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ADC items got nerfed across the board they are simply worth less and do less damage especially crit (using math as evidence).

LeagueofLegends9 - ADC items got nerfed across the board they are simply worth less and do less damage especially crit (using math as evidence).

Using Longswords and Cloaks I can calculate how much worth in gold the new improved items are comparing them to the older items from 10.22.

Speaking of Items lets compare one of the best AD items that currently exist to its 10.22 version Bloodthirster

New Bloodthirster: Costs: 3400g 55 AD 20 Crit chance 20% lifesteal Passive is the same just the shield you get by overhealing

Old Bloodthirster: Costs: 3500g 80 AD 20% lifesteal Same passive

For me thats a nerf we pay 100g less and get 20% crit but we lose 25AD thats way too much ,crit in general is way too expensive for how much it provides you could argue now the new BT is better but that is the best item change roughly just look at IE and look how hard it got nerfed

Doing shitty math I got that 25AD roughly adds up to 875g and 20% critChance adds to 800g so we lost 75g according to my math.

Lets look at IE an core item for many champs.

New IE: Costs: 3400g 70AD 20% Critchance Passive: Gain 0.4% bonus critical strike damage for every 1% critical strike chance.

Old IE: Costs: 3400g 80 AD 25% Critchance Passive: Critical strikes deal 225% damage instead of 200%.

So without including the passive in my math we lost 550g in value amazing

Lets look at the passive: New IE: With just IE your crits do 183% more damage. (0.4×20+175) Olde IE: With just IE your crits do 225% more damage. (200=>225)

Also you get 25% crit with the old IE which means you would roughly crit every 4th auto compared to the new IE critting every 5th hit


Lets use an example here your champ does 100 auto attack damage with IE equipped and you attack a target with 0 armor (bcs IDK how armor scaling works very well) 10 times.

So with just new IE roughly every 5th hit crits you get 2 crits AA and 8 non crit aa, 8 non crit aa are 800 damage 2 cits aa with the new scaling do 366 damage which equals to 1.166 damage

So lets see with the old IE lets say you still do 100 damage(even though this wouldnt make sense since you get more ad but whatever) every 4th hit crits so you also get 2 crit aa and 8 non crit aa, 800=8 non crit aa , 2 crit aa = 450 which equals to 1.250 damage

I know that you dont exactly crit every 4th or 5th hit bcs Riot has a system that increases your crit chance everytime you dont hit a critical hit but this is just theoretical example that shows the damage loss.

So yeah the new IE is pretty much a scam tbh you lose in every way compared to S10.

I think Riot forgot to make Crit cheaper because its actually worth less it still costs the same but does less damage since the 200=>175 crit change.

I think Riot has the following options:

  1. Make Crit cheaper making the items also cheaper in the process
  2. Add more AD to Crit items especially IE to balance out the loss in gold and crit damage compared to S10.
  3. Revert the Crit change to 200% again from 175%

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