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A Recap of the Latest VCS Scandal: GAM – Zeros – PVB

LeagueofLegends4 - A Recap of the Latest VCS Scandal: GAM - Zeros - PVB

After the end of MSI, there have been rumors going on for weeks and weeks that Zeros is not happy at PVB and wanted to leave with GAM, the toplaner’s old org, being the most likely suitor. Today, VCS organizers posted an official announcement about the situation: https://www.facebook.com/837317842946860/posts/3367635896581696?sfns=mo – In the eve of the 2018 Summer Split, Linh Dang (GAM manager) had allowed Zeros to leave on a free, thus losing any legal power over their contract with the top laner which orignially runs til the end of 2019 – On 28 May 2019, GAM filed an official challenge to VCS with proof that Zeros had violated the contract signed between the two parties by going over to the PVB team house without GAM’s permission in Feb 2018, while he was still under contract with the Marines – Zeros admitted to GAM’s accusation of poaching and tempering – VCS thus negates the legality of Zeros’ contract with PVB because while it was signed in Zeros’ voluntary agreement, it was the result of a poaching process from PVB – Zeros officially becomes a free agent and has the right to sign with any org – Zeros will be banned from competing in VCS for 6 matches beginning when any team register him for competition.

With this resolution, GAM and Zeros seem to have won their battle. Zeros is released from the org that he no longer wants to commit and free to join whichever team he desires with GAM being first in line after they signed his brother Minas and his strong bond with Tinikun.


Why would GAM file an acusation against the player they are after? Reading Tinikun’s Facebook feed over the past few days would answer this. The lastest post from him claims that he does not want to harm the kids at PVB as they “do not have a single thought in mind about hurting others or their interest”, and that “they play to pay the bills for their parents”. This coincides with Tinikun past effort to help the boys of PVB when they had no sponsor in 2018. However, he does mention how PVB managers/owners do not allow Zeros to leave despite his wishes “I heard from you guys that the kid does not want to stay and you guys said you would let him go. Now you’re trying to tie a noose onto his neck. Do it. Come at me”. https://www.facebook.com/100000224221932/posts/2710862875597827?sfns=mo This battlecry came 2 hours before the official VCS statement. In conclusion, Tinikun did not want to harm other players or PVB therefore he had to file his acusations against Zeros to release him from his ties with PVB amist the ban hanging above the toplaner’s head.

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Meanwhile PVB has taken a silent approach to the matter, not posting anything related to team news on their fanpage as well as removing Zeros from their members’ streams.

TLDR: PVB poached Zeros when he was stil in contract with GAM in 2018. Zeros does not want to stay with PVB this split. GAM based on the fact that his contract with PVB was the result of a poach, file acusations against Zeros, forcing VCS to overrule the contract and declare Zeros a free agent with a ban of 6 games after he’s signed to his next team since he admitted to poaching and tampering.

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