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I read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/jniful/t1_fans_should_simmer_down_about_the_t1_situation/

I think this article is a good one. He is refuting three aspects that Koreans dislike:

  1. The handing of Malice
  2. T1 treating their team as an 'entertainment business'
  3. LS not being a credible coach

I wanted to write a little rebuttal to this article and about what Locodoko said(Faker would never be pointed out as an origin of the defeat – only partially true).Because… the disappointing current situation of the e-sports team that I've been supporting since, 2008? is annoying but I'm also feeling sleepy.Anyway, I hope the global fans who read this article ask themselves a question: What from the perspective of Korean fans? Of course, this is hard work. The atmosphere of the LCS is different from that of Korea, and many Esports fans only watch Esports.

But we found out that if we heard some less known, not proven LCS fan has been designated as TSM head coach, maybe we would not make much fuss about it. So, I want to show you why we are making a fuss about it.


First, Locodoco's video:


"When things go array Faker usually doesn’t get the blame It’s the pieces around him It’s his coach I mean Faker is so great He’s the goat How can he receive the blame It might not be fair but that’s how things are"

This is a statement that is only half true, leading to the wrong conclusion.

What Locodoco was right: Some Faker fans try to find all the causes outside of Faker => True

What Locodoco was wrong: Faker gets blamed in every game that SKT loses regardless of the situation.

The E-sports fandom culture in Korea developed this way:

baseball & football -> Early E-sports fandom (StarCraft1) -> LeagueDue to the nature of E-sports, individual fans have a strong influence because E-sports have no tradition yet and poor local connections.

Nevertheless, like traditional sports, E-sports players become God when they do something great, and become trash when they did a mistake… in a single game.

Faker is no exception.

Thanks to this, Faker has been hearing "It is time to retire" when he made mistakes since 2014. In contrast, people call him "the return of the king" "Faker, who regained his memory" "The savior of LCK" "God of the league" when he does well in 2020.

It's been a while since the club's operation centered on superstar Faker has become a mockery. If a player does well on a day other than a game of SKT, a mockery will be posted using the pictures below.


"Bring me Top Chovy!"

"I am the part-owner of T1!"

"Head Coach! I need a new top!"


"Oh, I know played poorly today. By the way, have you prepared my paycheck for this week?"


Whenever he played Oriana poorly this picture is used to depict his Oriana.

Also, the reason he lost his memory (of himself in 2013~)

To sum up, Faker is blamed for his play. He is mocked whenever he plays poorly. Locodoco's statement is only partially true.

Second, this:

  1. The handing of Malice

You see, the problem here is Malice did racist things in a monoethnic country.

Do you remember what I told you? What from the perspective of Korean fans?

I will give you some examples of those. I know you are sick and tired of those, maybe, but I want to include some evidence why so many Koreans(LCK fans) hate LS who advocated Malice?



"dude if you are white, you don't need a hooker. you just need tinder. and it's an all you can eat buffet man"

Well, maybe this is a kind of not clear evidence for some.


It is hard to see but you can see words

Malice: insect

Aatrox player: plz

Malice: go pick

Malice: some rice

Aatrox player: you too man

Maybe it is not racist act because you know, who cares about Asians being discriminated? but,


What the twitter post says is : 솔랭에서 이러고 다녔던 사람이 무슨

If you are curious about what it means (I typed it for your google translation): What is the person who used to do this in Solang… -> This kind of person whose action in Soloq is this… sort of meaning.

Anyway he typed

Cover me

you monkey

It was on faker's stream: https://youtu.be/aM4pcyaMKsU?t=177

What faker said: 또 시작이네 저 분, 방송 심의 때문에 차단하겠습니다. 인종차별주의자의 비매너인데 왜 아직도 차단을 안 당했는지 모르겠네요.

Google translation: It's the beginning again, that person, I will block it because of the broadcast deliberation. It's a racist demeanor, but I don't know why he's still not blocked.

You would say, but LS is not Malice!

It is true.

Now I'm going to cover why LS's reaction to Malice's behaviors is seen badly in KR.

As you can see, Malice was famous for his toxic behavior. Former SKT player Untara made a video clip about this. He uploaded the video on Youtube:

What we want to see here is a title: 천상계에도 멘탈 트롤러가 있다?! 근데.. 알고보니 프로네?

Google translation: There are mental trollers in the heavenly world?! But… it turns out you're a pro?

You can see there is no implication that the troller(Malice) is a foreigner. Why it is important? Because of LS's behavior.


I will type this for you so you can check yourself by google translator. It is LS twitting in Korean first part: 유튜브 조회수를 올리기 위해서 어떤 특정 선수의 태도를 극 과장 해서 올리니 재밌으신가요? 이딴 짓 하기 위해서 스프링에 쉬시는건가요? 만약에 다른 한국 선수였다면 영상도 안 만들었을텐데, 외국인이라고 괴롭히니까 재밌으신가봐요[email protected]

Google translation: Is it fun to exaggerate the attitude of a certain player in order to increase YouTube views? Are you taking a break in spring to do this? If he were another Korean player, he wouldn't have made a video, but it must be fun because he bothers him as a foreigner.

Maybe LS didn't know the incident thoroughly, but you can see that he is framing Malice as a victim of racism here. Why? on what grounds?

Yes, LS was his coach, he can defend his player. But framing his player as a victim of racism without any proper grounds? (and against SKT player back then… LOL)

Second part here, continuing his framing of victim of racism: 그렇다고 오해는없으셨다면 좋겠는게, 저도 세바스찬이 핑 엄청 찍는거랑 전체적으로 개선할 부분이 있다는건 인지 하고 있는데, 제 생각엔 이 영상이 세바스찬이 게임 내에서 한 것들 보다 훨씬 심한거 같아요. 핑 찍는거 가지고 태클거는게 말이 됩니까?

Google translation: However, I wish there were no misunderstandings, and I am aware that Sebastian is taking a lot of pings and that there are areas to improve overall, but I think this video is much worse than what Sebastian did in the game. Does it make sense to tackle with pings?


Hmm… so he thinks Untara exaggerated the matter because ~ Malice is a foreigner!

After there was more post


Post contents for copying:걍 위선자

google translator: Hypocrite


He is also framing again here. "foreigner plays a role", "Fans from every other region vs Korean fans"

Now, in conclusion. Because I'm feeling really sleepy.

LS is not a racist. It is not his problem The problem is how he acted throughout this whole situation.

  1. He advocated for his player who did several racist acts and famous for it (If you are a Fakers fan and saw his stream, you know he doesn't talk very much. And he pinpointed the Malice as a racist) -> but redeemable… people forget.

2) He framed other pro-player as a racist who happened to be an SKT player without any proper ground or reason.

3) He blamed the reason for the whole situation is because of Korean fans' attitude toward foreigners while gathering supports from the "Fans from every other region"

Now you can imagine what Korean fans are now imagining.

When they lose and he gets criticized -> Korean fans are hostile to foreigners.

When there is a conflict between players and LS -> Korean players are hostile to foreigners.

It's only happening in imagination? yes. But he made precedent himself.

It's like you advocated a person who calls black people with N-word and insults them a lot of times while framing a victim as a racist. And several years later, you are upset that the black community around your new job is very hostile toward you.

What from the perspective of Korean fans?

I hope you guys can see why Korean fans, not only SKT fans but LCK fans as a whole are angry toward LS. The pro he falsely accused as a racist, Untara was even an SKT player.


T1 treating their team as an 'entertainment business'

LS not being a credible coach

Since I have to sleep, I will replace it with writing instead of bringing a link or source…

South Korea's professional sports league began with the military dictator's 3S policy. Sports, Screen, Sex. It was intended to quell people's discontent.

As a result, money has never been prioritized or equally prioritized in sports. Sports clubs have always been about the competition. However, Korea is a country that supports the economy with a small number of conglomerates at the center, and running sports clubs was seen as a kind of welfare given for the entire people.

SKT T1 is the largest telecommunications company in Korea, and it happened to be investing heavily in the game industry related to telecommunications. Of course, it was a deficit, but it was still a time when we were still in the past tradition. Korea was democratized in the 1980s.

When SKT T1 said it would collaborate with Comcast, people were so happy. If we can make money from professional sports clubs, we can make a virtuous circle and make E-sports bigger. But the situation now shows that expectations and reality are different.

First of all, https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/jniful/t1_fans_should_simmer_down_about_the_t1_situation/

his article criticizes KR fans' hyperactivity, citing a game in which Closer took the mound instead of a Faker for his performance. However, this problem is slightly different from what the author has identified.

Director Kim Jung-soo, no matter what his last act was, was a performance-oriented E-sports coach. In an interview, he rebelled against the club by saying that team had not enough practice time because he made the players spend too much time on other activities. Kim used Closer when Fakers' performance plummeted.

You can see, Kim who used Closer was against the front. So it is not hypocrisy. Using Closer was not the fronts' decision. We are blaming the front for becoming an entertainment organization, not Kim.

We have been blamed Kim for his later performances.

The problem is that there are already many stories that suggest contact between LS and T1 Front between September and October when questions were raised about director Kim Jung-soo's performance. I'd like to explain this with pictures and links, but I have to sleep first. I'm sorry. The important parts that are being illuminated in the Korean community are these.

If this is true, the reason why T1 wants to replace Kim Jung-soo is that it is not the attitude he showed in the matches before the Worlds. That is to say that the conflict between director Kim Jung-soo and the front is the real cause during Summer Season. The problem is that the only reason why the feud between the head coach and the front is so big is that it is related to the "outside schedule of the season" that Kim has openly complained about.

T1's next head coach is known as a former SC2 player. He knows little about LOL, which he started this year and is a gold tier. Given DWG Nuclear's testimony that it took professional players a long time to follow his words, even though Damwon's coach Daenny was a jungler who reached the Challenger Tier, T1's future head coach can't get involved at all inside the game anyway.

So why did he become head coach while there are a lot of FA coaches include Kkoma? Long stories short, the KR community thinks it is because T1 wants who do as they say as a head coach.

Then it can be said that LS is given full authority in-game. LS is an interesting analyst and a good analyst. However, it is hard to accept him positively, considering his image regarding the Malice incident, that he had been a coach for many teams but barely more than a month for each team, and that former team bbq collapsed after a feud between other coaches and players such as Maknoon.

Even more absurd, T1's head coach selection seems to be as good as sitting puppet. Currently, LCK and LPL have a number of Korean coaches for sale, but T1 has chosen a head coach who has no career or achievement in LOL.

LS maybe has a possibility. But why should a man who hasn't solved the problem with racism properly, who has proved his skills only briefly in the Challengers Korea, be employed in the biggest LCK team while the team is faltering?LCK fans see this as a stepping stone to enter the North American market, as T1's CEO has repeatedly stated. Other than that, it's hard to find a really proper explanation. The sudden contract with Tyler1 and the appearance of Tyler1's girlfriend and LS following him on Twitter are fueling suspicions in Korea and T1 has not made any official statement.

The reality is that T1 is sluggish. SKT T1 has always been the team aiming to win the Worlds. Is it the same for the T1 that succeeded SKT T1? While the team is in crisis and the team's legend continues to decline, what players are T1 recruiting, and what coaches are they hiring? Does T1 prepare for after Faker, or does Comcast choose to sell its stake after Faker's retirement and leave?

I'm sorry for gibberish right before I go to bed. I hope you guys understand what I'm saying.LS may be capable. But not only SKT fans, but the community of most LCK fans is of the opinion that they don't want LS in LCK, and the fact that he even comes to T1 is shocking people. (There are opinions that if you are that capable, prove it first… in LCS or other leagues first.)This is because his coaching period overlaps with the last years of Faker.

Faker, to exaggerate a little, is the representative player of League, and he is a legendary player in LCK. T1 brings the player's later years with a coach who made his team member a racist(or xenophobic. I think the western community doesn't separate them very clearly) without any basis? Why? Does LS have a career like a former head coach Kim? Or has he ever demonstrated an irreplaceable ability?

Or for commercial reasons?

Is it because the former head coach Kim dared to rebel against T1's excessive promotional activities or because he really didn't get any results? Is the appointment of Head Coach, with no career or authority at all, for the front desk to swing the team at will, or is it really because he believes in Head Coach's unknown ability?

As the two largest fandom teams in LCK, T1, and DRX, collapsed internally (DWG is a new team, so the fandom size is still relatively small), the LCK community is achieving unprecedented unity.

Apart from their abilities, LCK fans have no idea why they are getting LS back in LCK, or even the largest team, who attacked former SKT member for xenophobia. T1 is still quiet, and we want an answer!

Oh, and the front has never really regulated Twitch chatroom before this, but they are banning the accusations against T1's behavior and LS rumors and such. WTF?

Source: Original link

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