new champion design for League of Legends.

The design had to include:

– A concept art of some sort

– A lore that fits into the LoL universe

– Abilities

+ it had to be unique

So here's what I came up with:

Chizra, the Mercenary

Marksman / Assassin

Main role: Jungle

Secondary role: ADC

P – Tracking Shot

"Whenever Chizra attacks an enemy champion or a large/epic monster, the first attack fires a tracking shot, granting vision of the target and it's close surroundings for a short period. This effect cannot be applied on the same target for a limited time."

I thought this ability would be somewhat unique since there aren't any champions in the game that can reveal enemies with basic attacks. The main thing about this is that you could have constant vision of your targets for a limited time, which would make chasing them in the jungle for example a lot easier since there are a lot of bushes and unwarded areas where you would normally lose vision of them. It also fits his theme as a hunter type of character.

Q – Volatile Blast

"Chizra tosses a grenade that releases a poisonous blast on impact, dealing physical damage in an area. Enemy units damaged by the blast are marked, healing Chizra when he attacks them."

The main idea behind this ability is to give him sustain in the jungle. It could also work as an effective wave clear tool in lane.

W – Wire Trap

"Chizra can place an invisible trap on any nearby terrain, arming it. If an enemy champion walks too close to the trap, it will fire a hooked wire which attaches to the target. The wire will then quickly pull the target against the terrain and stun him/her."

This was the first ability in Chizra's kit that I came up with. Although there are a several trap-abilities in the game and a couple abilities like Poppy's E – Heroic Charge or Vayne's E – Condemn that pin the target against the wall, I still think this ability would be pretty unique. It could serve as a CC- tool when ganking or for catching people off guard and allowing you to finish them off when they're stunned. POGGERS

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E – No Escape

"Chizra leaps a moderate distance. If he collides with an enemy champion or a large/epic monster, he will equip his blade for a short period. During this time he can perform a powerful melee attack, which will deal physical damage and apply a slow on the target for a short period.

If Chizra performs the melee attack, he can recast this ability to roll away from the target back to his maximum attack range and equip his rifle back."


Somewhat like Quinn's E – Vault. I wanted to include an ability where he would use his blade so that he wouldn't be just an ordinary marksman. The distance you leap with this ability would be longer than your normal AA-range, so there's a chance to burst someone down from a longer distance, but in order to do that you would have to take a potential risk when gap closing onto them and sacrifice your range advantage momentarily. It took me a while to come up with an idea of how to implement a melee attack into his kit and I think this could work. It could also be a horrible idea tho, not sure 😛

And yes, you could jump over walls with this, as an escape or suprise tool.

R – Bulletstorm

"Chizra gains bonus movement speed and overloads his rifle, unleashing a continuous burst of bullets. He will automatically lock on and fire at the nearest enemy champion to him.

I came up with a lot of different ideas for his ult. This one would work as a DPS ability for teamfights and running down individual targets with your bonus movement speed. Basically a supreme version of Urgot's W – Purge. Could be deadly with The Black Cleaver's armor shred.

Here's the lore for those who are interested:

"Known widely as a reckless and unpredictable killer, Chizra was born in the jungles of Kumungu, where he grew up to become a proud and talented warrior of his tribe. During the Ionian wars, the Noxians invaded the Kumungu jungle in search of valuable treasures. The Noxian invaders confronted Chizra's tribe and swept their entire village, leaving the wounded Chizra as the sole survivor of the carnage and the only one left of his tribe.

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Without home or purpose, Chizra traveled north and settled down in the infamous city of Zaun. Killing and hunting being the two things he was extremely good at, he became a gun-for-hire. Having enormous hatred towards Noxians, he was always pleasured when tasked to take down advocates of their kind and quickly grew himself a fierce reputation as a professional killer.

While completing a contract in Bilgewater, Chizra happened to come across Graves and Twisted Fate. He was impressed by their unique talents and formed an alliance with the two outlaws. Later on he would rely on their assistance during his most daring missions."

Hope you people like the idea! Let me know what you think: yay or nay? 🙂

PS. I didn't draw this picture. The credits for this will go to my talented teacher, who was kind and inspired enough to create an artistic vision of Chizra and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Chizra, the Mercenary

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