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A redditor on how interacting with LS can be frustrating as a Reddit analyst

LeagueofLegends3 - A redditor on how interacting with LS can be frustrating as a Reddit analyst

This thread reminded me of an interaction with LS and other analysts a while ago that I think highlights the difference between an "analyst" and a "personality". To me, LS is a "personality", and secondarily an analyst only to the extent it builds his "personality".

Back in Season 6 or 7 LS claimed that infernal drake on a level 6 mid lane champion added 40-50 damage. This is obviously, 100% wrong to anyone with game sense or the ability to read the LoL wiki, and I pointed that out. He first told me that I was wrong because I was bad at the game, but then had a better idea.

Instead of responding with math, LS made a video and posted it to Twitter and Reddit. He did a mirror match between the highest AP scaling champion at the time (Syndra), gave them Doran's Ring, Lost Chapter, and Amp Tome, and gave one an Infernal drake. The one with the Infernal drake killed with her full combo, the one without did not.

You would not believe the shit talk I got from him and his fanboys, both publicly and privately. You can read the thread for yourself – just comment after comment about how idiotic Redditors were, how I deserved to be witch-hunted, and how this made them a fan of LS for "handling all the hate from the community". The PMs were much less civil – for a few weeks afterwards random fanboys kept messaging me about how I "got raped" and should "keep my mouth shut".

And that was just his fanboys. LS himself was busy on Twitter trying to figure out who I was, and saying that this was
AcHsbho - A redditor on how interacting with LS can be frustrating as a Reddit analyst

"important because there is a myriad of clowns who actually write this type of trash to actual analysts. Morons."

Meanwhile, actual analysts like
Zirene - A redditor on how interacting with LS can be frustrating as a Reddit analyst

/u/Zirene and /u/MCrossS were going through the video and breaking down what the Infernal was actually adding. It turns out that even with all of these generous assumptions – the video still showed that Infernal only added 21 damage. That in other words, despite LS doing his absolute best to rig the video, he had managed to somehow post a video where I was right – Infernal on a level 6 mid lane champion absolutely cannot add 40-50 damage, not even on a very fed mage with the highest AP scaling in the game.

He never responded to any of that, though he did respond to tell Zirene he was handsome.

Now, it obviously doesn't matter today how much damage Infernal adds to a Season 6-7 mid lane champion. My point is just that this sums up the difference between a "personality" and an "analyst". Zirene is an analyst. He cares deeply about getting it right. LS is a "personality" – whether he's right or wrong is a lot less important than building his personal peculiar brand of alleged misunderstood genius. People don't watch him because he knows everything, they watch him because he projects an image of knowing everything.

Which is why most people don't bother calling him out. He's often wrong, but it literally doesn't matter – as this proves, LS can literally post a video proving himself wrong, and you'll still be the one shit on for it. So why bother?

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