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A Prayer for NA

LeagueofLegends6 - A Prayer for NA

A Prayer for NA

Our Father, who art in heaven this day.

We pray a Coup d'état of our sweet NA.

We have TSM, Fly Quest, and Team Liquid too,

Please Lord! This year, let us have a finals debut.

Let Top Esports be rock bottom. Let DragonX be weak whelps.

For the world will be silenced under the sound of Knight's final call for help.

Bless us with Craps, as we might fall astray,

With the Lord, they shall all collapse, collapse to NA.

For Team liquid will advance, the world shall see,

Impact shall be mightier, mightier than Nuguri.

Guide Broxah's kicks straight into his team,

For this is Manifest Destiny: The Great American Dream.

May Jensen remember that his R button really *does* work,

For the last thing Mad Lions will see is the sight of Jensen's smirk.

Lord! O’ be with our Tactical, the newest addition,

It is in him that rests a difficult mission.

For when NA wins on the sacred and Holy Lord's day,

Everyone shall see, for a second time, the sight of CoreJJ.

Leave FlyQuest to slaughter, to seize, and to shock.

The Lord called it the ‘group of death’, because of Fly Quest's fat cock.

But don't take my word for it, take the word of Thee,

These are the games that Solo won't feed.

DragonX, G2, and Top have no chance,

When hot-guy-six-pack knows your moves in advance 😉

May our balls rest in the Syndra of POE,

Chovy and Knight are just His wannabe.

We Pray for good flashes of the Turtle that is untamed,

For when he is done with Group D, the NA legacy will be acclaimed!

Although Ignar may int his solo queue team,

We pray that NA advancement is not but a far off dream.


And finally for our hope, nested in Group C,

This year is different, they will not be 3-3.

And even if they are, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed are they, in the tie-breaker series.

They will smurf soon, their wrath will be swift,

TSM will be winning, winning with 2nd pick.

The Shen will come out, it is for Broken Blade.

You've been pranked. You've been duped. It's the Spica River Shen trade.

Lost to River Shen - A Prayer for NA

u/Lost_to_River_Shen shall be spammed in Twitch Chat,

As the Lord tweets out, "KekW, FNC is TSM's door mat" (Deuteronomy 7:23)

After two years, Bjergerking has returned.

Sweating, Panting, It's BDD; he's concerned.

For the Bjergsen Zilean is not fable nor myth,

The summoner's cup trophy, we pray, he shall end with

It may be like the lottery, just one in a million…

But the odds are often beaten by Bjergsen’s game 5 Zilean.

May the magic, this year, not be a “doublelift”,

But the succession of victories, victories on the rift.

The Rakan and Bard two-trick: Biofrost will be done

With the World Record in the Worlds Any% Speedrun.

Through play-ins, groups, or the knockout stage,

Our hope is with you, Our hope is with NA.

We've rooted for EU, but this year we shall not,

NA will advance– the world left distraught.

As we have been through, Reddit has taught,

It’s called Trash Can, not Trash Cannot.

This year will be different for our NA men,

Say it with me… We pray…


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