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A new skin for Quinn. (Cyber-Quinn).

LeagueofLegends4 - A new skin for Quinn. (Cyber-Quinn).

I am from Russia and do not have proper knowledge of the English language, including correct spelling, so this post will contain a ton of errors. I love Quinn very much and I'm sorry that not one good skin has come out in 7 years. A new concept, possibly a future skin, will be presented below. Please, if you liked it, support the idea, I dream that one day Riot will notice the beautiful Quinn and finally release a very good skin. The art is very old and was taken as the basis of the idea, I really liked the possible concept. And once again, I will be very, very grateful for your support! Skathage worked on this post.

Time passed, history changed, progress slipped into every corner of Demasia, residents did not want this, staged protests, the war with magic ended long ago, but a new, more brutal war with technology began. Cities changed, infrastructure changed, people became more and more violent, and the most vile representatives of crime were firmly entrenched at the top. The Golden time of Demasia has passed, every resident of the old centuries understands this, and for new trade routes, the territories have opened up extensively and there are even more undesirable individuals. Quinn lit up Uweindel from the top of the mountain, looked around the once home, but now this place has become a haven for the cyber police, from the good old Rangers, only memories remain. As she began to adjust the exoskeleton, she sang a painfully familiar song that her Mother had once sung to her and her brother Caleb before going to bed. * Rush*. In the area of the capital Demasia, one of the major towers was attacked by a terrorist attack, Quinn grinned: "this is the third attack in a week." After distributing the quantum energy from a new type of Demasian source, the aa203 energy Crystal, Quinn prepared for the transformation. For the sake of protecting Demasia, she was subjected to the most brutal operations to change the body, she became the property of the whole country, the art of technological progress of Demasia and her engineers. Whistling to her partner, a fast and barely noticeable cyber-hawk, rose into the air, and at the same time, flew to the capital.


Small considerations for the skin itself. There will be a helmet like project: vane, which will cover half of the face during the fight. Crossbow, will issue red pulse fire, in fact, this will be the main color of the skin, because the fire represents the work of the entire Demasia on the creation of the aa203 crystal. A small mantle at the back, in the form of wings or feathers, will pulse in a red hue like half the body. During R, it will transform into a bird-like shape, and a cyber eagle on the hook will connect to a special compartment on its back. The rest of the abilities will have similar "cyber effects" accompanied by a new audio track. Also change the speech and its vocabulary. For example, in a mechanical voice, she will say " Demasia is already dead, but I must protect its inhabitants to the end."

It is possible to develop skin.

Possible art.

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