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AFKing needs to be a ban-able offense again; when I started playing in S2, it was.

LeagueofLegends10 - AFKing needs to be a ban-able offense again; when I started playing in S2, it was.


I started playing mid Season 2. When I was around level 12, I left a game. Coming from CoD it was fairly normal to just leave when the game was going south. The next day, when I tried to log in, I had a 3 day suspension for leaving a single game. No warning, no middle of the road ban, a full on "cannot play the game" ban. It wasn't even 5v5 or Ranked. I got punished for leaving a 3v3 game with likely 2-5 bots leveling accounts. What happened?

I've personally seen the same person leave a game in high Diamond more times than I can count and go unpunished. Not only are they leaving in Ranked, where "competitive integrity matters", they are repeat offenders. But all the same, I see them regularly.

How could you expect the police to stop people from stealing if all they can do is show their presence and MAYBE say "don't do that"? You think that's enough to deter criminals? How is afking and "DCing" supposed to get fixed if the worst punishment is Leaver buster reminding these psychopaths there are 9 other players in the game too. You think they care AT ALL? Get them out of ranked at the VERY LEAST. Temporary or not you shouldn't be allowed to purposely ruin 9 people's games more than 0 times. I have no idea what happened to the policies that affected me in S2, but I can assure you I have not willingly left a game since.

But meh internet!

For all the people with dial-up; maybe just maybe don't play a video game that requires internet if you're unable stay online for more than 20 seconds? Do we let quadruple amputees play pick-up basketball? Do we let the blind drive cars? You are unequivocally unable to pass the most basic requirements to play the game, so don't. Unfortunately, your feelings hold no weight in this conversation. If they did then AFK's could just say "their feelings were hurt so they had to afk" and by your own logic, we'd have to allow it. Does that sound fair to you?


Riot can tell the difference between someone leaving the game and genuinely DCing. I have personally contacted Riot support over my internet going out for ~6 minutes only to reconnect to the game over mobile data to win earning no LP (great incentive to reconnect btw). While they were unable to give me the LP I may or may not have deserved due to "ranked integrity", the tech guy was able to identify it was indeed my internet going out and not me "DCing". If you're wrongfully punished, don't sweat it. Contact support and sort it out.


I would really love for someone to pose a more compelling argument than feelings on this one. Even if you think my comparisons aren't 110% applicable, I seriously doubt your ability to come up with a real reason against far harsher punishments for AFKs and "DCing". I don't think anyone without severe mental issues thinks you should be allowed to purposely leave games throwing 4 other people to the wolves and wasting 5 other peoples time. Imagine if Faker just walked off stage mid game at worlds because his jungle missed a skill shot. It literally wouldn't happen. While ranked isn't the world finals I'd hope at least some comparisons could be drawn in regards to player behavior. "Competitive ingenuity matters"; I really wish Riot acted like it.

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