League of Legends

A quiz where all of the answer are League of Legends champions!

LeagueofLegends3 - A quiz where all of the answer are League of Legends champions!

Wrote this a while ago, thought I'd share it here as someone may be interested. All the answers are also champion names in league of legends. Good luck! Answers are as spoilers next to the clues.


  1. A wooden walkway used by passengers to board or disembark from a ship. Gangplank

  2. A popular streaming service, founded in 2011. Twitch

  3. A letter in the alphabet. Zed

  4. A collection of burial places, often each marked by a special kind of stone Graves

  5. To produce gas bubbles, often with a hissing sound. Fizz

  6. A red flower, associated with world war 1. Poppy

  7. A claw, often on a bird. Talon

  8. A badger’s burrow. Sett

  9. A continuous deep, resonant sound. Rumble

  10. A collection of gods. Pantheon

  11. An (often wandering) musician. Bard

  12. To mark something, often with hot metal. Brand

  13. To be burnt, particularly hair. Singed

  14. Bad Luck. Miss Fortune


  1. A Swiss city, with a football team who play in the top division of the Swiss football system. Sion

  2. To move slowly or heavily, also the name for a type of bed. Trundle

  3. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the result of actions which decide your fate in future existences. Karma

  4. To bring bad luck upon someone. Jinx

  5. A university city in England, also famous for its castle. Warwick

  6. Historically, violins’ bows. Fiddlesticks

  7. A German word for ‘to know’. Kennen

  8. A herb that can be used to treat constipation. Senna

  9. To separate types of grain, often with some revolving mechanism. Thresh

  10. A member of a Sikh political group. Akali

  11. Slang word used in skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding to describe riding with exceptional skill or speed. Gnar

  12. Adjective meaning you’re related. Kindred

  13. An SI unit measuring the brightness of an object. Lux

Cryptic (way more obscure & difficult)

  1. Every, pronoun, celestial body. Alistar = All (every) – I (pronoun) – Star (celestial body)

  2. Some joint in the body. Annie = A knee

  3. An alternative foreign spirit. Aurelion Sol = Or (alternative) – Alien (foreign) – Soul (spirit)

  4. Rather like a stopper. Corki = Cork-y

  5. To relax a letter that appears thrice in this clue. Elise = L (appears 3 times) – ease (relax)

  6. Two things with rims. Jarvan IV = Jar – Van

  7. Arrives before the seventh vehicle. Kha'Zix = Car – Six

  8. A shopping centre brawl. Malphite = Mall (shopping centre) – Fight (brawl)

  9. An anagram of a word meaning ‘disorder’ or ‘mess’. Shaco = anagram of 'chaos'

  10. A common girl’s name spelt backwards. Nasus = susan backwards

  11. Unlock an overwatch hero. Qiyana = Key (unlock) – Ana (overwatch hero)

  12. I ___ I tripped on a paving slab! Vel'Koz = fell 'cause

  13. A touch of an operating system. Aphelios = A Feel (a touch) – iOS (apple operating system)

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