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ADC issues in preseason summarized by Masters-GM player (EUW)

LeagueofLegends3 - ADC issues in preseason summarized by Masters-GM player (EUW)

Some information about my total experience on the role: I play on EUW since Season 1, have been Master tier + the last 3 Seasons, got Masters in s8 GM in s9 and Masters in s10 (almost all of my games played solo).
Proof: https://prnt.sc/vjo3my https://prnt.sc/vjo3f0 https://prnt.sc/vjo463 https://prnt.sc/vjo3v4

It is extremely tiring to see that Riot decided to nerf every single aspect of standard crit builds just for the promise of increased versatility. The items are excessively expensive for the stats they provide. 2.9k gold for a 40 AD item (Essence Reaver) with a very underwhelming form of spellblade (compared to Lichbane for ex.), Lord Dominiks providing 30 AD for 2.9k gold, etc. etc.

The Mythics themselves have many flaws, Krakenslayer not interacting with onhit steroids like Guinsoo's, Shieldbow mythic passive being completely useless (+50 hp +5 AD is underwhelming compared to other Mythic passives). Galeforce mythic passive is a non factor with the mobility creep thats been introduced (for ex. Prowlers Claw and Chemtank) whilst the CD of the item doesnt even benefit from ability haste (meanwhile a vastly stronger Mythic called Goredrinker scales down with AH).

On top of this, they decided to reduce crit damage by 25% flat, aswell as reducing crit chance and making earlier powerspikes SIGNIFICANTLY worse than previously. Botlanes EXP deficit is still not being addressed, solo kill EXP makes it so that winning topsides have 3-4 level leads on neutral botlanes while also having better itemization since Season 8. Every single level lead accounts for 500 gold of raw base stats, excluding the worth of higher ability levels. Lopsided balancing like this creates huge disparities between roles and creates more frustration, not just for ADC but everyone else involved. Playing Support for lane leads means nothing if the ADC you're funneling gold into is made completely useless by traditional counter classes whilst also getting countered by the classes they're supposed to fare well against (Bruisers and Tanks).


If you increase damage on other classes, the class, which solely exists for dealing consistent damage, should at the very least receive similar damage creep and be in the "Top 3" damage wise across all classes.

The reasons why ADC hasnt been dropped yet on botlane by high level players is because it provides better early game lane control (you outclass most Mages pre first reset) and because of players experience on the class itself. The EXP issue is also preventing Mages to fully strive on botlane. If you believe that sololane statistics of ADC, specifically Lucian mid, are justifications for the class being balanced, then lets look at the statistics: on EUW in Masters + the champion has had a negative winrate in Season 10 with a 45% winrate over 4 patches+ despite having highest pickrate. https://prnt.sc/vjo7t5

The reason for Lucians competitive viability goes in line with something I have mentioned earlier: early game lane control. Season 10 Midlane meta was all about providing control for junglers (river control), which Lucian facilitated. Orianna being the strongest control mage post Syndras early game nerfs, and Lucian being one of her strongest counters, exacerbated this issue. My biggest problem is the inconsistency between Riots intentions (increase early game spikes and agency for marksmen while reducing late game power and it not reflecting in the changes). I hope this issue can finally be addressed as its been progressively getting worse.

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