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Againstlolodds: Updates from your feedback and some clarification

LeagueofLegends7 - Againstlolodds: Updates from your feedback and some clarification

After our previous announcement post for our odds calculator, we were truly surprised by the incredible support and feedback from the community! We’ve taken your interest in our project to heart, and will do our best to make it better. Ease of use is and will continue to be our primary objective. Check out our lane auto-sort function that we just put in! We hope this will be a good first step in making our tool more user friendly 🙂


For now, we’ve made a few updates, including:

  • Lane auto-sort button

  • Bottom row champion select being easier to see

  • Easier to select lane roles manually

  • Confirmed working for Korean servers

  • Garena regions added

  • Region selector lock – saves your last selection for server region

  • Text in calculate button lets you know your region

  • Current league patch indicator added

  • Reworded “We currently do not support unorthodox team comps” pop up. We mean that you need 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, 1 bot, 1 support on each team in order for the calculation to run – Changed to popup to say “please choose a unique role for each player”

  • Champion names suggestions no longer case sensitive, and can now recognize with/without apostrophes

  • Label “Chance to Win” above winrate for clarity regarding what the number means

  • Added colored box around winrate and text popup to better explain what the winrate / dodge cutoffs mean


Next goals consist of:

  • Streamline inputs: pick champs more easily, (icons, point and click option, etc)

  • Make interface more mobile friendly

  • Transition to fully automatic champion / role input


In response to some of the more critical comments, we’d like to try and clarify a few things. This project began one fateful evening after a bad series of losses, where we consistently performed well but our teammates did not. Though the elo system works quite well at matching overall skill, it can’t stop a team from collectively making bad choices in the pregame lobby. It’s these ‘perfect storm’ scenarios that our tool is meant to identify, where practically everyone is playing their weakest roles/champs AT THE SAME TIME. These games end up being some of your hardest matchups, where the odds quite literally are stacked against you.


Our tool uses statistical analysis to warn you of this ahead of time, giving you the choice to either bring your absolute best (for those of the “NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS” philosophy), or dodge queue (for those looking to play an even match). If you choose to use this tool to consistently dodge uneven games, it is true that you can significantly increase your rank. BUT, this won’t make a bronze player into a diamond player. It will simply propel you into the highest elo bracket your skill set reasonably belongs in, where your overall winrate will level out appropriately. However you use our tool, we think that giving players more choice in how they enjoy their favorite game can only be a good thing.


Anyway, we hope you folks continue to enjoy our tool, and look forward to further feedback!


  • Chodle ( /u/realchodle) and hòt garbage (/u/duffman906)

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