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A young guy that needs some advice

LeagueofLegends1 - A young guy that needs some advice

I’m 17, from Malaysia @ South East Asia.

Posting here seeking some life advice. Pardon my bad English, I learnt it as a second language

For the most of my life I’ve been trying to figure out what I truly want. What I truly want for my career, lifestyle, future etc. Something that I will devote my entire life to.

And then I found professional league, and discovered shoutcasting. Instantly I fell in love with the energy and drive needed to cast a game. The idea of being a caster as a job popped in my mind. A field I might really excel in.

I started looking up for information on how to get in the scene, most advice are just “start casting, make some videos, stream your casts, join a local tournament casting team, etc”

Yet this is the problem in my country – league isn’t that popular. Literally no LANs, local league proplay got cancelled a long time ago, even the viewer count here for league is lower than games such as Dota 2 or even Mobile Legends.

The local league servers are ran by Garena (a notoriously corrupted company, there are some posts about its corruption), they give zero support to people who are passionate about the game. There’s no really a local gaming scene unlike EU or NA, no related job opportunities, all that’s left is just a dying playerbase and a useless company. There’s only one server across the entire South East Asia (unlike EUW, EUNE) and almost all the patches are delayed. The local league scene is a joke to say the least.


For scandals involving Garena: Promoting illegal betting on official stream | Player feedback | Summary on Garena

I’m not here to rant about how Garena is ruining the game in this region, it’s just that in this region there’s basically zero chance to involve in the league scene.

I have that dream of contributing to this game, to become the on-air talent on the global stage, to actually bring joy to the people that loves the game as much as I do. I’ve been thinking of studying abroad in EU and try to look for jobs there (working visas and whatnot) yet I couldn’t really find any related source of “how do I become a caster”.

I really want it. The idea of just casting at even just a local LAN hyped me up. I even practiced my fluency in English almost everyday just because I know I needed proficiency in the language. I want to pursue this dream so badly. I want to be like Quickshot, Medic, Phreak and basically everyone in the on-air talent team.

I’m gonna post this here since I know the community is huge, and I might get some advice (or criticism, I don’t mind) from you guys. I’m just feeling lost with no direction whatsoever towards my aspiration. I don’t even know where to start tbh. Any sort of help would be appreciated.


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