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A New VO For Ahri, Written By Me

LeagueofLegends6 - A New VO For Ahri, Written By Me

When Riot released the Vastaya lore update awhile ago, they actually did a lot for Ahri's character, giving her much needed depth as well as some complexity, and expanding her character beyond being the "helpful seductress". Unfortunately, most players don't dive to deep into the lore, usually only skimming the bios of champions they like, and along with relying on outdated voice overs and quotes, this tend to gives them a false impression of the champion they're playing. Ahri is a great example of this, often being displayed and imagined by fans as some happy go lucky cute girl that charms guys on the side, when this couldn't be further from the truth.

Ever since the update, although not necessarily depressed, Ahri is a much more tragic figure, mourning the loss of the lover she killed, and now seeks redemption for that action, as well as for the countless others she murdered for her own pleasure, with it even saying she possibly killed an entire Ionian village. Along with this goal, she also seeks to find others of her kind and her place in the world, having been mostly alone her entire life, her only companions being the foxes that raised her. All in all, Ahri's lore is deeply touching, and one of my favorites, even if I don't play her that at much and hate the special treatment she gets, but that's a post for another time.

In writing these lines, I hope to capture that side of Ahri, that seeks redemption, hoping to be better than what she was, and ascend to something greater than herself, metaphorically speaking. As with most of my works, this isn't meant to override her current lines, but simply be added to them in order to flesh out her VO.

Also, I recommend for everybody who doesn't know Ahri's lore that well to read her biography first before you criticize my work due to any assumptions you had based on her character. It's like, at most, a quick 4 minute read.


That's the link to her Universe page on the League of Legends website.



"Time to make my own memories, bitter or sweet."

"A vision of beauty is nothing if you don't experience it with your own eyes."

"They called me a demon, but I will prove to them I'm no monster. Not anymore."

"I do this for him."

"The worst monsters are the ones that lurk inside our souls."


Riven "Redemption will never be handed to you, Riven. It starts from within."

Vastayan Champions "Can you tell me where these earrings came from?" / "Have you seen others like me? Please, kin."

Karma "Can even I be saved, Karma?"

Yasuo "I've peered into hundreds of memories, vengeance rarely brings peace, Yasuo."

Kinkou Order Champions "I'm already seeking my own balance, face me if you must."

Ionian Champions "I'm sorry, First Lander." / "I was entranced by the beauty of your lives and selfishly took them." / "You needn't fear me, I've changed."

Other Charm Champions (Evelynn, Rakan) "I rapture them to pure euphoria, what is it you do?"

Noxian Champions "Bliss in bloodshed, memories sour and sharp."

Lee Sin "I don't need you to have eyes to see what I want you to see."

Shen "You rob yourself of the very thing that makes you human, Shen. Emotion is strength, not weakness."

Kindred "How many lives have I sent you, hunters?"

Soraka "They say you see visions of times ahead, starchild. So tell me, was there ever a future where he lived?"


"Be at peace."

"Love me."

Blows a kiss

"Look at me."


"Just a taste won't hurt."

Under her breath "Restrain yourself, Ahri."

Moans "So sweet."

"A little nibble."

"I must be better."


"You'll live on, in my memories and of those that remember you."

Moans "I haven't fed like this in so long."

"And I had been so good."

"Your life is a story, your death its end."


"He called me his flower, even as I drained the life from his body. His loving eyes looking up at me, not a trace of hate.."

"There was a garden, it offered to let me forget.. but pain is far better than oblivion. I'd rather mourn for the rest of my years than be numbed."


"I breathe for those that no longer can, I love for those who's hearts have stopped, I forgive myself hoping they can forgive me, too."

"I had locked myself away in a cave for years, hoping to relieve myself of my guilt. In the darkness, I realized to waist my life away in constant regret would never make up for what I've done, I must act and learn to live with my actions."

"There was a mother. A father that disowned her, a husband that left her, two hungry mouths to feed. I lured her with visions of him, and their children, laying in the sunlight. She died there, a smile on her face, resting in a field."

"It was a young man, a soldier, clinging to life, his body thrown into a river. I brought him to tears, showing him all those that loved him, and would never see again. The agony that brought him was more than that of the dagger piercing his chest."

"In the dark of night, a little girl, dreaming of falling snow and playing with her ighilya. I fed on her dreams till her body was nothing but a husk, cold and pale. Her parents fell to their knees and wept when they found her." (ighilya is Ionian for great grandmother)


Boots "I remember when I first wore shoes." laughs "The foxes mistook me for human."

Void Staff "To delve deeper in their memories."

Rabadon's Deathcap "sighs He hated it when I wore hates, said they covered to much of my face."

Liandry's Torment "True torment is living with what you've done."

Rylai's Crystal Scepter "There was a poet who likened my eyes to topaz. He's dead now."


Welp, that's everything, feel free to give any constructive criticism. The next champion I'm gonna do is probably Karma, just because the music video for Phoenix got me in a Karma-type mood. I've done this same thing for Janna, Lissandra, LeBlanc, Soraka, and Brand, not particularly proud of the Brand one, though. Here are the links for anybody who wants to take a look.

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