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According to LeagueOfGraphs, Yasuo has not left the Top 5 of most banned champions since July 2016

LeagueofLegends10 - According to LeagueOfGraphs, Yasuo has not left the Top 5 of most banned champions since July 2016

WARNING: Quite likely to contain some scientific errors.

Hey guys,

I made a really unfancy graph to show how Yasuo has burdened our ban system with himself since November 2016.



Some additional trivia:

  • LeagueOfGraphs made 82 infographics, one for each main patch, reaching back to 5.22. In 40/82, Yasuo was the most banned champion.

  • The average position of him was rank ~2.25. However, note that my graph values the period from 6.1 to 6.13 as "rank 6", so it might be a bit lower in reality.

  • The total distribution was – #1: 40 patches, #2: 24 patches, #3: two patches, #4: three patches, #5 and lower (he never was on position 5): 13 patches.

  • 17 of the 24 patches in which he was #2, Zed was at #1. In the time period from 6.1 to 6.13, where Yasuo was completely absent from the top 5 list, Zed topped the list in 9/13 and appeared in another one.

  • The patches 6.2 and 6.3 were the only ones since 5.24 without a single assassin in this top 5 list. They are by far the most prominent group (80/82), usually with 2 or 3 entries.

  • In comparision: Mages (including "support mages" like Brand) appeared in a total of 19 patches – and only 14 if you ignore Zoe. "Fulltime" supports appear in 22 lists, but this number drops to 3 if you ignore Blitzcrank (16 appearances) and Tahm Kench (5 appearances). Bruisers appear in a lot of patches due to Darius alone; I honestly was too lazy to count it.

  • Yasuo only appeared twice in the top 5 list of the champions with the highest winrates. He was one of the 5 popular champions in 52/82 cases, though. Ahri has been one of the best champions a decent number of times, but never saw the light of the top banned-list.

The winrate does not appear to have any influence whatsoever on pick- and banrate when it comes to Yasuo. The people who play him just want to play him, regardless of the outcome. On the other hand, despite rarely having a fantastic winrate (this is a well-known fact which I did not really draw from the mentioned infographics stats), Yasuo seems to be so frustrating to lane against that people ban him anyways. Avoiding tilt is the only plausible explanation for this.

Also interesting: Yasuo currently has the highest AFK-rate of all champions.

Logical, scientific conclusion: Yasuo draws people into League who like to torture their opponents in lane, no matter if they win or not. If it doesn't work, they tend to ragequit more often than not, further cementing my image of an angry, childish asshole. Yasuo should be removed from the game in order to decrease toxicity.


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