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Alas, Poor Yorick: An Analysis on why the Yorick nerfs were undeserved, and why you should care.

LeagueofLegends10 - Alas, Poor Yorick: An Analysis on why the Yorick nerfs were undeserved, and why you should care.

I'm sure we all have that one champion that we love to death. That champion that, no matter what, we always end up coming back to. And I'm sure we all know that soul-crushing feeling of opening up the most recent patch notes, only to discover that champion you hold so dear to your heart has been hit with the nerf bat. Hard. After coming to terms with the nerfs, though, most of us find ourselves nodding in agreement and saying "Yeah, that was pretty stupid, I guess those nerfs were deserved."

This is not the case for Yorick.

You would think with 142 champions in League of Legends, there would be more choices for Riot to bully than Yorick. You would think that, after having changed him enough to the point of where he wasn't just a worse Tryndamere, Riot would be satisfied. But you'd be wrong. The nerfs that were supposedly only going to effect lower elo players did nothing but make playing Yorick even more difficult for higher elo players. Here's a brief history of how Riot has butchered Yorick as a champion.

Weakening Ghouls

Riot went on a rampage not too long ago hitting pets from champions like Malzahar and Heimerdinger with pretty heavy damage nerfs. Of course, after wiping the oil and voidling blood off the nerf bat, Riot turned to Yorick's ghouls next. If you want a more in-depth understanding of how badly this hurt Yorick, then check out /u/BaronVonScrub 's post.

As if Yorick's ghouls weren't in a horrible state already, Riot decide to "bug fix" them so that they draw aggro when attacking an enemy under turret. I put "bug fix" in quotes because champions like Malzahar and Annie don't draw aggro to themselves when their pets attack enemy champions under turret. But hey, favoritism is cool. Anyway, here's a quote from /u/NinetalesLoL (One of, if not the most influential Yorick players in our communty) that should better help you understand how much this has impacted Yorick.

If you do raise Mist Walkers and they are left alive, you are unable to remove creep aggro without the use of a brush. All your opponent needs to do is kill three and leave one alive – then face tank it. They'll take barely any damage because the Mist Walkers are basically tickling if they are alone, but you will still take the aggro of every nearby enemy minion. That aggro from the all-in will always be drawn earlier, there is a big difference between E > Mist Walkers Jump > close the gap > auto (aggro drawn) and E > Mist Walkers Jump (aggro drawn) > close the gap > auto. It also means that if you raise Mist Walkers and miss your E, you are punished by just standing near the wave in-case your pets attack the champion randomly outside your control. Not only that, it also means pushing towers is extremely nullified throughout the game. Prior to this patch, if you wanted to gun down a tower you could simply ignore the champion attacking you and hit the turret til it dropped or you died. Now because of the changes and the way the pets are coded, your Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist will attack anyone that is attacking you. Meaning that it is now almost impossible to gun down a tower that is being protected by a champion because the tower will automatically target you after the enemy champion hits you once when you have pets around. Imagine trying to push a tower against a shen last patch, he always had that threat of taunting so you couldn't get underneath his turret – that's basically every match-up now. Add that onto the minions having higher base AD to defeat your Mist Walkers, this patch was atrocious for Yorick.


With all the stupid exceptions to rules in this game like Akali's true stealth, you would think the Shepherd would be allowed to have true-not-fu*king-tanking-turret-shots-because-a-little-shit-ghoul-decided-to-auto-an-enemy-under-turret. Unfortunately though, Yorick is an ugly monk, not a hot ninja that sells skins.

The Ol' Riot Special

Ever heard this one before? Riot nerfs a champion because they have too much synergy with some items, nerfs the items, then doesn't revert the champion's nerf. This is where the unnecessary nerfs began. While it may have made sense at the time (when the fate of the Triforce/Steraks item synergy was uncertain), those items were changed to have less synergy in the end. Oh, and not to mention, demolish's damage was nerfed recently as well. Since either Demolish nor the Steraks/Triforce combo are issues anymore, there's no excuse to not revert this nerf.

Lack of an actual passive

Now, with all that out of the way, I'd like to talk about Yorick's passive.

It fu*king sucks.

In case you aren't aware, Yorick's "passive" is that he gets a grave for every 12/8/4 minions that die near him, based on level. I know not everyone in League can have an amazing passive, but come on. You hardly ever notice this thing because your Q already spawns graves for you. You could argue that it's similar to Zyra's passive, but let me remind you that not only does Zyra's passive work off of a cooldown instead of minions, but Yorick requires THREE graves in order to spawn his ghouls. Oh, and while Riot will be quick to "bug fix" Yorick's ghouls not drawing aggro to him under tower, they'll ignore the fact that killing a minion with Yorick's Q doesn't count towards his passive.

If champions like Yasuo and Poppy can have multiple passives built into their kits, I think Yorick deserves at least one (usable) passive.


I just want my champion back, man. I honestly love League of Legends. But the experience has been so miserable for me recently because of all these unnecessary changes to my #1 guy. I understand there's 141 other champions to play, but I want to play this one. I fell in love with Yorick after his rework, I've gotten 500k+ mastery points since then and even had my summoner name changed to Yorick Mori.

I know Yorick mains are a joke to this community, and I know that there aren't very many of us. But please, try to put yourself in our shoes. With pre-season now here, I feel it wouldn't hurt to try making at least some small changes to Yorick.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it very much.

-Yorick Mori

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