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ADC problem solved (new playstyle)

LeagueofLegends11 - ADC problem solved (new playstyle)

One of the biggest problem of the adc role is the high cost of the items, in a general based game to the 20 min mark an crit adc has literally no items, stormrazor is one of the weakest items ever added to the marksmen role (not for other champs like zed, gp, or the stormrazer rengar build…) … Few weeks ago i found out a simple solution its not broken but it makes u more impactfull as an crit marksmen/dps marksmen:

IF you dont like to read the short version of this is here -> Smite adc with peel supp brings you better lane control plus farming the jungle makes u keep up with the experience of solo laners… Also farming jungle brings you more gold which automatically lowers the ADC item minute spike. RED SMITE makes you stronger in duels and you can choose between DPS item or DMG with CDR item. Item powerspike to 20 minutes mark is mostly 1 and half item + Boots (no kills and turretplating)

SMITE: – smite is something that was used back before patch 8.11 and the funneling nerf patch. With the new season coming up RIOT added the turretplating and removed the jng item / smite nerf. As everyone knows u get punished for not standing in lane because of the plates meaning not most people are back to funnel every single game on mid.

SMITE ON ADC: – as an farmed based role ADC always will be heavily farmed based when it comes to early game, with smite you get to farm more and if you are blue side you have the advantage of the golem camp, even tho it go nerfed the experience is still big and you can also outlevel ur solo laners. You will be able to go redsmite which gives you true dmg for 4 seconds making you strong in combat, making it a huge dmg source in laning early on!

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PEEL SUPPORT: – with the new support item buffs makes peeling a bit stronger, heal and shield power got % up but even without it most playmaking supports are tanks who cant control the lanes as a peeling support, most pealing supports are range based champs who can easily poke out melee supports. Support who control the lane automatically make the laning phase for adc much smoother. With this you get the control to push out the lane / freeze it / or get pushed !



JUNGLE: – with your botlane controling the lane you get acces to setting up ganks bot or mid if bo will roam, also loosing 1 of your jungle camp early game isnt that big of a deal because there is noone who has only 1 camp up to farm moving around jungle and ganking lanes gives you enough time to have more then two camps up in all general based games! You can easily invade enemy jungle with the backup of your botlane , which makes you ahead and let the enemy jungler fall behind!


– in my most games the ADC starts with boots and 4 pots, having sustain early on against the enemy botlane

– you go redsmite as first item or second item after finishing boots (u wont start farming camps until you have atleast matchete)

– it depends on which champ you play or what you need into enemy champ, warrior or bloodrazor

– your core dmg source early on is completed red smite jungle item with Berserkers Boots —> going into BF SWORD then PHANTOM DANCER or PHANTOM DANCER then INFINITY EDGE (if your ahead you wont need the BF SWORD that much) , PD gives you 10% more dmg with enemy champion in combat

– this builds cost 6425 g combined compared to 6600 g stormrazor + berserkers + rapid firecanon build (YOUR DMG OUTPUT is stronger as the usual MARKSMEN CRIT BUILD)

– After the 3 items you get situational items

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The simpliest way to play this is pushin the lane out then go for jungle camp

– You outlevel enemy adc mostly up to 3 levels if you play it correctly which eventually ends up you snowballing the game

+ you can match some of the early dmg adc cause of the cheap items

+ pushing out the lane and going for XP / GOLD helps you prevent overextending in lane!


IM CURRENTLY 15-2 W/L PLAYING THIS STYLE into mages or lane bullies as lucian or grasp caitlyn.

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