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After being stuck in silver/gold for 1500 games I climbed out to plat as ADC. Here’s what I learned.

LeagueofLegends5 - After being stuck in silver/gold for 1500 games I climbed out to plat as ADC. Here's what I learned.

I have been playing League of Legends since its early days. I was there 3000 years ago, when summoners rift map wasn’t renewed, when you had to type your role as fast as possible after joining champ select, when people didn’t know that smite does not deal damage to people and went mad after dying without using smite on the enemy. Yeah ok the last one was just probably me, but hey, I kinda foreshadowed it.

When I think about my playstyle in rankeds from a while ago, I always thought that I was hardstuck because my teammates are always trolling, the LP gains are not enough to climb, the other champs are broken etc., but I never blamed myself for it. I kept dropping the game and switching to other games and I never took a more serious thought about why I’m not climbing.

I used to have a very weird mindset that I could play whatever champ in ranked and that the champion's strength would carry me through it, but I was so wrong. I kept first picking champs because “broo that Leblanc clapped us last game so hard, it’s an op champ, I have to pick it if I want to climb, even if I’m not a midlaner”.

Time went by, and I learned that I have to stay in one role to master it and pick a small amount of champs that will help me to climb in that role. That helped. I picked up champs like Vayne, Ezreal, Caitlyn, and after some time I managed to get to gold by carrying most of my games. But then, I hit a brick wall. I got so hard stuck in Gold that no matter what I did I kept winning and losing games the same amount of games which lead to stuck in the same elo. After a lot of games, I thought that I was just some kind of a cursed player that just can’t climb the ladder because I get teammates that just don’t want to win and keep trolling every game. While that could be true in some parts of the games, the other thing I didn’t understand was that it was my toxicity that held me back very hard. Truth is that I am a very toxic person when I don’t try to control myself. I lost a few accounts in the past for that. I kinda paid the price. I used to start being toxic in the champ select by flaming teammate picks like “yeaaaah bro THAT NAMI FITS SO GOOD IN OUR COMP ITS INSANE”. I didn’t understand that from that moment on, I already lost that game in my mind because I never gave a chance to my teammates and myself to think about our strengths and what we can do to win instead of what we will do to lose.

Many pro players and high elo streamers said that every game is winnable, especially in low elo. I never believed that, I thought that mentality has nothing to do with the game, you just either win or lose, but that was very wrong to think of. Mentality is a huge part of why many people, or just me in this case, don’t climb the ladder. It’s like trying to participate in a race pulling weight behind you. Toxic mentality just drags you down so hard. You keep thinking of a thousand reasons that other people keep dragging you down, but it’s you all along.

So here are some things that I learned from my past performances (most of the are probably cliches but still I would like to share my own POV):

  1. Never ever be toxic in games, it never helps. Most of the times I was being toxic to the teammates that were feeding, having a bad game, or trolling on purpose, and it never changed the situation from bad to good. It went from bad to worse or a permaban/chat restriction. /mute all is a very powerful function that helped me to comeback to some games that should have been lost 99%. While it can feel some sort of good to flame the ones who are trolling and trying to make them feel bad, in the end you’re the one who feels bad, in most cases, you end up feeling worse than the one who is trolling. Also, you need to understand why you are getting so toxic in the game. In my case, I spent a lot of time playing the game the past few seasons and the fact that I couldn’t climb hurt my ego a lot. For the most part of it, I did not want to admit that I am a bad player and I got insanely toxic to everyone who interfered.
  2. Stick to one role that you like no matter what. I was playing adc since before the huge nerf in season 8 or season 7 (can’t remember correctly) and after that I kept thinking about changing my role switching to mid or top or jungle from time to time but I always ended up losing more games than I win off role. I kept coming back to adc as it was my comfort role and I started to pick up some games again just because of knowing how to play this role better than the other roles.
  3. Mastering a few champs is crucial, even better if they are meta picks. This one is kinda obvious, but I still had to be reminded of this because I kept on going troll on random picks.
  4. Learn from your previous games, even if you won them. It’s very easy to ignore your previous games when you lose or win because you might keep thinking that “oh I lost that game because that jungler was trolling” when you probably made a lot of mistakes yourself or even embraced his trolling by tilting him and etc. It’s also easy to ignore the games you won. In some cases, you are not the one who won the game and maybe without that midlaner or the support, you wouldn’t have won it. Even if you were the one who carried, there is a lot to learn from the game, because maybe instead of winning it in 30 minutes, you could have won it by in 20 or 25, or just died fewer times or helped your teammates.
  5. I never found success by having a duo partner, playing solo was always more convenient for me, even if it sounds crazy while playing adc. Most of the times I was playing with a duo partner I ended up having worse teammates rather than playing solo, or I kept playing for a teammate (which is my duo partner) while I probably should have been playing and helping my other teammate who had a lot more potential to carry. I’m not exactly sure if this makes sense, but I hope you’ll get it.
  6. Try again, but this time make it better. Even if you’re stuck and keep winning/losing the same amount of games and dropping LP for it, you can still climb. The strangest thing to me was that I wasn’t able to climb when I received 20~ish lp for a victory, and managed to climb to my highest elo yet while receiving 12-15lp and losing up to 18. That happened while I was taking a lot of notes from changing my mentality.

I understand that I’m still low elo and there is a whole lot to learn in the game, and that 1500 games is insanely huge amount to play and not climb as high as you could (pandemic situation kinda helped to do it), I hope this will kind of help players like me to understand in what kind of gameplay situation they are and take some lessons from it.

Also, if you read this text till the end, I would love to hear some feedback or even some funny roasts about my game style. Example – my Kai’Sa is so bad, that when Riot released KDA – The baddest, I took it personally. Or – “Your farming is score is so bad, that people in Chernobyl have a higher farm rate (it’s impossible to farm there)”. Here’s my IGN on EUW – Dustían

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