League of Legends

A Website For One Trick Ponies, Introducing Sidekick.gg

LeagueofLegends9 - A Website For One Trick Ponies, Introducing Sidekick.gg

Link: http://www.sidekick.gg

Everybody hates when your opponent locks in a hard-counter to your main, forcing you to frantically try and find a champion that counters theirs. With the champ select timer winding down, you often select a champion you are not comfortable on or pick yourself into a terrible match up. Both of these will likely lead to the game ending with your nexus exploding.


Sidekick.gg was made for this exact scenario in mind. By selecting your favorite champion on our website, we display all the best “SideKicks” to your main. A Sidekick is the champion that performs the best against all of your main’s counters, meaning you will have a great counter pick no matter who the enemy chooses. This lets you focus on mastering two champions with the confidence you will also have the winning match up.

TLDR: A website for helping you decide what pair of champions you should play.


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